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Qi Jinrans voice was very low, but it was like thunder roaring in Wen Yuans ears.

“What… what obligation” Wen Yuan was almost dumbfounded.

Lowering his long eyelashes, Qi Jinran silently moved his left leg.

Wen Yuan clearly felt a change on some unmentionable part, and his whole face turned red.

He always thought that Qi Jinran was like a flower on a snow-capped mountain peak.

He could only be seen from a distance, but could not be profaned or teased.

But now he found out that he was utterly wrong.

Qi Jinran is also a man, and obviously, his missing right leg did not affect his bodily functions.

“What do you think”

Hand resting on his face, the dim light cast a soft veil on Qi Jinrans handsome features.

Wen Yuan swallowed his saliva dryly.

His breathing was rapid, his throat seemed to be on fire, and he could hardly find his own voice.



Qi Jinrans dark eyes were like a dizzying, incomparably deep black hole, sucking in all passing light and objects, including Wen Yuans trembling soul.

“If you dont want to, I wont force you.”

“I… Im willing.”

Wen Yuan refused to think about the reason for all this madness.

Putting his arms around Qi Jinrans neck, he kissed him on the face a little nervously, and whispered, “Come on.”

The housekeeper prepared everything necessary in the drawer of the bedside table.

Wen Yuan heard the sound of Qi Jinran opening the drawer to take something, and his throat was so nervous that it almost burned.

He tried to relax his body, straighten his legs, and look calm, but his clenched teeth trembled slightly.

Qi Jinran returned to the bed.

He also turned off the dim night lights.

In the darkness, Wen Yuan could only vaguely see the outline of his delicate facial features.

“Your… first time”

Qi Jinran found that Wen Yuans reaction was far more youthful than he had imagined, as if he had no experience.


Wen Yuans face was blushing and smoking.

He didnt know where to put his hands and feet, and could only nod embarrassingly.

“You didnt with—” Qi Jinrans eyes flashed with great surprise.

Seeing Wen Yuans body stiffen, he did not mention that persons name.

Wen Yuan knew what he wanted to say.

He was with Zhou Yunqing for three years, but the only time they got close was when Zhou Yunqing was drunk and dragged him into the alley, wanting to do that kind of thing.

He didnt like being forced, so he resisted very hard, kicking out in a conditioned reflex, and knocking Zhou Yunqing to the ground, even causing his head to bleed.

Zhou Yunqing probably had a psychological shadow ever since, and never touched him again.

The dog mans head was broken and bled, and he was quite happy to recall it now.

Unconsciously, the corners of his mouth hooked up.

“What are you smiling at”

Qi Jinran paused and looked at the person under him in confusion, with a hint of anger between his brows.

“That… I thought of something funny.” Wen Yuan stuck out his tongue.

But soon, he couldnt laugh anymore.

It hurt…

He seemed to have become a soft and weak dough on the cutting board, pinched in the palms of Qi Jinrans hands, and kneaded at will.

“Tell me if you cant stand it.” Qi Jinran said hoarsely.

Wen Yuan made a light hum.

In the darkness, Qi Jinrans hot breath sprayed on his face, and a faint cold fragrance lingered on the tip of his nose.

Wen Yuan couldnt help raising his head and rubbing his cheek with his face…

Qi Jinrans breathing grew heavier in an instant.

He leaned over and bit Wen Yuans lips like some kind of ferocious beast, moving powerfully…


Wen Yuan couldnt remember how he fell asleep.

When he woke up, his body was cleaned up, and there was no sign of Qi Jinran on the bed.

He propped himself up and looked out the window.

The sound of the waves crashing on the shore came from not far away.

The broad branches and leaves of the coconut trees swayed in the wind like a pair of maracas.

The salty scent of the sea was carried in by the breeze.

If it wasnt for the unbearable soreness in his legs, Wen Yuan almost thought he had a ridiculous dream.

Getting up and out of bed, he went to the bathroom.

As he was changing his clothes, he realized there were red marks all over his body, from his chest to his neck.

Densely packed marks, some accompanied by clear tooth marks in some places.

Covering his face, he didnt dare look directly at himself in the mirror.

But when he lowered his head, he found that there were some on the sides of his legs, and his ears immediately burned red.

Finally picking a collared shirt, he barely managed to cover the red marks on his neck.

As soon as he came out of the shower, he ran into the housekeeper who came in to clean up the bed.


Wen, did you have a good time last night”

The housekeeper is a young Latino guy, full of enthusiasm, with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

Although he speaks poor Chinese, it wasnt annoying at all.

Wen Yuan always felt that there was something in his words, and said hummed in embarrassment.

Glancing at the red marks on his neck that could not be covered, the housekeeper said with a smile: “It seems that you and Mr.

Qi had a wonderful night, and my incense really worked.”

Stunned, Wen Yuan looked up at him in surprise.

“Incense What incense”

The housekeeper pointed to the burnt candle at the head of the bed with a smile.

“Its this scented candle, which contains a special plant essential oil that has… that kind of effect.”

Whatthat effect was, Wen Yuan also knew without the housekeeper explaining.

