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Wen Yuan’s eyes swept across the audience under the stage.

For a second, he thought he hallucinated and saw Qi Jinran.

That guy will show up here It’s impossible.

“Wen Yuan, it’s time to step down.”

A staff member behind him reminded him.

Wen Yuan quickly reacted, and bowed once more.

Then, he stepped off stage with a bouquet of flowers amidst the screaming.

By the time they took the final group photo, Wen Yuan’s face was stiff from smiling.

He greeted everyone in the band one by one, and went back to the lounge to remove his makeup.

The performers had already left, and there was no one in the lounge.

Wen Yuan went to the bathroom to wash his face, and took the gold powder and sequins off his head.

When he looked up, he found a figure behind him.

In the half-length mirror, Zhou Yunqing in a white suit looked at him quietly.

Wen Yuan’s appearance on the stage just now reminded Zhou Yunqing of many things from the past.

This time last year, Wen Yuan was willing to be his foil, standing in the corner with his guitar in his arms, while he played in the center of the stage.

Occasionally, he would look at him with a smile.

Those eyes were filled with unspeakable love.

But he ruined it all using his own hands.

Even after the boy he loved left him, he was still dazzling.

Even more than before.

He watched him as a member of the audience, unable to look away.

“Is something wrong”

Wen Yuan stared at him impatiently.

“Wen Yuan, I—”

Zhou Yunqing was about to say something when a voice interrupted him.

“Xiao Yuan, why are you here”

Seeing the person coming, Wen Yuan’s eyes showed surprise.

Why did Qi Jinran come Did he make a special trip to see him perform

Just when Wen Yuan felt that he was daydreaming, the tall and handsome man took a step closer and held his hand.

“Wearing so little, aren’t you cold”

Zhou Yunqing’s face turned pale.

After seeing Qi Jin in the cafeteria that time, he never appeared in T University again.

He always thought that Qi Jinran didn’t care about Wen Yuan, and didn’t expect him to appear here again today.

“I’m okay… why are you…”

Wen Yuan was led by the hand out by Qi Jinran.

In the corridor, Zhuang Jie held a large bouquet of red roses and handed it to Qi Jinran with a smile.

Qi Jinran smoothly handed it to Wen Yuan.

Wen Yuan held the large bouquet of roses in one hand, blinking, and looked at Qi Jinran gratefully.

Brother, you’ve really done too much for this play!1

Qi Jinran regarded Zhou Yunqing as air the entire time as he led Wen Yuan into the lounge and watched him pack up.

There were also several performers in the lounge who were removing their makeup.

Seeing them enter, they revealed expressions of surprise and envy.

Being completely ignored for the first time in his life, Zhou Yunqing walked up to Qi Jinran angrily.

Qi Jinran may seem better than him everywhere, but he is disabled and lacks a leg.

If he hadn’t asked Yang Mo, he wouldn’t have know about it.

With a mocking gaze, he glanced at Qi Jinran’s right leg, which looked no different from ordinary people.

Zhou Yunqing said with a smile, “It’s so cold.

Coming all this way, are your legs and feet still okay, Mr.


Qi Jinran’s black eyes sank at the question.

But before he could respond, Wen Yuan burst in front of him like a small cannonball, glaring aggressively at Zhou Yunqing.

“Zhou Yunqing, keep your mouth shut if you can’t speak!”

Zhuo Yunqing’s heart was sour and bitter seeing Wen Yuan hotly defend Qi Jinran.

“I’m just caring for Mr.


There’s no need to be so excited.”

“He doesn’t need your care.

You should take care of yourself instead!”

Wen Yuan was extremely angry when he heard Zhou Yunqing mocking Qi Jinran.

Those words were more hurtful than if someone mocked him.

The rest of the people in the lounge did not dare to speak , and silently continued doing their own thing.

Zhuang Jie looked at his boss with some worry.

Not saying anything after being mocked like this – did the boss’s temper get better No, the boss definitely hasn’t attacked yet!

“Hengguang Capital.”

Suddenly, Qi Jinran spit out these four words.2

Zhou Yunqing was taken aback.

“I heard that you were intern there” The man looked at him with cold black eyes.

“It’s such a coincidence that I happen to know Hengguang’s CEO.”

Stared at by the man’s oppressive gaze, a thin layer of sweat appeared on Zhuo Yunqing’s forehead.

