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When Wen Yuan woke up, Qi Jinran was no longer on the bed.

He was not surprised.

Qi Jinran, a workaholic, would even go to the company to work overtime on weekends.

After washing up and going downstairs, he found Wen Chengmin and Ye Xia eating breakfast.

Seeing his son’s lazy appearance, Wen Chengmin put down the bun in his hand, and his tone was disgusted.

“Look at Jinran, he got up early in the morning and went to the company.

Then look at yourself, when did you wake up!”

“Xiao Yuan is on winter vacation, why are you nagging him” Ye Xia disagreed.

“What’s wrong with winter vacation He’s almost a senior, and still has this kind of attitude, why doesn’t he go out and—”

“Dad, I’ve found an internship.” Wen Yuan sat down at the dining table and drank some soy milk.

Wen Chengmin’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“What bakery is it now”

Wen Yuan shook his head.

“A top 500 foreign company. I’m reporting as a trainee the day after tomorrow.”

During the exam prep period, he and Ji Hong looked for internships.

They don’t have classes next semester anyway and are leisurely, so he simply found something to do.

“So soon.” Ye Xia’s eyes showed distress, and she suddenly took a fried egg and put it in his bowl.

“Hurry up and eat more, then go to the company to work hard.

Don’t be hungry and lose weight.”

Wen Chengmin’s expression improved a little, as he raised his chin and gestured at the gifts on the coffee table.

“This is tea is for your Grandpa Qi, remember to bring it back.”

“Yes, dad.”

“Learn more from Jinran, especially in managing a business.

If there is anything you don’t understand, ask him for more advice.

Dad is counting on you to take over the company in the future.”

Wen Yuan had no interest in managing the company at all, but he still made a perfunctory “en” in agreement.


Wen Yuan wore a set of rarely used formal clothes the day he reported to the company.

Qi Jinran watched him in a slim suit, walking down the spiral staircase, and drinking coffee.

“What’s the matter Is it strange”

Wen Yuan was not used to wearing formal clothes, so it looked awkward in the mirror.

Seeing Qi Jinran’s strange expression now, he was even less confident.

“Why don’t I just wear a casual jacket…” Wen Yuan turned around and wanted to go back to the room to change clothes.


Qi Jinran put down the mug and looked away from his face with some difficulty.

“On the first day of work, you should wear formal clothes.”

Wen Yuan nodded, straightened his neckline, and went downstairs with his backpack.

Taking two slices of bread from the dining table, he stuffed them into his mouth, and vaguely said, “Then I’ll go first, you eat slowly.”

The foreign company Wen Yuan is interning at BV, a company focusing on luxury goods, which owns hotels, jewelry, perfumes, clothing and other businesses.

BV’s management trainee program includes a one-year rotation period, so after induction and onboarding at the company’s headquarters, Wen Yuan went to the hotel lobby to officially start his rotation that afternoon.

Ji Hong was not as lucky as him, and was assigned to the housekeeping department, forced to do dirty and tiring work.

“Achoo! Those HR people are definitely assigning us based on face!” The two were eating in the lounge at noon, and Ji Hong angrily gnawed at the braised eggs in the bowl and complained.

“It’s okay, I’ll take the initiative to exchange places and join you in the housekeeping department in the second half of the month.” Wen Yuan comforted him.

Moved, Ji Hong slapped Wen Yuan’s shoulder.

He glanced at the ring hanging around Wen Yuan’s neck, suddenly remembered something, and said with a smile: “Speaking of which, when are you and Qi Jinran going to get married”

Wen Yuan blinked blankly.


“Aren’t you already engaged! Marriage shouldn’t be too far away”

Wen Yuan looked at Ji Hong’s expectant gaze and knew that he could no longer hide it.

Ji Hong was his best friend, and he couldn’t bear deceiving him like this all the time.

“Actually, my relationship with Qi Jinran is not what you think.

It’s a long story…”

After hearing the cause and effect, Ji Hong was stunned.

“So it’s an arranged marriage No wonder you guys are so fast! Damn, this isn’t something that only happens on TV.

Aren’t these modern times!”

“Right, how many years has it been since the Qing Dynasty ended.”

“Then you… How do you feel about Qi Jinran”

Wen Yuan was immediately overwhelmed by the question.

Of course he didn’t dislike Qi Jinran, but he couldn’t describe how he felt.

Sometimes he felt that the person was far away from him, and sometimes he felt that he was within reach.

In the end, he was an unpredictable man.

“What else can I feel, just like a roommate.”

“Tsk, I don’t believe you!” Ji Hong snorted coldly.

“Seeing such a face, are you sure you haven’t been moved”

Wen Yuan startled at the reminder.

Recalling the scene where he drank too much and kissed Qi Jinran forcefully in the car that night, he could still vividly imagine the touch of the man’s lip now.

“What are you thinking Your face is red.” Ji Hong teased him.

Wen Yuan smiled, closed the lid of the lunch box, and stood up.

“Anyway, I have no chance with him.

Don’t gossip.”


These days Wen Yuan got up earlier than Qi Jinran due to his internship in BV.

Sometimes when Qi Jinran came back at night, he was still busy at the hotel.

