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“Would you like to go out for a walk” Wen Yuan summoned his courage.

“Can you” Qi Jinran closed the book, looking suspicious.

“Im rough and fleshy, its nothing.” Wen Yuan briefly brushed off the topic.

Picking up the fishermans hat on the coffee table, he put it on his head.

“Lets go, I want to drink coconut juice.”

Because it was the off-season, there werent many tourists on the beach.

After walking for a while, Wen Yuan was a little tired and found a beach chair with a parasol to sit down.

“Besides coconut juice, what else do you want to drink” Qi Jinran asked him.

“I want to eat… burritos, spicy ones.” Wen Yuan swallowed.

“No.” Qi Jinran simply refused.

Wen Yuan also knew that he couldnt each such things in his current physical condition, and lowered his head a little dejectedly.

“Then buy whatever you want.”

Wen Yuan flattened the reclining chair, finding a more comfortable position, and decided to bask in the sun for a while.

After squinting for a few minutes, a sweet voice sounded beside him.

“Hi, cutie!”1Italicized = speaking in English (as was in the raws)

Wen Yuan opened his eyes and saw a blond woman in a bikini and a lotus-leaf hat standing in front of him smiling.

Obviously, she had been observing him for a while.

“Are you alone”

It was the first time that Wen Yuan was approached by a foreign beauty.

He was so nervous that he almost forgot to speak English.

When he was searching for how to reject the beautiful lady in English, a cold and low voice sounded behind him.

“Hes married.”

The blonde made an exaggerated expression, however, her eyes brightened after seeing the face of the man who spoke.

“Hey, handsome!”

Her tone dragged on, and she did not forget to wink at Qi Jinran.

The person who couldnt sit still was replaced by Wen Yuan.

He stood up aggressively and was about to announce that Qi Jinran belonged to him and no one could take it away when the man said, “…to me.”

Hes married to me.

The blonde beauty understood in an instant.

It turned out that these two handsome guys are a married couple! Her wink just now was all in vain!

This world is really disappointing.

Her hopes for a dalliance were crushed.

“Oops, thats a little awkward.


The blonde beauty retreated very sensibly.

Wen Yuan breathed a sigh of relief, and looked up to see Qi Jinran holding waffles and coconut milk.

Eyes lighting up, he was about to reach for it when Qi Jinran raised his hand and prevented him from grabbing it.

“Go back to the villa to eat.”

Qi Jinran didnt seem very happy, and turned around with the tray in hand.

Wen Yuan didnt want to linger any longer either.

With so many people coming and going, what if he encounters someone who strikes up Qi Jinran again Hes not free enough to explain their relationship one at a one.

Anyway, there is a beach behind the villa, so he can bask in the sun there.

He quickly followed Qi Jinran back to the villa.




After two days of recuperation, Wen Yuans body quickly recovered.

However, what made him depressed was that since that day, Qi Jinran never touched him again, and even went to bed at night with a distance of half a meter from him.

If it werent for the bed being big enough, Wen Yuan would worry about the man falling off accidentally.

Once this kind of thing starts, the aftertaste is heart-wrenching.

It was painful at first, but he gradually got used to it, and there was no more pain.

Most importantly, the joy of being so close to a loved one is enough to soothe any pain.

In order to vent his excess energy, Wen Yuan visited every scenic spot on the island over the past few days, causing his skin to turn the shade of dark wheat.

Back at the villa in the evening, Ye Xia frowned as she looked at the back of his peeling neck.

“I told you to wear sunscreen, why cant you remember”

“I forgot.” Wen Yuan was embarrassed.

He lifted up his t-shirt, scratched his back, and muttered, “Is my back sunburned too… Mom, please help me apply the ointment.”

Ye Xia was about to agree when she saw Qi Jinran coming in from outside.

Her black eyes flashed as she said with a smile, “Just in time.

Jinran is back, let him spread it for you.”

“Jinran, come.” Ye Xia smiled.

Handing the ointment to Qi Jinran, she went back upstairs by himself.

“Mom…” Wen Yuan whispered, but Ye Xia had ruthlessly walked away.

