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Wen Yuan didn’t know how he returned to the bedroom.

Ears red, the back of his head pressed against the door, and he didn’t dare take a step out.

Although the memory of last night was still vague in some parts, he had a particularly clear impression of holding Qi Jinran’s trouser legs in the bathroom… The man must have come to see him because he cared about him, but didn’t expect him to be so shameless.

Holding on to other people’s legs.

He didn’t know how he returned to the bed later, but it must be because Qi Jinran couldn’t escape his entanglement, and reluctantly… It’s a miracle that Qi Jinran didn’t strangle him! Wen Yuan was ashamed to go out again, so he decided to take a day off to relax his mood.

“Manager, I’m feeling a little ill, and I want to ask for a day off.” He made up a random reason.

He thought he would be scolded by the manager, but he didn’t expect the latter to agree unexpectedly.

“Okay, you can ask for a few days if you want.” “Manager, what happened last night…” “You don’t need to talk about it, I understand.

You have no responsibility, it’s all Zhang Jun’s fault.

Don’t worry, we have already dealt with it.

He was sent to court.” So efficient Wen Yuan was a little surprised, but he figured it out quickly.

Last night, Qi Jinran’s sudden appearance must have shocked the BV executives.

Those people probably think there’s something between him and Qi Jinran, so their efficiency is naturally unprecedentedly high.

“Wen Yuan, can I ask, what is the relationship between you and Mr.

Qi” The manager’s tone was cautious.

Wen Yuan hesitated for a while.

Qi Jinran didn’t admit the relationship between the two in front of BV executives last night, which means that he didn’t want to make it public so soon.

Then he certainly couldn’t admit it.

“Actually, Jinran… he is a distant cousin of mine, and we’re somewhat related.” Wen Yuan opened his eyes and said nonsense.

“Oh, so that’s the case, no wonder he came over in person.

Why didn’t you tell me earlier!” It was half true and half false.

Wen Yuan laughed dryly: “I want to be a low-key person.

I didn’t know that Qi acquired BV before, and only found out last night.” “That’s so.” The manager seemed to believe his words.

Wen Yuan said two more sentences, and then hung up the phone.

After hanging up, Ji Hong’s call came.

“I heard that something happened in 808 last night It’s not related to you, right” Wen Yuan knew that Ji Hong would definitely gossip, and nodded helplessly.

“Yes, Zhang Jun wanted to do something to me, so I beat him up.” “Damn, then how did I hear that the senior management of BV and the big boss were there” “That grandson of Zhang Jun won’t file a complaint against you with headquarters, right How are you now Are you alright” Wen Yuan coughed twice uncomfortably .

“It’s not that he filed… I’m at home, it’s fine, I’m fine.” “Then the senior leaders didn’t embarrass you” Ji Hong couldn’t believe that Wen Yuan beat Zhang Jun and escaped so easily.

That’s a Black Diamond guest.

He can only blame himself for not being there last night.

After coming to work today, he only heard some scraps of gossip.

As for what really happened in 808 last night, it was completely concealed, and no one knew.

“They dare not embarrass me.” “Why” Ji Hong asked innocently.

“Because, the big boss of BV… lives next to me.” “Lives next to you Who…” After a few seconds, Ji Hong realized what Wen Yuan meant.

“Fuck, the big boss of BV is Qi Jinran” Wen Yuan: “En.” “It turns out that the Qi family bought BV, my god! No wonder, the big boss is your fiancé.

Who dares touch you” Hearing the word “fiancé”, Wen Yuan’s ears were inexplicably warm, and he said uncomfortably: “Don’t be so loud.

He hasn’t disclosed our relationship in front of the BV executives, so keep a low profile.” “Don’t worry, I’m in the toilet, no one can hear me.” Ji Hong pushed open the door of the compartment, looking left and right.

After confirming no one  was around, he changed a booth and squatted down like a thief, with a lowered voice.

“Then Qi Jinran came to find you specially last night” “It seems… Maybe I wasn’t home, or Zhuang Jie told him something.

He thought something happened to me, so he went to the hotel.” Ji Hong tsk-ed a few times.

“Why do I think he is a little interested in you.

In the evening, he came to the hotel to see if you were okay” “He should just be doing a fiancé’s obligations, and nothing else.” “Then when you guys went back later, nothing happened” Ji Hong was full of gossip.

