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T/N: It might seem like his parents are bad people, but they genuinely care about him.

Also, no family drama about their sexual orientation. 


When it comes to Zhou Yunqing, Wen Yuan’s heart still hurts a little, but he still hides it well.

“Ah, that’s great too— No, ​​no, I mean, it’s a pity.”

The lips say it’s a pity, but the uncontrollable excitement couldn’t be hidden at all.

Wen Yuan rolled his eyes.

His parents never cared much about his love life.

They had laissez-faire attitudes, so why are they suddenly worried now

“Old Wen, hurry up and say it.” Ye Xia was a little embarrassed facing her son’s scrutiny, and couldn’t help poking Wen Chengmin’s arm.

Wen Chengmin’s thick eyebrows tangled for a few times.

He coughed twice, and looked at Wen Yuan tentatively.

“Xiao Yuan, since you broke up with your boyfriend, then dad will introduce you to another one.

Dad promises he will be a hundred times better than your ex-boyfriend.

What do you think”

One hundred times better than Zhou Yunqing Is that still mortal I’m afraid the gods in the world can’t look down on this person.

Finding it funny, Wen Yuan chuckled: “Okay, say.”

“It’s the grandson of Grandpa Qi who just came in.

Have you heard of the Qi Group Most of the high-end hotels in Wancheng belong to them.

If you marry…”

“Dad,” Wen Yuan interrupted him impatiently.

“Am I such a superficial person Tell the truth, is Grandpa Qi providing funds for our family on the condition that our family and theirs marry”

Father Wen’s facade was pierced, and he said uncomfortably: “Xiao Yuan, you are too smart, just like me.”

Thinking of the meaningful eyes of the old man when he left, Wen Yuan fully understood.

He didn’t expect that this kind of **ty marriage between rich and powerful families really happened in reality.

But their family is not close to the rich family at all.

They are upstarts at best, how can they even consider him

“Dad, as an heir to a wealthy family, even if they want to get married, it wouldn’t be with someone like me, right”

Ye Xia immediately disagreed: “Xiao Yuan, how can you say this.

Our family is a listed company anyway.

Your dad has also been on Wancheng News.

You can’t belittle yourself.”

Father Wen scrunched the sheets with some melancholy.

“Actually, Grandpa Qi’s grandson is good everywhere.

His appearance, prospects, and knowledge are all first-class.

It’s just, when he was 12 years old, he had a car accident and his right leg was amputated.

It’s a pity…”

Ye Xia quickly pinched his arm hearing Father Wen share this.

“Didn’t I tell you not to talk about this It’s not too late to say this after the two children are together!”

It turned out that the noble son of a wealthy family condescended to marry their family because of his physical disability.

Wen Yuan laughed self-deprecatingly, pushing his chair back and stood up.

“Dad, I just broke up.

Even if you want to introduce a new partner, you have to give me some buffer time.”

“Yes, dad is too anxious.” Father Wen saw his son’s depressed face, and he couldn’t bear it.

“Then you take some first, and let me know when the buffering is over.”

It’s really a plastic father-son relationship.

Wen Yuan left the hospital with a wry smile.

After returning to school and entered the dormitory, he found several straight male roommates looking at him with sympathy.

“Wen Yuan, we’ve seen everything about you and Zhou Yunqing on BBS…” The boss1 walked over with a sad face and patted his shoulder: “Don’t worry, two-legged toads2 are rare, but two-legged men are easy to find.

The next one will be better.”

Wen Yuan was confused, and logged into T University’s forum, only to find that the scene where he smashed Zhou Yunqing with a cake yesterday was recorded.

It spread all over the Internet, and there were several mysterious insiders who stated the cause and effect in detail in the post.

Wen Yuan and Zhou Yunqing were originally the most popular CP in T University.

As soon as the post was posted, it immediately exploded.

Countless CP fans beat their chests and scolded Zhou Yunqing for his evil deeds.

Without thinking, Wen Yuan knew who posted the post.

He went to the balcony and made a phone call.

“Xiao Hui, you don’t have to do this.”

On the other side, the cashier girl was indignant: “How’s that possible.

Zhou Yunqing, that scumbag, I have to let him die socially! Let all the students in T University see his true colors.”

“It’s hard for you, I’ll invite you to dinner next time.”

After thinking about it, Wen Yuan thought it was okay.

This way he wouldn’t need to explain the reason for his break up with Zhou Yunqing.

Zhou Yunqing cheated first, and was he being too saintly trying to end it decently

For the next three days, Wen Yuan attended classes, ate, and slept as usual, and helped out in the student union in his spare time.

It was said that two days later, a well-known alumnus who graduated from Harvard was invited to return to the school to give a speech.

The school leaders attached great importance to it.

They changed the aging seats in the auditorium with new colors, and strived for perfection everywhere, tossing the planning to the student union.

It was miserable.

“See you at the basketball court after class.” Roommate Ji Hong sent an invitation.

Wen Yuan returned well, packed up his schoolbag, went back to the dormitory to change clothes.

As soon as he walked into the basketball court, he unexpectedly saw the figure he didn’t want to see the most.

Zhou Yunqing was wearing a red basketball uniform, and breaking through the opponent’s defense.

When he saw Wen Yuan holding a ball, he was stunned, and he didn’t even realize that the basketball hit him on the head.

Yang Mo, who was watching the game next to him, came over with a towel, wiped the sweat on his forehead, and looked at Wen Yuan with a smile.