“Go to the bedroom, its inconvenient here.” Qi Jinran lowered his long eyelashes and walked inside.

Wen Yuan could only follow him into the bedroom.

Eyes wandering around, he didnt dare look at Qi Jinran at all, for fear that some yellow colored waste2yknow.

“That” would flood his mind.

“Undress yourself.”

Qi Jinrans voice was low.

With an “oh”, Wen Yuan raised his arms to take off his t-shirt, and lay on the bed obediently.

In Qi Jinrans point of view, the boys back dimples can be seen at a glance.

His shoulder blades are curved and undulating, full of masculine strength and beauty.

His cool fingers were dipped in the ointment, and reached out to smear Wen Yuans back.

No one spoke.

In the suffocating silence, the sound of fingers rubbing against skin was exceptionally clear.

Face buried in the pillow, Wen Yuan inevitably remembered how Qi Jinrans hand grabbed his leg that night…

Qi Jinrans hand continued smearing medicine for while.

Wen Yuans body was probably to sensitive to his touch.

He let out a low groan unconsciously, and his shoulder blades turned red.

Qi Jinrans throat moved.

Quickly rubbing the rest of the ointment, he lay a light sheet over his back.

“Im going to take a shower.”

He almost fled.

Wen Yuan turned over and sighed, aimlessly looking around at the log furniture in the room.

When his eyes fell on the bedside table, he suddenly remembered something, pupils shrinking in excitement.

That scented candle is still in the drawer!

Taking advantage of Qi Jinrans bath, Wen Yuan went to the second floor to take a pre-battle bath, then unearthed the few candles left in the room, lit them, and placed them on the bedside table and windowsill.

After doing all this, he felt extremely guilty.

Huddling under the quilt, he stared at the bathroom door nervously.

Dont know if this candle will really have that effect as the housekeeper said…

As soon as Qi Jinran walked out of the bathroom, he could smell some kind of plant incense.

He frowned and found an extra row of candles on the bedside table.

Wen Yuan saw his eyes fall on the candles, and quickly explained: “I heard from the housekeeper that it has a hypnotic effect and can improve the quality of sleep, so I want to try it…”

Qi Jinran grunted, saying nothing, and went to the window to blow his hair.

Wen Yuan eagerly waited for him to go to bed.

When Qi Jinran finally took off his prosthesis and lay on the bed, those indescribable thoughts came alive, and his dark eyes gleamed in the dark.



“Dont you feel a little cold The air conditioner seems to be too low.”

As he spoke, he leaned over to Qi Jinrans side.

As soon as he touched Qi Jinrans shoulder, he felt the mans body freeze.

“Its okay.”

Qi Jinrans eyelashes moved, and the suppressed emotion in black eyes moved.

“I went diving today, and it seems that I was scratched by a coral reef.

Can you help me to see if my skin is broken”

“Where is it”

Wen Yuan blinked, grabbed his hand, and put it on his own.

The lower back, near his butt.


Qi Jinrans fingertips trembled.

The delicate touch of the skin lingered on his hand, like a soft feather flicking his heart.

“No wounds, no broken skin.”


Qi Jinran looked at Wen Yuan who was leaning in his arms.

There seemed to be a fire burning in his chest.

His throat was very dry, and the sweet coconut scent of the shower gel lingered on Wen Yuans body.

The seductive smell kept emanating from the back of his neck, hooking his heart.

“Troubled you, go to sleep.”

Wen Yuan had already reached his limit.

Letting go, he wanted to turn away from Qi Jinran, but was pulled back forcefully, and his shoulders instantly slammed into the mans warm chest.

Qi Jinrans lips were pressed against the back of his neck, and his voice was extraordinarily hoarse.

“Are you feeling better”

Feeling the mans hot breath, Wen Yuans heart squeezed tightly with excitement and nervousness.

That scented candle really works!

“Well… its all good.”

Wen Yuan shrank in his arms, not daring to move.

Qi Jinrans hand went up from his waist, slowly lifting his pajamas.

Lowering his head, he kissed the back of his neck again.

“Ill be lighter this time.”

Wen Yuan heard him say.


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1Italicized = speaking in English (as was in the raws)2yknow.



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