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In the spacious and bright office, Zhou Yunqing stared at the screen of his mobile phone, which remained unresponsive, with a trace of sadness in his eyes.

The glass door was pushed open, and his new agent sat down opposite him, smiling and handing him some documents.

“This is the next series of projects tailored for you by the company.

Take a look.”

Zhou Yunqing glanced through without any fluctuations in his heart.

He still remembered how Qi Jinran coldly threatened him in the backstage lounge that night.

In the eyes of that contemptuous, arrogant man, he was treated like an ant.

He also remembered the sense of frustration and powerlessness in his chest when he heard his classmates from the School of Economics and Management say that Wen Yuan was engaged to him, and even wore a valuable ring on his hand.

When he broke up with Yang Mo, he didn’t feel any discomfort.

Instead, he felt relieved.

Yang Mo cried and smashed everything in the room, calling him a scumbag, and he endured it silently.

He had long noticed that when Yang Mo was with him, he was secretly chatting with other people online.

The only person he loved, and still loves now is Wen Yuan.

Even if he doesn’t belong to him now, he still has to find a way to get him back.

“Yunqing” Seeing that he didn’t speak for a while, the agent thought he saw something wrong.

“Any questions”

Zhou Yunqing retracted his thoughts and raised his head with a bright smile.

“No, I’m very satisfied with this plan.”


Wen Yuan received a call from home after completing his last course of the day.

Ye Xia’s tone was earnest, telling him to take Qi Jinran back to his “maternal home”1 for dinner on Saturday.

He was busying preparing for exams during this time, so he seldom returned to Shuixieju.

It was rare for him to contact Qi Jinran.

If it wasn’t for Ye Xia’s reminder, Wen Yuan would have almost forgotten that he still had a fiancé.

After leaving home for so long, Wen Yuan really wanted to go back and stay for one night, but taking Qi Jinran… Will the latter agree

He could still remember that when Qi Jinran met his parents for the first time, his attitude was not enthusiastic.

He probably thought that his own family was beyond them.

Returning to Shuixieju in the evening, Wen Yuan knocked on the study door nervously and informed Qi Jinran about Saturday.

To his surprise, Qi Jinran agreed.

Overjoyed, Wen Yuan turned around and wanted to go back to pack up, but was stopped by Qi Jinran.

“Where’s your ring”

Wen Yuan let out an “ah” sound, and then he came to his senses and pulled open the collar of his shirt.

“Sometimes it’s inconvenient for me to wear it when baking, so I found a necklace and hung it around my neck.

I didn’t lose it.”

Seeing those honey-colored collarbones, Qi Jinran looked away uncomfortably, made a light “en” sound.

The next day, Qi Jinran asked Zhuang Jie to buy a bunch of expensive gifts, which completely filled the trunk of the Bentley.

After getting out of the car, Wen Yuan found they couldn’t carry everything, so he called the nanny and driver at home for help.

They finally brought all the gifts in.

Ye Xia stood at the door, smiling.

“Oh, Jinran, we’re all one family.

Why are you being so polite!”

Immediately, Ye Xia’s eyes lit up, holding a gift bag and couldn’t put it down.

“Isn’t this a limited-edition bag from Hermes Oh my God! You can’t even buy this with money!”

Ye Xia was considered a member of the Wancheng ladies circle.

Although the Wen Family was constantly excluded and called ‘nouveau rich’, Ye Xia was calm and didn’t bother to compare her limited-edition bracelets and bags.

That didn’t mean she didn’t like these things though.

After all, no woman of any age can resist the temptation of shoes and bags.

“Dad, this is the set of purple sand tea set that you liked before.”

“Yo, you really bought it.

It’s too expensive! Jinran, thank you!” Wen Chengmin took the gift box that Wen Yuan handed over with his eyes narrowed in a smile.

It seems that his wife is right.

The Qi family is really pleased with their son, otherwise Jinran would not be so concerned about these two parents.

“No, no, it’s nothing difficult.”

Seeing the smiling Father Wen and Mother Wen pair, Qi Jinran also had a smile in his eyes.

He didn’t plan to buy so many things, but before he came, Qi Donghui called him.

The call changed his mind completely.

