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Wen Yuan never thought Qi Jinran would apologize to him.

Obviously he was the cheeky one who grabbed the leg of someone’s trousers first…

“No, no, it’s me who offended you.

Doing that kind of thing to someone you don’t like will definitely make you feel sick… I should be the one apologizing to you.”

“I’m sorry for making you so feel bad.”

Wen Yuan’s face was full of guilt.

Qi Jinran was silent for a few seconds, looking at the eucalyptus in the glass bottle on the table.

“I didn’t feel sick.”

“Huh” Wen Yuan looked at him in surprise.

Qi Jinran’s pale face was slightly red, and he lowered his eyelashes uncomfortably.


No need to mention this in the future.”

“Oh, okay.”

After dinner, the two returned to home together.

Lying on the bed, Wen Yuan couldn’t fall asleep.

A few nights ago, when Qi Jinran was away, his heart was empty, and he always felt that something was missing.

Now that Qi Jinran was back, he realized that he was probably used to his presence, and felt lost after not seeing him for a few days.

But it doesn’t seem like a habit.

Wen Yuan’s heart was warm thinking of the man sleeping next to him, and seeing him when he wakes up tomorrow.

There was a relieved, happy feeling like never before.

Wen Yuan felt that something was wrong.

He got out of bed, put on his pajamas, put on a coat, and went to the balcony.

After returning home, Qi Jinran went into the study to work.

Wen Yuan actually wanted to talk to him, but it was terrifying to disturb him, so he held back.

Even if Qi Jinran was at home, the number of times the two met was pitiful.

Wen Yuan didn’t feel anything in the past, but recently it seems to be more and more unbearable.

He is so kind and caring to him in front of outsiders, so why was he a completely different person at home

It would be great if his gentleness towards him wasn’t a show…

Shocked by his thoughts, Wen Yuan’s eyes widened and he tapped his forehead hard.

Wen Xiaoyuan, are you crazy This is a commercial marriage, and you even signed a prenuptial agreement.

How can your heart be moved1


Bits and pieces of getting along with Qi Jinran flickered through his mind.

More and more, he realized that Qi Jinran was just indifferent on the outside, but he had an extraordinarily kind and gentle heart.

Such a good person, but God is so cruel to him…


Wen Yuan suddenly heard the sound of a glass door being pulled open.

Following the source of the sound, he saw Qi Jinran standing on the balcony next door.

When the two pairs of eyes met, it was a little unnatural.

“You… can’t sleep either” Seeing him only wearing a thin nightgown, Wen Yuan couldn’t help say, “Wearing so little, what will you do if you catch a cold”

“It’s okay, I’ll go in in a moment.”

Qi Jinran sat down on a rattan chair and glanced in Wen Yuan’s direction.

“Now that our relationship is completely public, do you still want to continue your internship at BV’s hotel”

Wen Yuan was not prepared for this sudden and straightforward question, and looked a little hesitant.

Indeed, with his current status, if he continues at BV, he will inevitably be discussed and questioned by other employees.

“Would you like to try and do what you really like and are good at, such as… baking”

Wen Yuan was taken aback when he heard Qi Jinran’s words.

“How do you know…”

“I’ve read all your weekly reports.

I heard that when you were rotating in the catering department, you were praised by the executive chef.

He said you were very talented.”

Oh god, Qi Jinran has read those weekly report he handed over to his superiors.

Doesn’t that mean Qi Jinran knows exactly what he does every day

The big boss of the company is also his fiancé.

This kind of experience is really not an ordinary sour experience.

“Uh… it’s okay, I was just helping out.” Wen Yuan was embarrassed.

“BV has been cooperating with Le Cordon Bleu International College in France.

If you want, you can go there.”

Le Cordon Bleu The most prestigious cooking school in the world, the No.

1 brand in the pastry industry, if he can study there…

“But if I go abroad before I graduate—”

Qi Jinran chuckled.

“I’m not saying go abroad.

Le Cordon Bleu also has a branch in China, and there is one in Wancheng.”

“Really” Wen Yuan’s eyes lit up.

