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Zhuang Jie, who was driving, heard the conversation, and there was a trace of shock and surprise in his eyes.

Boss… is he actually such a mensao person in private…

He still wanted to hear a bit more, but the partition raised, blocking all the sounds from the back.

Qi Jinran didnt expect Wen Yuan to remember this.

A suspicious blush appeared on his fair and delicate face, as he tried to deny responsibility.

“I didnt bite you.”

He was just in a bad mood that day, and Wen Yuan slept too far away from him, so he couldnt help pulling him into his arms and rubbing a few times.

“Then why… are there so many… marks…”

Wen Yuan pursed his lips and pulled his neckline, trying to prove it to him.

But his wrist was grabbed before he could unbutton his shirt.

Qi Jinrans breath was heavy, his dark eyes staring at him.

“Xiao Yuan, I apologize to you, I wont bite next time.”

Even if I want to bite, I will let you know in advance.

“Okay… okay…”

Wen Yuan nodded, barely satisfied.

He buried his head on Qi Jinrans chest, fiddling with the buttons on his coat.

As soon as he spoke, the heat he exhaled sprayed on Qi Jinrans cheeks.

“I sang many songs just now… I sing very well, do you want to listen”

There was an itchy touch on the cheeks, and Qi Jinran looked down to see Wen Yuans blushing cheeks and watery black eyes..


Back at the villa, as soon as Wen Yuan got out of his arms, he went back to his room and took out the guitar in the closet.

He staggered to find Qi Jinran next door.

“Jinran… you listen to me sing…”

He was half awake and half drunk, but he still remembered how to play the guitar.

Fingers sweeping lightly on the strings, a melodious and bright chord sounded.

Qi Jinran sat on the head of the bed and looked at the boy.

Wen Yuan was wearing a light blue sweater and dark jeans.

He held a brown acoustic guitar, casually crossing his legs and sat on the carpet with his back against the cabinet, his eyes blurred and gentle.

Qi Jinran listened to him sing quietly.

“There are always some surprising opportunities.

For example, when I met you.

Your tender and clear eyes

Appears in my dream

My love is like a cloud

Stops nowhere in your sky…”

A somewhat nasal voice, like a soft feather, brushed across Qi Jinrans heart, and he seemed to see the starlight shining in front of him.

Wen Yuan was tired of singing, so he threw the guitar aside, leaned on the cabinet, and snored.

“Im so thirsty…”

Qi Jinran came back to his senses and hurriedly went to get him water.

Wen Yuan drank half a bottle of water in one go, but because he drank too quickly, some of it flowed down his chin into the collar of his sweater.

Wen Yuan felt an itch on his neck and took off his sweater, leaving him wearing only a long-sleeved t-shirt.

Qi Jinran was afraid that he would catch a cold, so he carried him to the bed, and covered him with the quilt.

Very nice.

In the quilt, Wen Yuans appearance is like a small animal returning home, wearing a contented and peaceful expression.

Wen Yuan yawned sleepily.

Under the light, the water stains on his lips looked like jelly coated with honey.

Qi Jinran stared at his lips, only to feel that his mouth was dry, and the suppressed desire emerged from the deepest part of his heart.

He slowly stretched out his hand and stroked Wen Yuans cheek lightly.

Seeing the boys slightly trembling eyelashes, his fingers rest on those two soft lips.

Wen Yuan, who was asleep, was defenseless and innocent.

In the bottom of his heart, Qi Jinran despised himself for taking advantage, but he couldnt help increase the strength of his fingers, even reaching into his mouth, and rubbing his teeth.

Wen Yuan snorted unconsciously.

Qi Jinrans eyes became darker and darker.

Retracting his fingers, he could no longer restrain the strong throbbing in his heart, and lowered his head and kissed Wen Yuans lips.

After tossing and grinding, he couldnt get enough of his taste.

Wen Yuan had trouble breathing and began to struggle in his arms.

Qi Jinrans dark eyes finally became clearer.

He moved away from Wen Yuans lips, still lingering on the touch of his waist and refused to let go.

After a while, he couldnt help but lift up the hem of the boys long sleeves and take a look.

The previous hickeys are gone.

