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Seeing Peng Qiu’s eyes turned to him, Wen Yuan felt his head hurt.

He knew that there was nothing good about Yang Mo’s appearance, but he can at least understand Yang Mo’s hostility.

Why is this strange young man looking at him with thorns in his eyes though

“If the two of you have nothing to do, I’ll go first-”

“I haven’t finished ordering yet.” Yang Mo interrupted him with a displeased face.

Wen Yuan had to give him another menu.

When he bent down, the ring and necklace hanging around his neck were exposed.

Peng Qiu could see it clearly, and his face suddenly paled.

Yang Mo ordered a bunch of desserts and drinks, and reluctantly returned the menu to Wen Yuan.

“It seems that those rumors are right.”

He looked at Wen Yuan’s clothes, his tone sarcastic: “Qi Jinran is not satisfied with this marriage.

Being engaged due to family pressure, and sending a ring for outsiders to see.

Isn’t this true”

Wen Yuan’s expression changed.

He didn’t speak, and left with the menu.

Although Yang Mo is not a good person, most of what he said is true… Wen Yuan couldn’t refute it.

Back at the bakery, Wen Yuan found that Ji Hong was also there.

This guy was hiding in a corner eating an abandoned sponge cake.

He smiled helplessly and patted him from behind.

“Fuck, how can you walk around without a sound” Ji Hong hurriedly swallowed the rest of the cake in his mouth.

“You’re already hungry now” Wen Yuan looked helpless.

Ji Hong patted the cake residue in his hand, looked left and right with a guilty conscience, and adjusted his staff uniform.

“I’m still growing, I can’t help it.”

“What’s so delicious about the leftover cake.

I’ll make you a red bean toast later, and you can take it back to the dormitory to eat.”

Wen Yuan knew that Ji Hong’s family was not well off, so he usually helped him in his life intentionally or unintentionally.

Of course, this was all with the premise of taking care of his self-esteem.

“Brother Wen, you’re the best, I’ll treat you to dinner when my salary is paid!”

“Don’t need to wait for your salary.

Do me a favor today.”

“What favor” Ji Hong became interested.

Fifteen minutes later.

Ji Hong held a plate and went to table 5.

“Two guests, your desserts.”

He smiled stiffly and put the small cakes on the plate one by one on the table.

Yang Mo raised his eyebrows when he saw it was him.

“Where’s Wen Yuan Didn’t he serve us before” He emphasized the word “serve”.

Ji Hong resisted the urge to roll his eyes and smirked, “Wen Yuan is not feeling well, so I will serve the two of you.”

Yang Mo didn’t buy his story.

“He was fine just now, why is he suddenly uncomfortable Your clothes don’t seem to be the same as his.

I’ll ask your manager to see if Wen Yuan is—”

“I’m sorry, I had some things and came late.”

Wen Yuan strode over, took the tray from Ji Hong’s hand, and smiled kindly at Yang Mo.

“This is my colleague.

He’s just passing by, and hope you two won’t trouble him.”

He patted Ji Hong on the shoulder and motioned for him to go first.

Ji Hong’s chest heaved a few times, resisting the urge to splash hot coffee on Yang Mo’s face, turned around and went to the counter.

Yang Mo took a sip of coffee leisurely and smiled proudly.

“Why, were you stabbed with a thorn, and don’t have the face to come out to meet people”

Wen Yuan smiled lightly.

“Haven’t you heard of a fake drama turning real Qi Jinran may not like me now, but who knows what will happen in the future.”

Hearing this, Peng Qiu’s face changed slightly, and he unconsciously clenched the metal fork in his hand.

“Whereas you, you broke up with Zhou Yunqing, and now you’re spreading your grievances on me Don’t you think you’re ridiculous”

At the mention of Zhou Yunqing, Yang Mo’s delicate face distorted a little.

He looked at the hot coffee on the table, and a gloomy look flashed across his eyes.


As soon as he pushed it, the ceramic coffee cup fell off the edge of the table.

Although Wen Yuan took precautions and took a step back, the hot liquid still splashed on his trousers.

“I’m sorry, please clean up and change a cup for me.” Yang Mo blinked and smiled slyly.

Behind the counter, Ji Hong watched Wen Yuan bend over to pick up the pieces, his fists clenched with anger.

He gritted his teeth and was about to walk over, when someone grabbed his arm.

“Child, calm down.”

“Who are you—”

Ji Hong was slightly taken aback when he saw the person coming.

Why is this elite suit wearing glasses dude a little familiar… He seems to be Qi Jinran’s assistant

Isn’t he always by Qi Jinran’s side

Now that he’s here, then…

Wen Yuan picked up the large pieces of debris on the ground one by one, wrapped them in waste paper, and threw them into the trash can.

He also brought a broom and mop to clean the soiled ground.

“You haven’t brought me a new coffee yet.”

Yang Mo said arrogantly.

“Sorry, we don’t serve free coffee here.”

A low and cold voice sounded behind him.

Seeing the person coming, Peng Qiu had a happy face and stood up hastily.


Qi, why are you here”

Wen Yuan turned his head and was startled when he saw Qi Jinran appear.

Is the carpet too thick Why is this guy walking without a sound

“BV belongs to the Qi Group.

I’m here on inspection.

Is there any problem” Qi Jinran was expressionless.

“Of course not.”

When Peng Qiu heard Qi Jinran’s response, he couldn’t be more excited.

It seems that he if he hangs out.

at hotels under the Qi family, it really is useful to meet the person he wants to meet.

Seeing Peng Qiu’s overjoyed expression, Wen Yuan suddenly felt relieved.

It turned out that he had met Qi Jinran’s admirer.

No wonder the young man stared at him so badly just now.

“Show me your hand.”

Wen Yuan was stunned.

