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Wen Yuan felt that his internship in BV came to an end today.

Not to mention wanton cursing, beating guests, and being seen by the high-level leaders, he will definitely be carried out sideways by the security brother later.

However, why is Qi Jinran here Isn’t he supposed to be in bed at this point

Why come to watch his social death scene!

Wen Yuan laughed twice.

Releasing the hand holding Zhang Jun’s arm, he said weakly, “Manager, do you believe me if I said I was forced to defend myself”

Because of the tussle, the ring necklace hidden under his shirt was also exposed.

When the general manager of BV saw the pattern of the ring, he understood everything.

“Manager Liu, hurry up and call the security guard!”

“Okay, President Zhou.”

“That… dear leaders, its really self-defense.

Can you please not kick me out” Wen Yuan grimaced.

Qi Jinran laughed angrily at him.

Wen Yuan didn’t know why Qi Jinran was still able to laugh.

Even at this time, he wasn’t helping him, but was even gloating!

“You’re that President Zhang”

Qi Jinran slowly walked to the sofa and looked at Zhang Jun, who was still in shock.

Zhang Jun recognized one of the high-level executives present, and even ate a few meals before.

Thinking they were here to make amends and teach this ignorant intern a lesson, he adjusted the collar of his shirt, and said dissatisfiedly, “Your employee is really bad-tempered.

He’s just an intern, and even dares beat a guest if he disagrees”

After scolding, he waited for those executives to apologize.

Maybe Wen Yuan would be forced to bow his head and apologize to him.

His heart was a little itchy as he thought of how the boy would be humiliated by him.

“It’s really our fault.”

Qi Jinran looked at him sarcastically.

“To let a scum like you come in.”

“What Who are you You dare speak to me like that!”

Zhang Jun was completely stunned.

What’s going on with this executive, does he even know how to speak


Zhang, let me introduce, this is the executive president of BV’s parent company, the Qi Group, Mr.

Qi Jinran.”

The general manager of BV stepped forward and said without a smile, “I’m sorry to inform you that any future BV companies,  including other hotels under the Qi family, will no longer be open to Mr.


“Security, please ask Mr.

Zhang out.”

Hearing the words ‘the Qi family’, Zhang Jun’s face instantly turned extremely bad.

He couldn’t believe that this handsome young man in front of him was actually the executive president of the Qi family.

“I am a Black Diamond VIP.

You have no right to do this! I want to file a complaint with the Industry and Commerce Bureau!”

Zhang Jun struggled to the death, but he still did not escape the fate of being “invited” out by the security guard.

Wen Yuan, who was watching the whole process: …

Fuck!! When did the Qi Group acquire BV, why didn’t he know!

No wonder Qi Jinran appeared here – he is the biggest boss!

Wen Yuan realized that he was really stupid.

After solving Zhang Jun, Qi Jinran turned and walked out of the suite with a cold face.

When Wen Yuan saw that he was about to leave, he quickly followed and entered the same elevator.

“Jinran, why are you here”

Before he knew it, Wen Yuan was used to calling him Jinran.

Calling him Mr.

Qi felt too estranged.

Qi Jinran’s handsome face was tense and expressionless.

He came here in a hurry, but what happened This guy is very good, nothing is wrong, and still smiling, making him look like a fool.

“You didn’t come because you were worried about me, did you”

Wen Yuan remembered that he mentioned to Qi Jinran that he was an intern in BV before.

At that time, the man didn’t show any reactions.

How could he know the Qi family acquired BV He wouldn’t have accepted BV’s offer otherwise.

“Jinran, did you come find me on purpose”

The more Qi Jinran said nothing, the more Wen Yuan wanted to ask.

He didn’t know what was wrong with him, but when he saw Qi Jinran’s face in that suite just now, his heart settled.

Even if he saw a joke, knowing that he was there, Wen Yuan’s heart wasn’t so afraid.

“Shut up!”

Qi Jinran couldn’t bear it anymore, and quickly stepped out of the elevator.

“Wait, take me back, too.”

Wen Yuan followed into the black Maybach.

As soon as he got in the car, his legs softened for no reason and he almost fell on Qi Jinran.

Qi Jinran frowned at him, leaned to the other side, and let the driver drive.

“I wasn’t paying attention just now, sorry.”

Wen Yuan struggled to sit up from the leather carpet, pressed his legs, and moved to the seat.

What happened to him The strength in his body seems to be fading, and his lower abdomen is a little hot…

Crap, it can’t be that the juice had some added ingredients…

Qi Jinran looked out the window silently.

