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Wen Yuan: !!

Qi Jinran actually admitted their relationship in public

Ji Hong: !

What did he just hear! He must be hallucinating! Wasn’t Wen Yuan just with Qi Jinran for a bit, how did they become fiancés so quickly

When several girls heard Qi Jinran’s answer, their faces burst into smiles.

They looked at Wen Yuan and then at Qi Jinran.

“Senior Wen, is it true”

With a stiff neck, Wen Yuan made a light “en”.

“Oh my God, two handsome guys together, I’m so happy!!”

“Ahhhh! This must be a dream!”

The girls covered their faces, smiling all over, and returned to their seats in a trance.

Wen Yuan was a mess internally, but he couldn’t ask Qi Jinran in front of so many people, so he lowered his head and sent him a text message.

Wen Yuan: Is this…is this okay

Within two seconds, Qi Jinran replied: Open relationship, Zhou Yunqing should not pester you anymore.

It was because of this.

Wen Yuan was silent for a few seconds, then replied: Thank you.

“Wen Yuan, when did you and Mr.

Qi get engaged” Ji Hong couldn’t hold back, and eagerly asked why.

“Such a big thing, you didn’t even tell your brothers!”

“A few days ago… I’m sorry.” Wen Yuan smiled awkwardly.

“Fuck, this progress is too fast, faster than riding a rocket!”

“Then since you guys are engaged, have you exchanged any tokens of love” As a straight-minded person, Ji Hong will say whatever comes to his mind.

Seeing Wen Yuan’s face stiffened, the boss1 hurriedly stepped on Ji Hong’s feet under the table.

“The saury2 is going to be cold, hurry up and eat!”

Before Wen Yuan could speak, the man beside him spoke first.

“Almost forgot.”

Wen Yuan looked at him suspiciously.

Qi Jinran got up and walked to the side, and made a phone call.

Not long after, Zhuang Jie hurried over with a black box in his hand.

“Boss, here.”

Qi Jinran took the box and passed it to Wen Yuan, as casually as giving Wen Yuan a book.

“The ring I ordered just arrived today.

Try to see if it fits.”

The black velvet gift box popped open, revealing two brilliant silver rings.

Under Wen Yuan’s shocked gaze, he picked up the ring on the left, took out the disposable chopsticks in Wen Yuan’s hand, and put the ring on for him.

“Do you like it” His black eyes drooped slightly.

Wen Yuan looked at the ring on the ring finger of his left hand.

It fit perfectly, as if it was tailor-made for him.

Thinking of that day Qi Jinran suddenly took him to the mall and asked him to leave his handprint, Wen Yuan immediately understood everything.

It turned out that he was so conscientious and caring even when dealing with an arranged marriage partner.

“En, it’s beautiful.” Wen Yuan really liked the design of this ring, and the inlaid patterns on it were very unique.

“Wear it for now, and exchange for a better one when we get married.”

Qi Jinran put the matching ring on his finger.

Wen Yuan’s 3 dorm mates were dumbfounded.

The boss has a girlfriend from a media college, so he has some knowledge of various luxury brands.

When he saw the bronze English words, he knew the price was high, so he casually checked the price online.

Damn, more than a million for a ring worn casually

Is this still human!


Ji Hong also saw the price on the screen of the boss’s mobile phone.

The most important thing is that the ring on Wen Yuan’s hand is not the shop’s flagship model, which means that it is specially customized and the price will be higher!

Ji Hong couldn’t help but poked Wen Yuan’s arm and said enviously, “Your fiancé dotes on you too much!”

“I really hope a rich woman can dote on me like that in the future! Wuwuwuwu3.”

Wen Yuan’s ears turned red as he glanced at Qi Jinran, not knowing what to say.

Is this love scene too much

After the barbecue, the group parted ways at the south gate.

After getting into the car, Wen Yuan saw the bouquet of red roses Qi Jinran had given him earlier.

As for the rest of the bouquets sent by the audience, he asked Zhuang Jie to donate them to nearby community volunteers.

This bunch of roses… what should he do with them


Qi…” He glanced at the man sitting beside him.

Qi Jinran seemed a little sleepy.

He leaned on the seat with half-closed eyes, and made a soft “en” to acknowledge he was listening.

“Thank you for tonight’s matter.”

Qi Jinran’s black eyes opened.

A trace of something flashed in them, which quickly faded away.

“It’s nothing.

The prenuptial agreement is very clear, these are the obligations that I should perform as a fiancé.”

Fiancé… Wen Yuan chewed these three syllables in his heart, and then looked at the ring on his hand, only to feel that everything was as unreal as a dream.

Back at Shuixieju, Wen Yuan found a vase for the red roses, and placed it in the living room.

When Xue Rong saw it, she asked with a smile, “Is this a gift from the young master”

“It was Zhuang Jie’s own idea.

He insisted on buying it.”

Qi Jinran walked by wearing home clothes, with a slightly uncomfortable expression.

“That counts as the young master’s intentions.

These flowers are so beautiful.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had flowers at home.” Xue Rong wiped her hands on the apron with satisfaction.

Qi Jinran snorted coldly and went back to the bedroom.

Wen Yuan wanted to laugh a little.

Sure enough, the Qi Jinran he was familiar with came back.

Before going to sleep, Wen Yuan suddenly thought of something and went to the next door to knock on the door.

After a long time, Qi Jinran opened the door.