The end of the year is the peak occupancy period for the hotel, with various large companies holding their annual meetings.

BV is one of the most prestigious five-star hotels in Wancheng, with a crowd of guests every day.

Wen Yuan is responsible for receiving guests and coordinating various matters in the front hall.

Every day, his feet are too busy to rest and sometimes because of talking too much, his voice is hoarse by the end of the day.

That night, just as Wen Yuan dragged his tired body back to Shuixieju, he saw Qi Jinran sitting on the sofa.

The man seemed to be waiting for him there.

“You haven’t slept yet” Wen Yuan was a little surprised.

Qi Jinran was usually already asleep when he came back.

“I just had a video conference, so I didn’t sleep.”

In fact, business was long been over.

Qi Jinran even sat on the sofa to read an English book, but no words seemed to penetrate into his mind.

Seeing the dark circles under Wen Yuan’s eyes, his throat bobbed, and he asked, “Is interning tiring”

Is Qi Jinran… caring about him

Wen Yuan looked at him in surprise.

The man’s hand on the sofa clenched uncomfortably, his long eyelashes drooping.

“You coming back so late every day affects my rest.”

He obviously moved very lightly, but it can still affect Qi Jinran Wen Yuan felt guilty all of a sudden.

Qi Jinran was probably a light sleeper and could easily be woken up by a little noise

“Sorry, the hotel is too busy at this time, so I came back late.

If it really doesn’t work, why don’t I live in the school dormitory”

“No need.”

Qi Jinran said stubbornly: “I just want to remind you that there is no need to disadvantage your own body for the meager internship salary.”

Next day, in the hotel corridor.

“You say… what does he mean by those words”

Wen Yuan helped Ji Hong wipe the transparent glass on the wall.

“What else, isn’t he caring about you” Ji Hong is like a big brother who knows his own heart.

He suddenly thought of something and smiled.

“I have to say.

You’ve already broken up with Zhuo Yunqing, and now you have this type of super handsome guy every day.

You can just make the fake act real, and cook the raw rice.”

Wen Yuan hurriedly shook his head, looking terrified.

“I kissed him when I was drunk last time, and he almost strangled me.”

“So that was the mark on your neck that time.” Ji Hong was very disappointed.

“Otherwise” Wen Yuan rolled his eyes at him.

Ji Hong cleared his voice, ready to say something, when the manager’s voice came from not far away.

“Wen Yuan, come to the front hall to help.

There are black diamond guests.”

Black diamond is the highest level in BV’s VIP level, so BV’s black diamond members are often the extremely rich or dignitaries.

Used to seeing all kinds of guests these days, Wen Yuan didn’t have any stage fright, and followed the manager into the front hall.


Zhang, this is our new trainee.

He will help you later.” The manager introduced respectfully.

“Wen Yuan” The man in his thirties, wearing a suit, looked at the nameplate on his chest, and the corner of his mouth curled slightly.

“Hello Mr.

Zhang, you can just call me Xiao Wen.”

Wen Yuan didn’t notice the strange look in the man’s eyes, and led him inside.

As soon as he entered the VIP elevator, the man chuckled out loud.

“You don’t want to enter the entertainment industry, and are willing to come here to endure hardship.”

Wen Yuan was stunned, looking at the man with some doubts.

Zhang Jun took out the business card in his suit pocket and handed it to Wen Yuan, with a gentle smile on his elegant face.

“Introduce myself, I’m the CEO of China Star Entertainment.

Last month, our company’s agent called to sign you, but you ruthlessly rejected it.”

Wen Yuan had no idea that this black diamond guest had such a relationship with him.

He smiled awkwardly.

“Really, that’s really embarrassing.”

“I thought you had a better place, but I didn’t expect…” Zhang Jun shook his head in disappointment.

Wen Yuan doesn’t think the entertainment industry is good, nor does he feel tired here.

He has learned a lot these days.

But when facing a man he just met, he doesn’t need to explain.

Taking Zhang Jun into the presidential suite, he introduced the facilities and meal times.

As Wen Yuan was about to leave, he was stopped by Zhang Jun.

The man pulled ten 100 yuan1equivalent of dollar or euro in China bills from his wallet.

“Your tip.”

Wen Yuan was a little surprise as he received the money.

Other customers had tipped him before, but never with such a large amount.

He didn’t expect Zhang Jun to be so generous.

Of course, what surprised him even more was that people still carried so much cash on them these days.2More and more people use electronic payments such as WeChat or Alipay in China, particularly in urban areas

“Thank you, President Zhang.”

Wen Yuan smiled politely.

Looking at the handsome and slightly innocent face, Zhang Jun’s heart moved slightly, and his tone unconsciously softened.

“This meeting is fate.

Don’t call me President Zhang, it’s so unfamiliar, call me Brother Jun.”

“How’s that possible.

If the manager hears it, he will scold me again.”

Counting the banknotes in his hand, Wen Yuan kept one and put the rest on the table.

“I’ve already rejected your invitation to sign a contract, and am really embarrassed to accept such a tip.

I hope President Zhang will understand.”

Zhang Jun chuckled and looked at Wen Yuan deeply.

“I understand now why they want to sign you.”


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