When they arrived back at the residence, he suddenly realized that the atmosphere was a little unusual.

Why didn’t that talkative guy say a word in the car

As soon as he turned his head, he saw Wen Yuan leaning limply to one side.

Qi Jinran’s heart sank, and he immediately supported his arm.

“What’s wrong Not feeling well”

Wen Yuan’s head was dizzy, and his mind was not very clear.

His dark eyelashes blinked, and it took a long time to focus on his face.

“In 808, I drank a glass of orange juice… It seems that there is a problem…”

At that time, he was already very vigilant.

He only dared drink after watching Zhang Jun drink it, but he still fell into the trap.

Qi Jinran’s face became more and more gloomy, and he called Zhuang Jie.

“Let Dr.

Chen come over.

In addition, take the orange juice and cups in room 808 to check to see if there are any illegal drugs in them.”

After a while, Dr.

Chen arrived.

Wearing a white coat and a pair of silver-rimmed glasses, he looked handsome and scholarly.

He came in with the medicine box and showed some surprise at the bouquet of roses in the corner of the living room.

Seeing Qi Jinran sitting on the sofa with a person in his arms again, his eyes were even more surprised.

Is this what Ding He mentioned, Mr.

Qi’s fiancé

“It’s illegal aphrodisiacs.”

After examining Wen Yuan, Chen Zhiming quickly came to a conclusion.

Qi Jinran was notl surprised by this result.

Originally, he was still angry with Wen Yuan, but now he was afraid that he was a step too late.

Over there, the test results sent by Zhuang Jie to the drug lab also came out.

There was no problem with the orange juice.

The problem was that the glass that Wen Yuan drank from was smeared with some kind of colorless and odorless drug that melts when it meets water.

The average person can’t notice it at all.

“Fortunately, the dose is not large, so there is no need to induce vomiting.

A cold shower should be enough.”

“In this weather, you want him to take a cold shower”

Qi Jinran’s temples jumped.

“Can you be responsible for his cold”

Chen Zhiming smiled slightly.

“Actually, there is a better way… However, it may be difficult for Mr.


After all, according to Ding He, Qi Jinran and the boy in his arms were in a business marriage without feelings.

So he didn’t plan to make this suggestion at all in the first place.

“What do you mean…” Qi Jinran seemed to have guess something, and his face turned black.


Wen Yuan was carried to the bed in a daze.

As soon as his body touched the soft bed, he subconsciously curled up into a ball, burrowing into the quilt.

It’s so uncomfortable… his whole body is hot, and an unspeakable place is even hotter.

He desperately needs comfort.

With his eyes half closed, he inadvertently grabbed the corner of the pillow, fingers clenching the soft pillow tightly, and made a whimpering sound like a small beast.

Qi Jinran stood at the head of the bed and looked at him silently.

He knew that he could put Wen Yuan here, let him dry overnight, and he would be fine tomorrow.

But his heart squeezed hearing the boy’s uncomfortable murmur; the pain was so severe that he couldn’t move at all.

Wen Yuan turned over under the quilt, tore off his jacket and shirt, and his breathing became heavier.

Sweating, his black hair clung to his forehead, and his thick eyelashes trembled constantly.

Qi Jinran glanced at the exposed skin on his neckline, and seemed to smell the faint scent of lavender wafting over.

Eyes darkening, as if he was bewitched, he put down his cane and slowly walked towards the bed.

Sitting on the head of the bed, he was about to lean over to touch Wen Yuan’s face when the phone rang suddenly.

Qi Jinran’s fingers trembled, and his black eyes instantly returned to clarity.

The man came out of the bedroom.

“What’s the matter” He answered the phone in a rare unsteady tone.

“Zhang Jun’s side… are there going to be legal proceedings” Zhuang Jie was not sure.

After all, he is also the CEO of an entertainment company.

If things get too ugly, he won’t let it go.

“Of course we have to go through the legal process.”

Qi Jinran’s face was gloomy, and his tone was impatient.

“You had to call me specifically about this matter”

Zhuang Jie didn’t know how he had provoked him, so he hurriedly ended the call.

The night was dark.

Washing his face with cold water, Qi Jinran went back to his bedroom.

The cold wind whistled outside the window.

He sat on the sofa chair in front of the floor-to-ceiling window and picked up the English book he had read halfway through.

The next door was silent, without any sound.

Qi Jinran irritably threw the book aside, opened the tablet, and started to handle official business.