Qi Jinran nodded, looking at him with deep black eyes, like an adult seducing a child with sweet candy.

“Want to go”

Wen Yuan nodded quickly.

But he suddenly thought of something, and hesitated.

“But if my dad finds out, he’ll definitely say I’m useless again…”

Qi Jinran smiled and said meaningfully, “Wouldn’t you be interning at BV Why would he say that”

He suddenly understood the meaning in those dark eyes.

“That’s right, going to Le Cordon Bleu is also part of BV’s internship.

I understand, I understand.”

Back in the bedroom, Wen Yuan looked at the ceiling in the dark, and couldn’t sleep anymore.

Qi Jinran actually knew him better than anyone, and they had only known each other for two months…

The next day, Wen Yuan woke up early and went to the kitchen on the third floor to make croissants.

It has become his exclusive bakery, and there is a sweet aroma everywhere.

When Qi Jinran went downstairs, Wen Yuan just finished making breakfast.

Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, the croissants were paired with freshly brewed hot coffee.

Placed on a light blue tablecloth, breakfast is especially pleasing to the eye.

“Jinran, do you want to try and see how it tastes”

Wen Yuan looked at him expectantly.

If there was a tail growing behind him, it would have been wagging long ago.

Small puppy.

When the words popped up in Qi Jinran’s mind, the apex of his heart collapsed a bit.

He picked up a croissant and took a bite.

The skin was crispy and tender, and the inside was covered with a rich chocolate filling.

It was sweet and… also a little hot.

“Delicious.” Qi Jinran gave the highest evaluation he had ever given.

Wen Yuan was happier to be praised by him than to be praised by a chef.

“If you like it, I’ll make it for you every day.”

Wen Yuan didn’t realize what he said until he saw Qi Jinran’s somewhat startled eyes.

“Uh, that’s not what I meant… I mean, when you want to eat, I can make it for you.

Not every day, but once in a while…”

Wen Yuan felt the more he explained, the worse it became.

Qi Jinran smiled.

“I understand.

Besides, after finishing up at BV today, go buy a suit suitable for a banquet.”

“Why” Wen Yuan was puzzled.

“There will be a charity reception tomorrow.

I agreed to someone else’s invitation to bring my partner to participate.”

Wen Yuan and Qi Jinran have never participated in any public activities after being engaged for so long, so when he heard this, he suddenly became nervous…

“Then what do I need to pay attention to Apart from clothes, do I need to change my hairstyle…”

He was worried that he would be sore thumb standing next to Qi Jinran.

“No, this is a cocktail party hosted by a friend, just relax.”

That being said, when Wen Yuan took Ji Hong to buy a suit that afternoon, his mind was still turning.

“This set is too serious, it’s like attending a funeral…”

“This one isn’t good.

You’re not going to get married, it looks strange…”

“There are too many patterns, like a rap singer, forget it.”

Ji Hong was so annoyed that he lay down on the chair in the lounge.

“Brother, aren’t you just plastic husbands acting outside Why are you so picky about a suit”

Wen Yuan paused while tying his tie.

Ji Hong sat up and squinted at him.

“I say, Wen Xiaoyuan, are you… in love with Qi Jinran”

Wen Yuan’s face instantly turned red.

The hands tying the tie became flustered, as he denied it.

“No, you think too much.”

“Tsk tsk tsk, why do I think you are lying.”

Ji Hong leaned in front of him and carefully observed Wen Yuan’s face.

Not wanting his blushing face, to be seen, he lowered his head quickly, Ji Hong also bent down, tilting his head obsessively.

Angry, Wen Yuan shoved his face away.

“Ji Hong!”

“Okay, okay, don’t like is don’t like.” Ji Hong spread out his hands and made a surrender.

“Hurry up and pick, I’m starving to death and want to eat.”


A rare sunny day, the sky is cloudless, blue and clear.

Wen Yuan sat in the car and took several deep breaths before following Qi Jinran out.

There was a red carpet at the entrance of the banquet hall, with media taking photos on both sides.

Wen Yuan never thought it would be such a big affair, as he followed closely behind Qi Jin, never straying too far, like a newborn chick.

