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In the second half of the night, Wen Yuan was awakened by thirst.

He was naked, and didnt know where his pajamas had gone.

Because he wanted to get out of bed to find water, he could only grab a random piece of clothing and put it on.

Qi Jinran was sleeping soundly beside him.

He didnt want to disturb him, so he got out of bed secretly, and found a bottle of mineral water in the small refrigerator beside the bookcase in the dim moonlight coming in through the window.

Just as he twisted the cap open and was about to drink, the bedside lamp turned on with a snap.

Qi Jinran sleepily leaned on the pillow and looked at him puzzled.

“What are you doing”

“Im thirsty and want to drink water.” Wen Yuan felt embarrassed.

He still woke Jinran up.


Qi Jinran wanted to say something, but after seeing his appearance, a strange light flashed across his black eyes.

Wen Yuan was wearing his light-colored shirt loosely on his body, exposing his long, straight legs, and his bare feet were stepping on the carpet.

“Dont drink cold water, there are room temperature ones on the bookcase.” Qi Jinrans voice was hoarse.


Wen Yuan put the bottle of cold mineral water back.

Sure enough there were normal-temperature mineral water bottles on the bookcase.

He drank half a bottle in one go, only to feel that the thirst in his throat was completely satisfied.

“Im sorry for waking you up.”

Wen Yuan returned to the bed, looking a little guilty.

“Its nothing.”

Wen Yuan got into the quilt, only to realize that he was still wearing Qi Jinrans shirt.

His face suddenly turned red, and just as he was about to unbutton it, Qi Jinran suddenly leaned over and looked at him with dark, lustful eyes.

“Dont take it off.”

Soon, Wen Yuan understood what he meant.

Qi Jinran turned off the bedside lamp, pressing against him, and kissed his ear… After a while, the shirt on his body became wrinkled, and he could no longer make out the original shape.

It was a night of indulgence and love.

When Wen Yuan got up, his legs were weak.

The shameful mess in the room had not been cleaned up yet.

Clothes and socks are scattered on the ground, and a faint smell still lingers in the air.

Wen Yuan was sitting on the head of the bed, thinking of some details of last night, he was so ashamed that smoke almost rose from his head.

He just woke up in the middle of the night and drank a bottle of water.

He didnt expect Jinran would press him again… and he was even crazier than the previous two times.

Is it because he was wearing his shirt

Just as Wen Yuan thoughts were going wild, the bathroom door open.

Qi Jinran appeared wearing a new suit.

Leaning on a cane, he walked in the room.

“I already asked the school for leave.

You dont have to go to the live class today, just watch the recorded video.”

Qi Jinran lowered his head and buckled his cufflinks.

“Sister Xue will come to clean up here later.

You can go to the next door to rest first.”

Wen Yuan was worried that he would not be able to go to class in this state.

Each baking class lasts several hours, and his waist would definitely not be able to bear it.

Unexpectedly, Qi Jinran already requested leave for him.

“Jinran, thank you.” Wen Yuan said sincerely.

Qi Jinrans eyes fell on the red mark on his neck, and said uncomfortably, “There is medicine in the bedside table.

If you feel uncomfortable, you can use it.”


Of course, Wen Yuan didnt want Xue Rong to catch him sleeping in Qi Jinrans room, so he changed his clothes and went back to his room.

Although he had been close to Qi Jinran twice on the island, but at home, this was the first time… It was embarrassing to think about it.

After taking a shower, and lying down on the bed for a while, there was a knock on the door.

“Xiao Wen, breakfast is ready.

Ill bring it in directly, okay”

Before Wen Yuan could respond, the door was pushed open.

Xue Rong brought a tray with lightly salty vegetable bone porridge and xiaolongbao, and put them on the bedside table with a caring look.


Qi specially instructed before going to the company that if you feel uncomfortable, to not get out of bed, and eat in bed today.”


Wen Yuan never thought that Qi Jinran would tell Xue Rong this.

Xue Rong was probably afraid he would be embarrassed, so she left after bringing in breakfast.

Wen Yuan was very hungry, and after smelling the aroma of food, he no longer cared about face, and picked up the porridge to begin eating.

En, it tastes very good…

After eating breakfast and watching a movie in the room, he couldnt stand being idle anymore and wanted to go out for a walk.

However, as soon as he left the room, Xue Rongs disapproving gaze swept over, making Wen Yuan unable to do anything, so he slipped into Qi Jinrans bedroom.

He doesnt have many things in his own room, and very few books.

On the other hand, Qi Jinrans bedroom is almost equivalent to half a study.

Taking out a random book from the bookcase, he lay on the freshly changed sheets, and flipped through it.

When he opened it, he realized it was an oil painting book, and also contained Qi Jinrans annotations.

Wen Yuan stroked Qi Jinrans handsome handwriting, and somehow suddenly remembered the painting in the utility room.

What kind of person painted that picture for Qi Jinran What is his status in Qi Jinrans heart…

As he was thinking about it, his phone suddenly vibrated.

It was a message from Zhang Huaite.

“I heard that you are not feeling well today, and didnt come to class.

Are you okay”

Wen Yuan put down the book and replied, “Im fine, just a small cold.”

Zhang Huaite: “Last time I told you about visiting the store on the weekend, are you still going”

Wen Yuan: “Of course I want to go, but I have to see if Im free.”

Zhang Huaite: “Tsk, are you really going to ask for your husbands opinion [Comical.jpg]”

Wen Yuan: “How is that possible! Its because of the recent wedding preparations, and depends on the venue, and some other things…”

Zhang Huaite: “[Eyeroll.jpg] No need to explain anymore.