“Are you always thinking that Xiao Yuan’s parents are selfish and greedy for money, and can even sacrifice their son’s happiness for the family’s business”

“I’ll tell you the truth.

When your father was in high school, he went camping in the mountains with Xiao Yuan’s father and a few classmates during winter vacation.

He contracted acute appendicitis in the middle of the night.

Xiao Wen’s dad carried him all the way to the hospital in the town, so he managed to have surgery in time.”

“Remember, it’s not the Wen family who should be grateful, but our family who should be grateful to them.”

There was a lot of hustle and bustle in the Wen family’s villa filled with flowers and green plants everywhere.

Wen Chengmin happily opened the purple sand tea set to make tea, and then waved Qi Jinran over to taste his newly bought da hong pao.

“Drink what tea.

Eat some fruit first.

This golden kiwi is especially delicious.” Ye Xia didn’t want to be left behind, and placed the cut fruit plate on the coffee table.

Qi Jinran has not experienced this kind of warm home feeling for many years.

Something flashed in his eyes as he took the tea handed by Wen Chengmin, and said softly, “Thank you Uncle Wen.”

“No need to be so polite, treat this as your own home.”

Wen Yuan always felt that Qi Jinran’s attitude towards his parents was completely different.

He thought that Qi Jinran would only show some perfunctory, surface-level courtesies.

Unexpectedly, after dinner, he also played chess with Wen Chengmin while the two of them chatted about domestic affairs and economics.

“Yuanyuan, I told you to send me some photos of your New Year’s Day party performance for the family photo album.

Why haven’t you sent them yet”

Wen Yuan was eating some asian pears on the side, and when he heard this, his face twisted with some embarrassment.

He completely forgot about it, and didn’t save any photos on his phone.

Don’t know if Ji Hong has any…

“How about you go online and find them yourself My show is quite popular on Weibo.” Wen Yuan hummed.

“You, this kid, you know that I can’t use those Weibo things—”

“Auntie, I have photos.” Qi Jinran said.

Ye Xia’s eyes lit up and she looked at Qi Jinran.

“Jinran, you went to see Xiao Yuan’s performance Come, come, send me the photos quickly.”

“We’re playing chess, why are you making trouble again.” Wen Chengmin was not happy about the interruption.

“Jinran, don’t worry about him.

Come, let’s exchange WeChat accounts.”

Wen Yuan never thought that Qi Jinran would save photos of his performance.

He couldn’t help lean over next to Qi Jinran, and say curiously, “I’ll take a look too.”

“Zhuang Jie insisted on sending it to me.

Don’t be sentimental.” Qi Jinran said in a low voice.

Wen Yuan smiled: “I’ll say, and here I was wondering why you have such good photography skills.”

Qi Jinran: …

“Oh, it’s snowing.”

As Wen Yuan was looking at the photos, he suddenly heard Ye Xia’s exclamation.

He turned around and looked out the window to see tufts of catkin-shaped snowflakes falling down one by one in the inky night.

This is the first snow in Wancheng this year.

“Old Wen, stop playing chess.

Let’s go out to watch the snow.” Ye Xia greeted Wen Chengmin.

Qi Jinran’s legs and feet were inconvenient and Ye Xia was afraid that he would fall and get hurt again, so she didn’t ask him to go out.

Wen Yuan had already put on a woolen hat and walked into the yard.

After thinking of something, he turned back.

Qi Jinran was leaning on the terrace, and there was a little surprise at seeing him return.

“Not watching”

Wen Yuan smiled, and suddenly opened his palm, revealing a crystal clear snowflake that was melting in his palm.

“Let you see.”

“It’s not like I haven’t seen snow before, boring.”

Qi Jinran lowered his long eyelashes indifferently, but somewhere in his heart seemed to be touched.

Because it was snowing and the road was slippery, Ye Xia was afraid that it would not be safe to go back by car, so she strongly invited Qi Jinran to stay overnight.

Wen Yuan thought Qi Jinran would not agree, but unexpectedly the latter was silent for a few seconds before nodding.

In order to avoid Ye Xia and Wen Chengmin’s suspicion, Qi Jinran naturally slept in the same room with him.

Wen Yuan looked at the quilt on the bed and was very worried.

There was plenty of heating in the room, so the bed only had a moderately thick duvet, but no thick blanket.