“What’s the matter”

He had just taken a shower and was wearing an inky blue coral fleece bathrobe.

His fair skin, which was a little reddish from the heat, protruded from his neckline.

Wen Yuan was stunned for a moment.

“That… the words Zhou Yunqing said today, don’t take it to heart.”

Qi Jinran suddenly became a little irritable.

“Why are you apologizing for him”

“No, he is indeed an idiot.

But you said Hengguang…”

Qi Jinran suddenly understood.

The corners of his mouth ticked up as he looked mockingly at Wen Yuan.

“Do you think I’m the type of person who uses power to put pressure on others”

Wen Yuan quickly shook his head.

“I don’t mean that.

I’m afraid that others will hear your words and slander you as a result, saying you are bullying people or something.”

Wen Yuan didn’t know how many rumors he had been infected with these days.

There were countless good and bad rumors, and he didn’t want to involve Qi Jinran.

“Who dares slander me”

Qi Jinran looked at him quietly, and suddenly said, “Are you worried about me”

His face was expression when he said those last words, but they sounded different in Wen Yuan’s ears… He froze, realizing that he seemed to have crossed the line a bit.

“No… I’m just… fulfilling a fiancé’s obligations.”

He returned what Qi Jinran had said.

“Sorry for disturbing you.

You rest first.

I’ll go and take a shower.” Wen Yuan quickly fled back to his room.

In the bathroom, Wen Yuan looked at the steam-drenched half-length mirror, a little dazed.

What happened to him Every time Qi Jinran treats him a little better, he forgets the man’s previous taunts and warnings, and can’t wait to repay him.

Does he have some kind of masochistic constitution

The more he thought about it, the more his head hurt.

Simply giving up on thinking, Wen Yuan let himself sink into the bathtub.

After taking a comfortable hot bath and having been tired all day, Wen Yuan fell asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow.

He was awakened by the ringing of the phone.

As soon as he picked it up, Ji Hong’s noisy voice came over.

“Wen Xiaoyuan, you’re on fire!”

Every time Ji Hong called him “Wen Xiaoyuan”, it was either to ask him to copy his homework, or something big happened.

“Hurry up and look at the hot search on Weibo!”

Wen Yuan has a Weibo account, but he has rarely posts and streams very little, and his account has only a few hundred fans.

This time, however, as soon as he logged in, the message notifications exploded.

After looking at the hot search, he realized that news of T University’s New Year’s Day party was shared out of the circle4 last night.

As the second best university in China, T University attracts wide attention every time there is any trouble.

In addition, the New Year’s Day party last night was broadcast online, and many netizens also entered the live broadcast room to watch the excitement.

When Wen Yuan appeared, the number of viewers in the live broadcast room soared to the highest ever.

[Ah ah ah little brother sings so well!]

[Fuck, this is Disney’s fugitive prince, right]

[Isn’t this the guitar guy who shared the stage with Zhou Yunqing last year It turns out that his solo is also so good!]

[Word, mom, so stable… Is he really singing]

Amid the voices doubting him of lip-synching, some students at the scene directly uploaded the high-definition lossless video clips recorded that day.

In the video, the ups and downs of his every breath was heard clearly; there was no doubt that he was really singing.

In less than a few hours, the video became popular, and the comment area became a carnival of face-cons and voice-cons.

[I’ve watched it over and over 10,000 times to the point of death!!]

[Get out of the way, I declare that this is my new wall!]

[My little brother’s eyes are too gentle and firm… I’m crying…]

Don’t know who dug up Wen Yuan’s Weibo account in the comment area, causing countless private messages and @’s to instantly flood his Weibo.

Seeing the sudden rise of 300,000 fans overnight, Wen Yuan sat on the bed, a little confused.

In fact, when he was on the same stage with Zhou Yunqing last year, he also cause some small discussions.

However Zhou Yunqing was the protagonist that time, he was just a foil, so no one discussed him.

Since then, Zhou Yunqing became a little arrogant and more critical of him.

“You’re too dark, it’s better to be white.”

“Can you wear some decent clothes T-shirt and jeans again!”

“Learning how to bake.

Do you want to be a cook in the future, and cook for others”

Wen Yuan found that he could recall these things calmly.

Perhaps it was because he invested more early on that let Zhou Yunqing be confident and have the impression that he would not leave him.

Fortunately, they’ve separated.

Wen Yuan looked at the sunlight pouring in from the window, and suddenly smiled.

It’s not worth wasting a second on the wrong person.


New Year’s Day has passed, and the busy exam week has come.

During this period of time, Wen Yuan’s phone number was almost blown up.

Since those videos became popular, many brokerage companies offered him an olive branch and wanted to sign him, but he rejected them one by one.

Wen Yuan knew very well that he had no talent acting, nor was he suitable for that big dye vat of an entertainment industry.

What surprised him was that one day he saw news on BBS that Zhou Yunqing had left Hengguang and signed a brokerage company.

Sitting across from him, Ji Hong was nibbling on roasted sweet potatoes, and said angrily: “This scum is still popular because of you.

Someone turned up the video of the two of you singing together last year, and the company behind him immediately hyped it up.

It’s **ing disgusting.”

Wen Yuan didn’t react.

He logged off and was about to review his professional class when a message appeared on his phone.

From an unfamiliar number:

I broke up with Yang Mo.

Wen Yuan looked at the text message, and after two seconds, pressed delete.

Zhou Yunqing’s affairs have nothing to do with him anymore.



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