Thinking of what happened last night, Wen Yuan’s face turned red.

But he naturally wouldn’t tell Ji Hong about these private things.

He said a few vague and perfunctory sentences, urged Ji Hong to work well, and hung up.

Wen Yuan looked at the messy big bed and rubbed his forehead in embarrassment.

He removed the sheets, duvet covers, and pillows from the room and threw them into the laundry basket.

After a long period of psychological reconstruction, he opened the door and tentatively stuck his head out.

Fortunately, there was no one in the hallway.

Hunching over, he walked lightly to the living room.

Xue Rong passed by with the cutlery and looked at him with a puzzled expression.

“Xiao Wen, what are you looking at” Wen Yuan was taken be surprise, thinking he had bumped into Qi Jinran again.

“It’s nothing, that… Jinran he…” “Mr.

Qi has finished breakfast and went to the company.” Hearing that Qi Jinran went to the company, Wen Yuan’s heart completely relaxed, and his back straightened.

“Is that so Do you still have breakfast I’m hungry.” “Yes, I’ll do it right now.” Xue Rong smiled.

  —–   The other end.

As soon as Qi Jinran arrived at the company, he received a call from Yu Heng.

“Hengguang has a charity reception next weekend, remember to bring your little husband over.” “You know I don’t like this kind of occasion.” Qi Jinran sat down on the leather seat and rubbed his brows.

“It’s okay if you don’t come, just let your little husband come, just so I can see what he looks like.” Yu Heng smiled like a fox.

The corners of Qi Jinran’s twitched.”He has a name, Wen Yuan.” “Wen Yuan” Inexplicably, Yu Heng felt that these two words were a bit familiar.

A bunch of videos quickly popped up with an internet search.

“Also from T University, and your junior He’s quite popular on Weibo recently.” Qi Jinran didn’t pay attention to entertainment gossip, so when he heard the last sentence, his brows wrinkled.

“What’s so popular” “Didn’t he give a performance His song about the brightest star in the night sky has tens of thousands of views online…” Yu Heng was a little curious about Wen Yuan’s appearance, and clicked on the most popular video.

There is a trace of surprise in his eyes.

“Little junior is quite handsome and sings well.” Qi Jinran turned on the computer and quickly found the video on Weibo.

Seeing the various bold comments and fancy confessions under the video, his expression didn’t look so well.

“Just that, these netizens are exaggerating.” “Yo, are you jealous It seems that you and your junior are doing well.” “It’s not what you think.” Qi Jinran frowned deeper, and bluntly changed the topic.

“Anyway… I’ll take him there next weekend.” “Then it’s settled.” Yu Heng succeeded in his trick and hung up the phone with a smile.

Qi Jinran threw the phone back on the table and continued to watch videos of Wen Yuan playing and singing on Weibo.

The boy’s voice was low and gentle, as his slender fingers plucked the guitar.

In a trance, Qi Jinran’s heartstrings seemed to be plucked with each string.

He remembered that Wen Yuan was in his arms last night, making a muffled, somewhat crying voice.

Everything was only a vague outline in the dark, making sounds, smells, and touch particularly distinct.

He used all his strength to restrain himself from doing anything more extreme.

This was the first time Qi Jinran felt so restless at work.

Whether he was in a meeting, reviewing documents, or listening to a subordinate’s report, the scenes from last night were constantly playing in his mind like a movie.

He vaguely realized that it was dangerous, but allowed himself to indulge in those boundless delusions.

If, he is a normal man… how nice.

  —–   In the next few days, Wen Yuan did not see Qi Jinran at home.

He was not surprised at all.

After such a shameful thing, Qi Jinran not strangling him to death, and letting him live, is already a great gift from heaven.

After returning to the hotel, Wen Yuan applied with the intern manager and transferred to the catering department.

Ji Hong was very puzzled.

“The food and beverage department is more tiring than the housekeeping department.

We are also top students of T University.

Going there for rotation…isn’t it a bit inappropriate” “What’s wrong with this.

I think the food and beverage department is very good.

Interpersonal relationships are much simpler than in the front office.” This was indeed the case.

After going to the catering department, Wen Yuan became one group with the people in the back kitchen.

The most common place he goes to is the bakery, where he helps out from time to time, which especially pleases a few chefs.