Those attending were celebrities from all walks of life in Wancheng, who Wen Yuan didn’t know.

He watched every passing guest greet Qi Jinran, and became more and more aware of the heaven-defying influence the Qi family had in Wancheng.

“Jinran, finally you’re here.”

A laughing voice came from behind.

Wen Yuan turned around, and saw a tall and slender man in a suit with a lazy smile on his face walking towards them.

The man was born with a pair of affectionate peach blossom eyes, with thick and curled eyelashes.

Holding champagne in his hand, he looked up and down at Wen Yuan beside Qi Jinran, and said with a smile, “Sure enough, the real person is more handsome than the video.”

“Yu Heng, Hengguang Capital’s CEO.

Also my friend.” Qi Jinran introduced him to Wen Yuan in a casual manner.

Wen Yuan smiled at Yu Heng.


Hearing Yu Heng’s words, he has seen videos of him playing and singing on Weibo

“Are you used to living with this big ice cube” Yu Heng blinked.

It took Wen Yuan a long time to realize that the “big ice cube” he was referring to was Qi Jinran.

Smiling embarrassedly, he replied: “Jinran… he’s actually a nice person.

There’s nothing I’m not used to.”

Seeing Wen Yuan’s serious appearance, Yu Heng had the urge to tease him.

“I heard that you are a management trainee in BV, and you have to go to the hotel for rotation.

How tiring.

If you come to Hengguang, I will pay you three times the annual salary-”


Heng.” Qi Jinran’s face turned blue.

“Ah, I forgot, BV belongs to the Qi family.

This guy will definitely not agree with me poaching you.” Yu Heng smiled and hugged Qi Jinran’s shoulders regretfully.

“It’s a pity that there aren’t many T University graduates coming to Hengguang this year.”

Qi Jinran patted his hand away.

“Didn’t you want capital for that Tourism Village in the south Let’s go and discuss it.”

“I knew you were going to talk about business.” Yu Heng sighed and looked at Wen Yuan.

“Sorry, I have to borrow your fiancé.

You can go inside and play, food and drink are all inside.”

“Okay, have fun discussing.”

Of course Wen Yuan would not disturb Qi Jinran.

He was a human shaped figure of no real use anyway.

No one here knew him, so he headed to the dining table to eat.

Seeing the various exquisite small cakes and Chinese desserts on the table, Wen Yuan swallowed.

Just as he up a piece of Mont Blanc and put it on the plate, there was a commotion at the door, followed by the constant sound of the shutter.

Did a star come

A little curious, Wen Yuan looked at the door to see a glamorous woman in a red open-back dress and big wavy curls walking in.

Having watched TV, he remembered this female star seems to be the queen of ratings, who has been very popular lately.

However, what shocked Wen Yuan even more was the young man in a suit beside the woman.

With that handsome and gentle face, if it wasn’t Zhou Yunqing, who was it

Noticing that the two seemed to be coming this way, Wen Yuan hurriedly turned around holding a plate and walked inside.

“Sister Su, I saw an acquaintance and want to go over and say hello.”

Watching the familiar back get farther and farther away, Zhou Yunqing’s heart was anxious, but his face remained calm.

“Go ahead, it just so happens that I want to chat with President Yu.”

Su Lan stroked her long hair and walked gracefully to the other side.

Wen Yuan walked to the very end of the corridor, where the light was dim.

It was deserted and empty, and there were no guests.

Finally feeling a bit at ease, he ate the Mont Blanc on the plate.

He was hesitating whether to go back and get a drink when a voice sounded behind him.

“Xiao Yuan, long time no see.”

Wen Yuan clenched the empty plate in his hand.

Before he figured out how to face Zhou Yunqing, on the other side of the corridor, a tall figure walked over quickly.

He was pressed into the man’s arms in an instant.

“Why are you here I couldn’t find you anywhere.”

Zhou Yunqing was startled as he stepped forward.

Qi Jinran put an arm around Wen Yuan’s shoulder and turned to look at him with a particularly cold expression.


Zhou, are you following my fiancé”



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