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It took Ning Shu a long time to calm down.

Only then did he see clearly that the person standing beside Qi Jinran was the person who had just bumped into him in the bathroom.

The boy looks in his early twenties, young and handsome, wearing a decent gray-blue suit.

His face looks a bit green1young, immature, naive standing next to the handsome and mature Qi Jinran.

Ning Shu remembered the words his friend said.

“I heard that he is a student of T University.

He hasnt graduated yet, and looks okay.”

“It seems that there is a problem with the companys funds at home.

His father has some friendship with Grandpa Qi, so he climbed up the Qi family.”

“Theyve only been together for how long The wedding is going to be held soon.

This guy has quite the means.”

Ning Shus throat was filled with bitter sweetness, and there seemed to be blood in his throat.

When Qi Jinran and Wen Yuan were about to leave the gallery, he followed.

He spent half a month planning and waiting for this moment.

No matter how embarrassing it is, he will continue.


A clear and pleasant voice sounded behind the two of them.

Qi Jinrans footsteps stopped, almost thinking that he heard wrong.

But when he turned around and saw Ning Shus face, his eyes flashed with great surprise.

“You returned to China”

Seeing his expression, Ning Shu felt extremely disappointed.

He thought that when they met again in three years, Qi Jinran would lose his temper.

He didnt expect that the mans expression quickly calmed down after a brief moment of surprise, and treated him like he was looking at a passerby.

“Yeah, I came back a few days ago to see the exhibition.

I didnt expect to see you.” Ning Shu smiled like a flower.

No matter how tormented his heart was, he had to hold his breath.

“Who is this next to you Arent you going to introduce him”

“We just met.”

Wen Yuan recognized Ning Shu as the person he accidentally bumped into when he entered the bathroom, and looked at him a little surprised and apologetically.

“It turns out that you are Jinrans friend, Im really sorry about just now.”

Seeing Wen Yuans innocent expression, Ning Shu suddenly felt a dark desire for destruction in his heart.

He curled his lips into a smile, “Its not appropriate to say that I am a friend, but Im actually Jinrans… ex-boyfriend.”

The last three words were full of malice.

Wen Yuan was startled, and couldnt help ask, “Then whats your name”

“Ning Shu.”

Ning Shu… NS, everything makes sense now.

It turned out that the author of the painting in the utility room was this handsome young man with a bad temper.

Wen Yuans doubts were answered, and he was relieved.

After thinking for a while, he stretched out his hand to Ning Shu and said gently, “Hello, Mr.

Ning, Im Wen Yuan, Jinrans partner.”

His tone was neither humble nor overbearing, but in Ning Shus ears he was blatantly showing off.

He couldnt believe Wen Yuan could be so calm after knowing that he was Qi Jinrans ex – he was just pretending!

“Nice to meet you.” Ning Shu smirked and shook hands with him.

“The two of you are really a beautiful pair.” His mouth was bitter as he looked at Qi Jinran.

His chest seemed to be filled with cement, but he still had a smile on his face.

“Jinran, Im relieved to see you happy.”

“Oh, isnt this our master painter Ning Why did you return to China” A yin and yang voice came from behind.

Yu Heng happened to come out of the gallery and see this scene at the door.

He knew why Ning Shu left Qi Jinran back then, and felt a burst of anger recalling how his friend was heartbroken by such a pretentious thing.

“Didnt your licking dog follow It shouldnt be.” He knew that Luo Haoxin was chasing Yu Heng, and sarcastically said.

Ning Shus face froze when he saw Yu Heng appear.

When he and Qi Jinran were together, he didnt deal with Yu Heng.

For Qi Jinrans sake, the two still maintained a false peace, but that last bit of peace was torn apart now.

“Yu Heng, I dont know what you mean, but I dont think its a good idea to insult others with words like licking dog.”

“If its not a licking dog, then a kissing ass bug”


Hearing the two quarreling, Qi Jinran held Wen Yuans hand and squeezed.

“Lets go, lets go eat.”





Stepping into the gate of Black Swan, smelling the fragrant aroma of the cake, Wen Yuans whole face brightened.

“Jinran, lets eat this, okay”

Wen Yuan pointed to a red cake in the shape of a heart with two black swans on it.

“Im okay with anything.”

Qi Jinran sat down by the window.

Wen Yuan ordered the signature black swan cake and an English afternoon tea for two, which came with a three-tier dessert tower, two fruit teas, and other small desserts.

The tableware on the table is exquisite, with glowing sunlight.

The lake outside the window is very beautiful, and there are several swans swimming in it.

Wen Yuan couldnt help taking a few photos and sent them to Zhang Huaite.

Zhang Huaite: woo woo woo… you abandoned me, and went to eat alone! [Angry]

Wen Yuan: Im sorry, I happened to be seeing an art exhibition nearby with Jinran today, so we stopped by to eat.

After sending it, he received a warning: You are no longer a friend of the other party, please verify **S first.

Wen Yuan: …

“Why arent you eating” Qi Jinran was a little unhappy to see him typing with his head down.

“Okay, you eat too.”

Qi Jinran had no appetite.

Ning Shus appearance just now made him recall some unpleasant past events.

But what made his chest tighter was Wen Yuans reaction at meeting Ning Shu.

He thought that Wen Yuans expression would turn somewhat sad when he heard that Ning Shu was his ex.