Let me know if you can go, and Ill reserve a time.”

That being said, after Qi Jinran came back in the evening, Wen Yuan still asked tentatively, “Is there any plan for this Saturday”

“What” Qi Jinran squinted slightly at him.

Just as Wen Yuan was about to open his mouth, Qi Jinran simply said, “Not possible.”

Wen Yuan suddenly wrinkled his face and looked at him aggrievedly.

He only has this Saturday off this week!


Qi Jinran took out two tickets from the briefcase.

“Yu Heng gave me a ticket.

A French avant-garde painter is holding an exhibition for the first time in China.

It is in Wancheng.

I need to bring my partner to attend.”

There is no requirement to bring a partner to this exhibition; the last sentence was entirely made up.


Wen Yuan took the ticket with a little distress.

“But I dont know much about appreciating paintings…”

“Just in time to nurture it there.

Dont you also need inspiration to make desserts”

Wen Yuan felt that what he said was very reasonable, and nodded and agreed.




Saturday afternoon.

Wen Yuan changed into a slim suit and went out with Qi Jinran.

Because the exhibition is not open to the public, there are not many people in the gallery.

As soon as he stepped in, Wen Yuan saw Yu Heng coming from the other side.

“Sister-in-law1As in big brothers sister., long time no see.” Yu Heng said with a smile.

Wen Yuan was embarrassed.


Yu, stop joking.”

Yu Heng is several years older than him.

He really cant accept thesister-in-law title.

“Youre younger than me, it really isnt right for me to call you sister-in-law.” Yu Heng scratched his hair, and suddenly his eyes lit up.

“How about I call you little sister-in-law”

Blue veins jumped on Qi Jinrans forehead and he looked at Yu Heng coldly.

“Saying so much nonsense, are you so free This is a gallery, be quiet.”

“Okay fine, I wont joke with your wife anymore.”

Yu Heng shrugged and went to the main hall to look at the paintings.

The words “your wife” fell into Wen Yuans ears, making his cheeks a little hot.

He took a peek at Qi Jinrans face.

The latter was concentrating on admiring the introduction of the painters life on the promenade.

Feeling a lot more at ease, Wen Yuan began to appreciate the paintings.

He does not have Qi Jinrans rich theoretical knowledge to understand various painting styles, but his perception of beauty is no worse than Qi Jinrans.

The use of light, the matching of colors, and the outline of lines in these paintings are very bold and novel, giving people a strong visual impact.

No wonder they are called avant-garde.

Midway through, Wen Yuan went to the bathroom.

He was still immersed in those paintings, so when he went in, he accidentally bumped someone elses shoulder.

“Sorry.” He quickly took a step back.

“Do you have eyes” The young man raised his face.

His handsome and fair face was full of impatience.

“Sorry, I will pay attention next time.” Wen Yuan apologized again.

Ning Shu snorted coldly.

Not bothering with him, he straightened his hair, and walked towards the main hall.

When approaching the main hall, Ning Shu stopped.

Thinking of seeing Qi Jinran soon, his heart beat extremely fast, and the blood in his body was boiling uncontrollably.

Originally, the avant-garde painter did not intend to hold a solo exhibition in China.

He was the one who brokered this exhibition, because he knew that Qi Jinran would definitely come to visit such a rare exhibition.

Sure enough, Ning Shu saw Qi Jinrans tall and slender back across the heavy crowd.

In an instant, countless memories rolled in like a tide.

His eyes reddened as he stared at the back without blinking.

For three years, he thought he could forget Qi Jinran.

But now he discovered sadly that the man hadnt faded from his memory for a second.

In the crowd, Qi Jinran stood out as always, like a bright moon shining coldly in the sky.

No one would have thought that he was disabled.

How stupid was he in the first place to so ruthlessly leave such a good man

Numerous complicated emotions were churning in Ning Shus chest.

Regret, unwillingness, guilt, excitement… Lightly clenching his fists and patting his chest, he adjusted his expression, and was about to walk forward when a figure brushed past him, and strode to Qi Jinrans side.

“Jinran, I kept you waiting for a long time.”

“Its okay.”

Qi Jinran looked at Wen Yuan, frowned suddenly, and reached out to straighten the slightly wrinkled collar of his shirt.

“Why didnt you take a look in the mirror”

“I didnt pay attention.” Wen Yuan snorted.

He rarely wears suits and pays little attention to such details.

Feeling Qi Jinrans hand smoothing the wrinkles on his shirt, Wen Yuan felt warm in his heart.

“Do you want to grab food later” Wen Yuan suggested.

Qi Jinran could see at a glance what he was thinking.

“Want to go to Black Swan” He guessed that Wen Yuan was still thinking about the newly opened dessert shop.

Wen Yuan nodded, black eyes flickering with anticipation as he looked at him.

Qi Jinran smiled helplessly.


“Jinran, you are so kind!”

In the corner, Ning Shu leaned against the wall, still unable to believe his eyes.

Although Qi Jinran wasnt facing him, he could see the doting smile on his face clearly.

Even when he was with him back then, Qi Jinran rarely showed such a completely relaxed and happy expression.

However, at this moment, he was facing another person, showing this expression…

Ning Shus beautiful face twisted.

His previous enthusiasm seemed doused by a basin of cold water, and his blood went completely cold.


Thats right.

Face slapped before even showing his face!


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1As in big brothers sister.


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