This also means that he has to build a quilt with Qi Jinran.

Hearing the sound of water coming from the bathroom, Wen Yuan became even more nervous.

Although they were engaged, the two never shared a bed.

Qi Jinran’s words “the farther away you are from me, the better” still echoed in his ears.

Hearing the sound of the bathroom door clicking and twisting open, Wen Yuan quickly sat back on the sofa chair and took out a book to read.

Feeling for his cane, Qi Jinran tried his best to ignore Wen Yuan’s existence, and went to the bedside.

An awkward silence spread across the room.

Wen Yuan couldn’t absorb anything, so when he saw Qi Jinran getting into bed, he immediately stood up and quickly announced, “I’ll also go and take a bath.”

The water vapor in the bathroom was hazy, and the scent of the lavender shower gel he often used lingered.

Thinking of Qi Jinran standing here a moment ago, undressing… Wen Yuan’s cheeks immediately flushed.

He shook his head vigorously, shaking away the delusions that shouldn’t exist in his mind, and turned on the shower.

After washing, Wen Yuan found that Qi Jinran had fallen asleep.

Closing the bathroom door, he blew his hair dry before lightly entering the bedroom and turning off the lights.

Just as he was about to get into bed from the other side, he suddenly tripped over something hard under his feet.


After seeing what it was, Wen Yuan’s face froze.

At this moment, Qi Jinran had already sat up from the bed with a gloomy expression.

It was his prosthetic leg resting on the foot of the bed, which accidentally slipped to the ground.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

I didn’t mean to.”

Wen Yuan quickly picked up Qi Jinran’s prosthetic limb.

Looking at it carefully, he wiped it off with hi cuff, and carefully placed it in the corner.

Qi Jinran looked at Wen Yuan.

The boy’s face had some surprise, embarrassment, and hesitation, but he didn’t show any disgust or rejection.

“What are you apologizing to a prosthetic leg for” Qi Jinran leaned on the head of the bed and said expressionlessly.

“What, are you afraid it hurts”

Wen Yuan was embarrassed.

Qi Jinran’s words made sense, and he couldn’t refute it.

“But this…it’s yours after all…”

Wen Yuan wanted to say, “this is part of you after all.

I bumped into it, just like bumping into you, of course I should apologize.”

Qi Jinran sneered.

“Wait for you to hit my left leg and apologize.”


Wen Yuan watched Qi Jinran lay down again, then carefully got on the bed and fell asleep on the other side.

The quilt had a sun-kissed smell, and the softness of the pillow was what he was most familiar with.

Wen Yuan didn’t have time to think about shame or embarrassment as he yawned and quickly fell into a sweet sleep.

In the darkness, Qi Jinran opened his eyes.

He hadn’t slept with anyone for a long time, and he was still not used to listening to the sound of another person’s breathing.

Even at a distance, he could feel the heat radiating from Wen Yuan’s body, like a natural little heater.

Suddenly, Wen Yuan changed his position to sleep on his side, leaning towards him, with one leg resting on his.

Qi Jinran’s whole body froze, and anger appeared between his brows.

He turned on the lamp, wanting to lose his temper and tell Wen Yuan to stay away from him, but after seeing the boy’s sleeping face, he swallowed the words.

Wen Yuan slept soundly, his eyelashes blinked twice occasionally and mouth pouting slightly, as defenseless as a newborn baby.

No one could bear to wake up such a peaceful sleeping face.

Qi Jinran took a deep breath and slowly moved Wen Yuan’s leg away with his hands.

That night, Qi Jinran slept less than five hours.

When it was finally dawn, and he was about to get up, Wen Yuan probably felt the wind entering the quilt and rolled over, unconsciously hugging him and the quilt tightly.

Held in his arms, Qi Jinran’s expression became extremely bad.

Just as he was about to move, Wen Yuan’s face came closer, as if he could smell the familiar scent of lavender, and rubbed his neck affectionately.

Feeling the soft and warm touch across the side of his neck, Qi Jinran’s whole body shook, and he sat up quickly as if burned by flames.

Holding the cane, he struggled to get out of bed and limped into the bathroom.

Resting against the sink with one hand, Qi Jinran looked down at a certain part and his face turned extraordinarily pale.



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