Before he could react, his right hand was already held by the man, who was looking carefully.

“Aren’t you hurt” Qi Jinran’s long eyelashes drooped slightly, and his tone was extraordinarily gentle.

“No, I’m quite careful.”

Even if he knew Qi Jinran was acting, his heart rate still sped up upon seeing Qi Jinran’s face so close.

He hasn’t seen in him a few days, and the man seems to be a little thinner than before, but his facial features are still as handsome and dazzling as ever.

Seeing this scene, Peng Qiu almost gnashed his silver tooth into pieces.

Obviously those rumors are that Qi Jinran and Wen Yuan are in an emotionless, commercial marriage, so why did Qi Jinran appear here And look at Wen Yuan with those eyes

“Get off work early today, I booked Lu Ting.1 Don’t you like the steak from that house”

“But here…” Wen Yuan hesitated.

Turning to Yang Mo and Peng Qiu, the smile on Qi Jinran’s face faded instantly, and irony appeared in his eyes.

“That’s all you are capable of Bullying an intern”

Peng Qiu didn’t know how long Qi Jinran watched from behind, but he didn’t want to leave a bad impression in front of the man, so he quickly denied it.


Qi, I didn’t… Yang Mo, he was also careless…”

Qi Jinran looked at Yang Mo coldly.

Yang Mo clenched the tablecloth in a guilty conscience and tried to defend himself.

“I didn’t mean it either.”

“Should we adjust the monitoring and take a look”

Yang Mo’s face turned pale.


Qi, there’s no need for this.”

“Apologize.” Qi Jinran’s tone was tough.

“Otherwise, you won’t want to face the consequences.”

Yang Mo had heard of Qi Jinran’s methods in the business world.

He never showed any sympathy to his competitors; none of them ended well.

Under Qi Jinran’s oppressive gaze, Yang Mo reluctantly stood up and lowered his head slightly.

“I’m sorry.”

The corners of Wen Yuan’s mouth twitched as he reluctantly accepted the apology with an “en”.

It must be said, that he is pretty relieved.

“Let’s go.” Qi Jinran took his hand again.

Under the shocked and envious glances of other hotel staff, the two went to the front hall.

When the manager saw Wen Yuan’s hand being held by the big boss, he was stunned.

What’s this about a distant cousin It’s clearly a boyfriend! He shouldn’t have believed a world of this Wen Yuan kid.

“Manager, I might have to be a little earlier today…”

“It’s okay, you can get off work whenever you want.” The manager then turned to Qi Jinran with a flattering face.


Qi, walk slowly and be careful.”

On the vehicle, Wen Yuan found that Qi Jinran was still holding his hand, and beads of sweat were forming where their two palms met.


Qi Jinran finally noticed.

A trace of panic flashed in his eyes, and he let go of Wen Yuan’s hand.

Wen Yuan took out a wet tissue from the storage and handed it to him with a sincere face.

“Do you want to wipe it”

Qi Jinran looked at the package of tissues and felt a little pain in his face.

“No, I’ll wait… to wash my hands.”

“Oh.” Wen Yuan put the tissue back, leaned on the seat, and stretched his legs.

“Speaking of which, why is it so coincidental that you will appear every time I encounter something, as if destined to do so.” After speaking, as if afraid of Qi Jinran misunderstanding, Wen Yuan added, “I mean, thank you very much, you helped me a lot.”

“It’s nothing, I just went to the BV for inspection today.”

“Then you should go to the company later, right” Wen Yuan glanced at the road outside the window, a little surprised.

“But , this road doesn’t seem to—”

“I said that I booked a spot in Lu Ting, which is true.”


“A lakeside restaurant with very delicious steak.

You were talking about Lu Ting, right” Qi Jinran looked closely at him.

Wen Yuan immediately remembered those boasting things he said on the phone the night he had just arrived at Qi’s house.

Qi Jinran had written down all his preferences.

Wen Yuan’s face was a little red, and he stammered “en”.

Even if he was formulaically fulfilling a fiancé’s obligations, Qi Jinran was too good for him.

It even made him have the illusion that they were really a loving couple…

Twenty minutes later, the Bentley Mulsanne stopped at entrance to Lu Ting.

Qi Jinran ordered a box surrounded by views of lake on three sides.

Wrapped in green plants, with a star-shaped light hanging from the ceiling, the table was warm and comfortable.

Wen Yuan has a physique that gets hungry as soon as it is mealtime.

As soon as he sat down, his stomach began growling.

He was a little embarrassed seeing Qi Jinran’s gaze, and quickly pressed on his stomach.

“Whatever you want to eat, order it yourself.” Qi Jinran handed him the menu.

Wen Yuan ordered a medium rare filet mignon and tomato pasta, and handed the menu to Qi Jinran.

Qi Jinran glanced at him.

“That’s it Is that enough”

“It should be… it’s not good to eat too much at night.”

Qi Jinran smiled and asked the waiter to come and take their order.

Both of them tacitly did not mention what happened a few days ago.

Cutting the steak on the plate, Wen Yuan occasionally looked up at the man across from him.

Qi Jinran’s western food etiquette can be called textbook.

The hand holding the knife and fork was meticulously cutting the steak without noise at all.

Wen Yuan’s eyes fell on the ring on his right hand.

Remembering something, his ears turned red, and he immediately lowered his head.

That night, Qi Jinran just covered his mouth with that hand… No wonder when he went to the bathroom the next day and looked in the mirror, he found that there seemed to be a ring-shaped mark on the corner of his mouth…

No, he couldn’t eat this meal any longer.

Desperately chewing the steak, he tried tossing the images out of his mind.

“That night…”

The man across from him suddenly opened his mouth.

“I couldn’t think of any other way… I’m sorry.”


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