“Xiao Wen, if you are not from T University, I will accept you as a disciple and let you learn baking with me.” During the lunch break that day, the executive chef of the bakery said with a smile.

This is the first time that college students have come to work in their bakery.

He originally thought that the current college students are spoiled and can’t bear hardship.

In the first few days, he deliberately made him do some more tiring and dirty tasks.

Wen Yuan didn’t complain at all.

He did everything  efficiently, making him feel embarrassed.

Later, he asked Wen Yuan to run errands and help him make some cakes and cookies.

What surprised him was that the taste of Wen Yuan’s cooking was not inferior to that of several chefs, and he was obviously very talented at baking.

Only then did he have the idea of ​​accepting apprentices.

“If you want to accept me, I’ll take you as my teacher now.” Wen Yuan smiled.

The chef waved his hand in melancholy.

“Forget it.

Coming from such a good university, you will definitely enter management in the future.

You won’t be wronged in a small bakery.” “What’s wrong with this, a baker is also very good.” Wen Yuan was actually a little unsure about his future direction.

With a degree from T University, he can easily find a high-paying job, and even if he doesn’t enter another company, he can still go home to work for their family company.

In short, there is nothing to worry about.

But he also knew in his heart that the nine-to-five white-collar life was not what he wanted.

But if he chose to bake, he would definitely anger his father half to death… “Xiao Wen, take this red velvet to table 5.” “Good.” Wen Yuan quickly threw himself into work after withdrawing from his boundless thoughts.

On Friday afternoon, there were not many customers, and a few tables were empty.

Wen Yuan wore the hotel’s special waiter uniform and walked to table number 5 by the window with a dinner plate.

“Hello, this is the red velvet cake you ordered.” Sitting on the sofa was a young man in his early twenties.

He was dressed in a famous brand, clean and handsome.

He knew that Wen Yuan was handsome and could not help but look at him a few more times.

“Thank you.” Wen Yuan smiled, turned to leave, and suddenly heard a voice behind him.

“Xiao Qiu, why didn’t you wait for me to take a picture, but eat first” Wen Yuan was startled and quickened his pace.

However, the person sitting behind him recognized him, deliberately dragged his tone, and shouted, “That waiter, wait a minute.” Wen Yuan gritted his teeth, turned his head, and looked towards table number 5 with a smile.

“Hello guest, is there anything I can do for you” Yang Mo could not help but sneer when he saw that the waiter was really Wen Yuan.

Some time ago, he broke up with Zhou Yunqing and was depressed for many days.

He has always been the only one who dumped others, and this is the first time he was dumped.

He knew very well that Zhou Yunqing broke up with him because he couldn’t forget Wen Yuan.

He was full of resentment and anger and had nowhere to vent.

But now, he managed to bump into Wen Yuan full on.

Glancing at Wen Yuan’s uniform, Yang Mo sneered.

It seems that Qi Jinran didn’t treat him very well, and even let him serve others dishes here.

The rumors should be true.

“Momo, do you know him” Peng Qiu asked curiously.

“Yes, don’t you want to know who Qi Jinran’s marriage partner is Well, it’s him.” Peng Qiu’s face changed.

When he looked at Wen Yuan again, there was a hint of hostility in his eyes.

Two years ago, Peng Qiu met Qi Jinran once at the birthday party of a real estate boss in Wancheng.

At that time, the man was standing alone on the terrace, holding a wine glass, and his face was handsome and indifferent.

With just one glance, he fell into a deep-rooted love, and from then on, dreamed of marrying into the Qi family.

In the past two years, he has tried his best to connect their families, creating many “random encounters” with Qi Jinran.

However, Qi Jinran’s eyes never stayed on him for a second, let alone mention of ‘like’, which was extremely frustrating.

After hearing the news of Qi Jinran’s engagement, his heart was sour and bitter, and he kept thinking about who would be worthy of Qi Jinran.

But he never thought that a waiter who was not very outstanding in front of him would be Qi Jinran’s marriage partner.

“Momo, are you kidding me” Peng Qiu looked incredulous.

The corners of Yang Mo’s twitched as he looked at Wen Yuan.

“Why am I lying to you He still has a ring around his neck.

Qi Jinran has an identical one on his hand.” (Copied from https://knoxt.space/ )


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