No wonder, last nights Qi Jinran seemed to be a completely different person.

He didnt have the slightest calmness or self-control, and was almost out of control… Was it all because of incense

“I put some spares in the bottom drawer.” The housekeeper blinked and smiled meaningfully.

“This is harmless to your body, you can rest assured.”

“If you need it, I also have some other things there- ”

“Cough, no need, thank you.”

Wen Yuan blushed and quickly fled from the master bedroom.

In the living room, his parents and Grandpa Qi were already having breakfast.

“Look at the time, you just woke up”

When Wen Chengmin saw Wen Yuans sleepy look, his tone was very disgusted.

“Look at Jinran, he woke up at 7.

Did you not sleep last night”

He really didnt sleep much last night… Unable to spill the bitterness in his heart, Wen Yuan could only honestly sit at the dining table, and pick up a knife and fork.

“We originally came out on vacation.

They are young and finally relaxed.

Its okay to sleep a little longer.” Qi Donghui helped him out.

“Grandpa is right.” Wen Yuan took a bite of the bread and agreed.

Wen Chengmin narrowed his eyes.

“You brat, now that you have your grandfather Qis backing, youre righting against me, right”

Wen Yuan stuck out his tongue, leaning to Qi Donghuis side with a smile.

“Yeah, so what”

“Stinky boy, dont teach for 3 days, and you want to overturn the house!” Wen Chengmin picked up the cushion on the seat, about to smash him.

Wen Yuan hurriedly hid behind Qi Donghui who chuckled.

Qi Donghui was about to protect him when he caught sight of Qi Jinran coming in from the outside out of the corner of his eye, and his eyes darkened slightly.

“Not having breakfast with your family, what are you doing outside so early in the morning”

Qi Jinran wore a short shirt and trousers.

Even on a hot island, his temperament was as cold as winter snow.

Wen Chengmin and Qi Donghui are long-term friends, and they can talk about any topic.

But facing this taciturn son-in-law, there was still a little anxiety.

Seeing Qi Jinran approaching, Wen Chengmin put down the cushion that was going to be used to hit his son.

“Buying something.”

Qi Jinran seemed to have something in his pocket and went straight to the bedroom.

Wen Yuan didnt know how to face Qi Jinran, and was inexplicably relieved when he saw him enter the bedroom.

After breakfast, Wen Chengmin and his wife wanted to go diving and asked Wen Yuan if they wanted to go with them.

That place was still in pain, and it was uncomfortable for Wen Yuan to sit for a long time, let alone diving.

He quickly shook his head and declined his parents invitation.

“Would you like to go to the museum at sea with me” Qi Donghui suggested.

Wen Yuan was a little embarrassed.

Just when he didnt know how to refuse, Qi Jinrans voice sounded behind him.

“He has plans for today.”

“Huh” Qi Donghui looked at him suspiciously.

“Didnt you say yesterday that you want to drive a beach go-kart” Qi Jinran looked at Wen Yuan with deep black eyes.

Wen Yuan instantly understood and nodded again.

“Yes, Im going to go-karting with Jinran.

Grandpa, Ill go to the museum with you next time”

Seeing that he and Qi Jinran had made arrangements, Qi Donghui did not force it, and went out with Wen Chengmin and his wife.

Only Wen Yuan and Qi Jinran were left in the villa.

A subtle atmosphere spread in the air.

Wen Yuan sat on the sofa and picked the cushion for a long time, and finally said, “That… thank you just now for helping me lie.”

Expressionless, Qi Jinran stood beside a tall broad-leaved plant and made a small hum of acknowledgement.

“There is medicine on the bedside table.” He suddenly said.

What medicine

Wen Yuan was puzzled for a few seconds, and quickly realized what Qi Jinran meant.

Bowing his head, he was so embarrassed that smoke was about to erupt from his ears, as he hurried into the bedroom.

There was indeed a tube of ointment on the cabinet, with a packaging full of English letters.

Picking it up, Wen Yuan read the instructions carefully, and found that it was an ointment specially used for anti-inflammatory and pain relief.

So, Jinran just went out to buy medicine for him

Originally, when he heard the housekeeper talking about the incense in the morning, he was still a little disappointed.

Now looking at this tube of ointment, he wasnt unhappy at all.

At least, Jinran still cares about him.

Endured the embarrassment, after he finished applying the medicine, Wen Yuan dawdled in the bedroom for a long time before leaving.

He thought that Qi Jinran would not be in the living room, so he didnt expect to see a man sitting on a white wooden chair beside the floor-to-ceiling door reading a book with an endless blue sea behind him, as soon as he turned a corner corridor.

The window screens fluttered gently with the sea breeze, and Qi Jinrans handsome face was  dazzling in the sunlight.

In an instant, something seemed to hit his fragile and soft heart.

The blood in his veins began to boil, rushing towards his limbs and bones enthusiastically, and finally all of them gathered towards his heart.




The sound of his heartbeat echoed in his eardrums like a drum.

Wen Yuan pressed the position of his chest, realizing that he was completely enraptured.


Not much to say.

Lots of feels lately.


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