The plans sent by the marketing department were all cliché, the renovation plan for the southern tourist village was lacking, and none of the blueprints were satisfactory.

Qi Jinran drew a big red cross on the tablet with an electronic pen.

Suddenly, there was a sound of something falling to the ground next door.

Qi Jinran seemed to find a reason to leave the bedroom in an instant.

He threw the tablet on the bed and walked quickly to the next door.

The door was unlocked, and opened as soon as the knob twisted.

The big bed in the bedroom was empty.

Frowning, Qi Jinran soon heard the sound of water coming from the bathroom.

He walked to the bathroom door and found that Wen Yuan had only a thin shirt left on his body.

He was squatting beside the bathtub..

Because he had no strength, he grabbed the edge of the bathtub with one hand to prevent himself from sliding to the ground as he held the shower head and doused himself with cold water, shivering.

“Taking a cold shower You don’t want your body anymore!” Qi Jinran snatched the shower head from his hand and turned it off forcefully.

Wen Yuan was immediately aggrieved after being robbed.

He grabbed Qi Jinran’s leg and looked up at him with misty, black eyes.

“Give it back to me…”

Qi Jinran’s body froze.

It was obvious that he was hugging his unconscious prosthetic limb, so why did there seem to be a tingling sensation coming from the end of the leg

“Let go.” Qi Jinran’s face was cold.

“Don’t want to…”

Wen Yuan shook his head and hugged him harder.

His cheeks flushed and his black eyes were shining, as he rubbed against his trousers like a puppy.

“Do you want to die”

Qi Jinran looked at him through gritted teeth.

“You… why do you have such a bad temper…”

Wen Yuan leaned against his leg.

Because of the drug, his head was dizzy, and his words came out broken, “I’m so uncomfortable…can’t you… can’t you just let… let me—”

Before the word “me” was finished, his back collar was forcefully yanked by a strong force.

Before Wen Yuan could react, his body was already in the air.

Qi Jinran carried him by the waist and threw him directly on the big bed in the bedroom.

Although calling on the bed didn’t hurt, Wen Yuan’s already dizzy head became even more dizzy.

He tried hard to get up from the bed, but he couldn’t make much effort after kneeling for a long time.

He didn’t believe it, so he finally propped up his upper body, and just as he was about to sit up on his knees, he was pressed down.

Through the thin shirt fabric, Qi Jinran’s cold palm pressed against the back of his warm neck.

“Be honest.”

He heard the man’s low voice.

Then, the light in the bedroom suddenly went out, and he was flipped over, facing the direction of the window.

The scent of bitter orange and lemon suddenly hit him, a slender hand slowly moved down, wrapped around his lower abdomen, and…

Wen Yuan was shocked and his eyes widened suddenly.

The night sky suddenly distorted its shape in front of him.

He curled up like a shrimp on a hot pan.

He wanted to make a sound, but was muffled by a warm palm. Cheeks flushed, it was as though a thin whip was beating the fragile nerves on his back.

He was sweating all over.

His toes curled up, his throat was extremely dry, and his black eyes completely lost focus.

In an instant, a white light seemed to explode in the night sky, his body softened, and he was instantly thrown back to the ground from a high altitude.

Unprecedented sleepiness and exhaustion swept through him, and it didn’t take long before he closed his eyelashes and sank into a boundless sleep.


Early morning.

Wen Yuan was woken up by the alarm clock.

He remembered that he had a shift in the front office today, and without opening his eyes, he sat up and started getting dressed.

As soon as he put on his pants, he opened his sleepy eyes, and Wen Yuan’s whole body froze at the sight of something against the wall.

Qi Jinran’s cane… why is it here

In an instant, countless images flooded into Wen Yuan’s mind.

His face turned, red, white, and back to red again, and finally his entire face and neck flushed, and his whole body seemed to be on fire.

Last night, Qi Jinran actually did that to him… to him…

No, no, no, he must have been hallucinating or had a ridiculous dream.

Wen Yuan patted his face hard, trying to wake himself up.

After washing, he put on his coat and went out.

As soon as he walked to the corridor, he met Qi Jinran who came out of the room.

Both were stunned.

Qi Jinran was buttoning his shirt, his slender fingers were as white as jade, with distinct joints.

Wen Yuan’s eyes drifted to his fingers.

The images in his mind became clearer, and there were even accompanying sounds.


He really defiled this cold mountain flower!!!

Wen Yuan, you beast!

You are not human!!


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