“What a coincidence, Wen Yuan, I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

Wen Yuan grabbed Ji Hong who was going to come forward and beat him, his eyes full of mockery.

“You two are together”

If he had a trace of nostalgia for Zhou Yunqing before, now looking at this handsome face, he only had disgust in his heart.

“Xiao Yuan, I originally wanted to get back with you, but you haven’t answered my phone calls or returned my WeChat, and you posted those things on the forum.

When I was the most painful, only Yang Mo was always with me.


Ji Hong has a hot temper.

He grabbed the basketball in Wen Yuan’s hand and smashed it over, cursing: “Fuck you! Is it normal for you scumbags to even slander people Lying about heartbreak, aren’t you just upset you can’t pedal two boats I’ll **ing kill you now and rid the world of an evil!”

“Ji Hong, don’t be impulsive.” Wen Yuan dragged Ji Hong aside, saying some comforting words.

He then walked towards Zhou Yunqing and smiled slightly.

“It’s a coincidence that I also made a new boyfriend, and his driver will come to pick me up later.”

Zhou Yunqing’s expression changed.

“Xiao Yuan, you must be kidding!” He didn’t believe that someone as devoted as Wen Yuan would have a new boyfriend a few days after breaking up with him

Wen Yuan curled his lips and sent a message out.

Ten minutes later, a luxury Bentley parked on the boulevard next to the basketball court.

The door opened, and a middle-aged man was wearing a black suit and white gloves, with hair dyed black with hairspray, got out of the car and walked up to him with a respectful face.

“Master Wen, what are your orders”

Ji Hong was shocked by Wen Yuan’s operation.

Several people in the dormitory knew that Wen Yuan had a good family background, but Wen Yuan had always acted in a low-key manner.

They never knew he was such a rich and lavish person.

Yang Mo’s face changed slightly when he saw the Bentley.

He believed that Wen Yuan was simply trying to face slap him in public.

Maybe it was a rental car from somewhere.

He smiled and said, “Then why didn’t your boyfriend come”

Wen Yuan seemed to be overwhelmed by the question, and agonized over it for a few seconds.

Out of the corner of his eye, he glanced at the promotional poster of a certain Harvard alumni and pointed it out.

“Well, he’s busy giving a speech today, so he doesn’t have time to accompany me.”

After saying this, he dragged Ji Hong and got in the Bentley without looking back, leaving Zhou Yunqing standing in shock.

Under a French sycamore not far away, a tall figure with one hand in the pocket of his trousers, watched this scene with his thin lips raised ironically.

“This is the person Grandpa likes Ridiculously stupid.”

The assistant smiled awkwardly.

“The chairman must have his own reasons… Mr.

Qi, it’s getting late.

It’s time for us to meet the school leaders.”

The figure in the suit snorted coldly, holding his cane, turned and walked towards the auditorium.

Inside the Bentley.

“Uncle Liang, you acted so well just now!”

Uncle Liang stroked his hair embarrassedly.

“It’s the first time I wore gloves.

I never needed to be so elegant before.”

Inside the Bentley, Ji Hong looked left and right, cautiously turning to Wen Yuan, unable to bear it any longer.

“Wen Yuan, did you rent this car How much does it cost for an hour”

Wen Yuan laughed.

“Don’t worry, it’s my dad’s.

However, this car burns too much oil and is too long, so we usually keep it in the garage, and don’t let it go.”

Ji Hong’s eyes widened.

“I know your family is the best in our dormitory, but I didn’t expect it to be so good! You didn’t see Zhou Yunqing’s expression just now.

That grandson’s face turned green, hahahahaha.”

When Wen Yuan was with Zhou Yunqing before, he seldom mentioned his family for fear of putting pressure on him.

After all, Zhou Yunqing already disliked him for being too tall and for having a dark complexion.

He would pick out thorns at any time when they were together.

He actually felt more relieved after they broke up.

After inviting Ji Hong home for a meal, he asked the driver to change to a low-key Mercedes-Benz to send his roommate back.

Before Wen Yuan had time to watch a baking video, Ye Xia came back.

“Son, you happen to be at home.

Come, mom will show you something good.”

“Do you want to see a photo of Qi family young master”

Wen Yuan bit an apple, took off the wireless earphones, and glanced over with little interest.


“You have to see even if you don’t want to.”

Ye Xia closed his computer screen and held up the phone to his face.

Wen Yuan opened his eyelids reluctantly.

When he saw the photo on his mobile phone, his heart seemed to be slammed by something.

He finally saw what a hundred times better than Zhou Yunqing looked like.

The man in the photo is extremely handsome, with deep, narrow black eyes, eyebrows that seemed to be outlined by fine brushwork, a high nose bridge, and thin lips in an attractive reddish color.

In addition to a gloomy appearance, the whole person’s temperament was so dazzling, it was almost impossible for people to stare directly.

Ye Xia smiled contentedly seeing her son’s dazed expression.

“How is it Better than your ex-boyfriend I’ve made an appointment with Mr.


The two of you will meet this Saturday to get acquainted with each other in advance.”

“But mom—”

“Okay, that’s it.

There is a saying that the best way to forget a failed relationship is to start a new one, so don’t lose heart.

Maybe this one is your Mr.


Wen Yuan: …

When the hell did his mom become a master of chicken soup for the soul


Typically the oldest/most seniorone (or most powerful) within a group of friends/


He’s calling Zhou Yunqing a toad


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