But…he wanted to make some new ones.

But he had already promised him just now, and it didnt seem very good if he broke his promise.

Qi Jinran pulled down the hem of the boys t-shirt, hugged him for a while, and went to the bathroom.

When Wen Yuan woke up, he found himself sleeping in Qi Jinrans arms.

The memory of last night was a bit fragmented.

He remembered that he was drinking with Ji Hong and the others in the KTV, so why did he come home

He was even held by Qi Jinran and fell asleep

Wen Yuan was both uneasy and apprehensive.

He carefully removed Qi Jinrans arm and was about to admire the mans sleeping face in the morning light, when those dark and beautiful eyes opened.

This seemed to be the first time that Wen Yuan saw Qi Jinrans sleeping face in the morning.

The lazy appearance of just waking up was particularly charming.


Wen Yuan couldnt help raising the corner of his mouth.


Qi Jinran narrowed his eyes and was shocked when he saw the alarm clock on the wall.

He always got up at 6:30 on time, but today he overslept.

Following his line of sight, Wen Yuan also saw the time.

“Youre already the president of the company, it should be okay if you sleep in” Wen Yuan felt a little distressed.

Qi Jinran didnt speak.

He found himself slipping into the abyss of losing his senses and rules over and over again, and was delighted.

“Its fine occasionally.” Qi Jinran lowered his eyes.

Wen Yuans expression suddenly relaxed.

Suddenly thinking of something, he hesitantly looked at Qi Jinran.

“Last night… how did I get home”

Qi Jinran was silent for a few seconds.

“Youre drunk, called me, and insisted on coming back to sleep, so I had to pick you up.”

Oh my god, so thats what happened.

Alcohol really hurts people!

Wen Yuans ears were blushing, and he clearly said that he would sleep in the dormitory, but suddenly slapped himself in the face.

He was too shameless.

“Im sorry for asking you to pick me up last night.

I definitely will not do this next time.” Wen Yuan apologized.

“The company is busy with a project, and I was passing by on the way.

Its fine.” Qi Jinrans expression was flat, he paused, and then said, “Dont drink so much outside in the future.”

“En, no more.”

When Qi Jinran entered the company, the employees who passed by looked at him with extremely shocked eyes.

What did they just see Mr.

Qi, who always stepped into the companys doors before 8 oclock year round, rain or shine, arrived at 10 oclock today!

Zhuang Jie waited in the office until all the flowers wilted before he saw his boss coming in from outside.

He hurriedly handed over the documents in his hand and asked him to sign.

Qi Jinran seemed to be in a good mood.

After sitting down, he looked up at him.

“Didnt you always want to take a break Youre not busy lately, so go take a rest.”

In the early morning, is there such a good thing

Zhuang Jies face was full of smiles.

He silently thanked Wen Yuan in his heart, held the signed document and left the office happily.

After reading the information for a while, Qi Jinrans cell phone rang.

A well-known son of a rich family called and said that he was celebrating his birthday at the Emgrand Hotel on the weekend and invited Qi Jinran and his wife to attend his birthday party.

Qi Jinran thought for a while.

He hadnt brought Wen Yuan into his circle, so he agreed.




On Saturday, Wen Yuan had no class and followed Qi Jinran to the Emgrand Hotel.

Before getting out of the car, Wen Yuan saw several limited-edition luxury sports cars drive past.

Obviously, the guests who came were either rich or distinguished.

Thinking that he would meet Qi Jinrans circle soon, Wen Yuan unconsciously began to get nervous.

When he opened the door, he saw a tall man walking over with a smile.

Song Guanghai, the birthday star today, smiled and opened the car door for Qi Jinran.

“Jinran, I was afraid you wouldnt come.

Its great you came!” The Song family is a real estate family in Wancheng.

They have a deep friendship with the Qi family, business corporations, and Qi Jinran also has a relationship with Song Guanghai.

Qi Jinran handed over the gift box in his hand, “Happy birthday.”

Song Guanghai patted him on the shoulder, took the gift, and said thank you.

When he saw Wen Yuan following Qi Jinran out of the car, he smiled unconsciously.

“Is this sister-in-law”


WY meets QJRs friends.



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