At least, it wouldnt be just like what he did earlier where he could still smile and shake hands with Ning Shu…

Could it be that Wen Yuan doesnt care about his ex at all

Thinking of how jealous he was when he saw Zhou Yunqing at the reception, and comparing Wen Yuans current reaction, Qi Jinrans felt felt a little sour.

“Eh…” Wen Yuan suddenly sighed.

Qi Jinrans eyes lit up instantly, looking at him expectantly.

“Whats the matter” Is this slow guy finally starting to feel sad

“This cake is really delicious, but its also high in calories.

Im afraid of gaining weight, what should I do”

Qi Jinran: …

“Then dont eat.”

“No, how can we not eat after coming here.”

Wen Yuan dug another spoonful of cake and put it in his mouth.

After tasting the rich and dense cheese and cream flavors, he nodded with satisfaction.

“Jinran, you can eat too.

These scones are not bad.”

Qi Jinran reluctantly forked a piece and put it in his mouth, only to find it tasteless.

Wen Yuan found that Qi Jinran didnt seem to be in a good mood after they returned home.

He thought about it for a while – Ning Shus appearance should have evoked some memories in Qi Jinrans heart.

In fact, when he saw Ning Shu, Wen Yuan felt a little uncomfortable, but Qi Jinran dragged him away before his negative emotions had begun to ferment.

Then they went to Black Swan later, and the unhappiness vanished like smoke after being surrounded by desserts and beautiful scenery.

But he was a little curious.

He heard Yu Heng call Ning Shu a master painter.

Is Ning Shu famous

After eating, Wen Yuan returned to his room and couldnt help searching Ning Shus name online.

All kinds of news popped up.

A genius painter who has won awards since he was a child, has won the French Art Medal of Honor, and his latest works have been auctioned for tens of millions of dollars.

His parents are also celebrities in the political and business circles… This picky and delicate face is indeed much better than him.

It is not surprising that Qi Jinran has such an ex.

Wen Yuan then searched for Ning Shus paintings, and found that his paintings are indeed full of character, filled with bright color blocks and vivid lines.

Ning Shu is most famous for his axisymmetrical composition, each of which has a unique style, in pursuit of the ultimate unity and perfection.

Knock knock.

While looking at Ning Shus paintings, there was a knock on the door.

Feeling guilty in his heart, Wen Yuan quickly closed the browser and opened the door to see Qi Jinran standing outside.

“Grandpa sent two boxes of strawberries.

Come and eat.” The mans voice was firm.

Wen Yuan thought that Qi Jinran would stay in his room today and refuse to see anyone.

He didnt expect that he would take the initiative to find him.

When he arrived in the living room, Wen Yuan saw the big red strawberry with water droplets in the glass plate.

His eyes lit up.

“This is so big! Must be imported.” He sighed, picked up one and tasted it.

It was fresh and sweet, and strawberry juice burst in his mouth.

Closing his eyes contentedly, he savored the refreshing fruity aroma in his mouth,.

“Its so sweet! It must be great to make Longyin strawberries2type of expensive dessert!”

“What else do you have in mind besides desserts” Qi Jinran looked helpless.

I still have you in my mind.

Wen Yuan almost blurted out this sentence.

Fortunately he bit his tongue and swallowed the sentence back in time.

In the evening, after taking a shower, he changed into his pajamas, and hesitantly stepped into Qi Jinrans room.

Just as he walked to the bed, Qi Jinrans voice came from behind.


Guessing Qi Jinran was in a bad mood, Wen Yuan was prepared to be blasted back into his room, when he heard Qi Jinrans low voice.

“Why dont you blow your hair”


“Come here.”

Wen Yuan obediently walked over.

Qi Jinran was standing at the door of the bathroom with a hairdryer in his hand.

Then, Qi Jinran put a hand on his head and turned on the hair dryer.

When the warm wind hit his face, Wen Yuan realized that Qi Jinran was blowing his hair! This is a first!

Several times, Wen Yuan tried turning around to see Qi Jinrans expression, but was pressed back by the man.

“Dont move.” The voice was impatient.

When he finally finished blowing his hair, Wen Yuan got into bed and got into the quilt, as if he had been granted amnesty.

He estimated that Qi Jinran needed a space to be alone, so he consciously distanced himself from him.

Seeing Wen Yuan half a meter away from him, Qi Jinrans handsome face turned a little gloomy.

But he quickly thought of something, and his expression relaxed instantly.

This guy is probably mad at him because of Ning Shu during the day Didnt show off mountains and dew before,3being magnanimous or unfazed but now you cant help it anymore, and are a little angry

After a few seconds of silence, Qi Jinran spoke.

“Ning Shu and I are all in the past, and it wont affect me and you.”

Wen Yuan was stunned for a moment, then nodded and softly said “en”.

Qi Jinran even explained it to him, which was something he never imagined.

Feeling relieved, sleepiness began to strike.

His eyelids became heavier and heavier, and he quickly fell asleep.

When he opened his eyes again, it was the next morning.

Qi Jinran woke up early, and he was the only one left in the room.

Yawning, he went to the bathroom to wash up.

When changing clothes, he saw something in the half-length mirror that made him freeze.

He didnt do anything with Qi Jinran last night, so why are there red marks on his collarbone and chest

Did he accidentally scratch himself




WY, did your IQ suddenly drop to the negatives How would scratching yourself turn out like that


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1young, immature, naive2type of expensive dessert3being magnanimous or unfazed


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