How did he know that he was in Hengguang…

Just when Zhou Yunqing was embarrassed and didn’t know how to end, a loud noise suddenly sounded outside the lounge.

“Wen Yuan, you were so handsome just now!”

Several of Wen Yuan’s roommates rushed in.

The first to bear the brunt was Ji Hong, who was holding a bouquet of gypsophila flowers.

“Ah, is Mr.

Qi here” Ji Hong was very surprised when he saw Qi Jinran.

The boss of their room is calm and has a good eye.

He immediately noticed that the atmosphere was wrong, and quickly pulled Ji Hong’s sleeve.

When Ji Hong saw Zhou Yunqing behind them, his face sank, and he rolled his eyes.

Wen Yuan took Ji Hong’s bouquet with a smile and exchanged a few words.

Zhou Yunqing wanted to provoke Qi Jinran, but he was slapped in the face and left unwillingly.

“Are you hungry Let’s go for barbecue.” Ji Hong put his arms around Wen Yuan’s shoulder.

He was about to pat Wen Yuan’s back a few times when he noticed a gaze fall on his hand.

Seeing Qi Jinran look at him, Ji Hong was nervous and quickly took his hand away.

Wen Yuan was really hungry.

In the afternoon, he only had a sandwich to satisfy his hunger.

Later, he put on his makeup and never ate anything again.

Now he was so hungry that his chest was sticking to his back.

But Qi Jinran was still here, and he seemed to have to talk to him.

“Jinran, why don’t you—”

“How about Mr.

Qi join us for barbecue It’s so late, you must be hungry too.” Ji Hong sincerely asked.

Before Qi Jinran could reply, Wen Yuan’s expression changed.

Who’s kidding with who Will Qi Jinran, a high-level boss with a habit of cleanliness, sit and eat barbecue with them It’s absolutely impossible! He was about to refuse for Qi Jinran when heard the man speak softly.


Wen Yuan: …

Half an hour later, in a food stall near the south gate.

Wen Yuan finished eating his ninth garlic oyster.

Licking the sauce at the corner of his mouth, he looked at the man beside him.

“This one is very fresh and clean, and it’s not spicy.

Would you like to try it” Wen Yuan knew that Qi Jinran was just sick and couldn’t eat greasy food.

He specially asked the boss to make some lighter tasting fare for him.

Qi Jinran looked at the oysters on the plate with a hesitant expression.

Opposite of them, Ji Hong and their remaining roommates exchanged some puzzled glances.

Although they already knew that Wen Yuan and Qi Jinran were in a relationship, why did the aura between the two always feel weird.

It wasn’t as close as they imagined

Wen Yuan felt a lot of pressure from the stares of his three “old dad” roommates.

Recalling Qi Jinran’s act of giving him roses, he felt things were a bit unfair as he hadn’t done anything to repay him.

“Let’s complete the act fully.” Wen Yuan approached Qi Jinran and whispered.

“Why don’t I feed you”

The boy’s warm breath sprayed on his ear, and the small piece of fair skin behind Qi Jinran’s ear quickly became hot.

He clenched the chopsticks in his hand and said nothing.

Wen Yuan thought he had acquiesced, so he used a spoon to help him pick out the oyster meat from the plate and handed it to his mouth.

“It’s delicious, try it.”

Wen Yuan narrowed his black eyes and looked at him with a smile.

The muscles on Qi Jinran’s face twitched twice.

Finally, he opened his mouth and ate the piece of oyster meat.

When Ji Hong saw this scene, the enoki mushroom soup in his mouth almost spilled out.

This guy! He didn’t think these two were very close just now, but after he turns his head back, he was stuffed with a show of affection!

He was the one to invite Qi Jinran, and the result He deserves to be abused as a single dog.

Wen Yuan looked at Qi Jinran’s expression of wanting to explode but had to forcefully endure, and was unexpectedly relieved.

He dug out another spoonful of oyster meat and wanted to feed it to Qi Jinran, but the latter grabbed his wrist under the table.

The man stared at him with a hint of sternness in his black eyes.

Wen Yuan didn’t dare to tickle the tiger’s whiskers anymore, and turned the spoon and put it in his own mouth.

“Hey, I’m just teasing.”

Their group of 5 were having a good time when they heard some chattering behind them.

“Is that Wen Yuan”

“My God, he’s so handsome!”

“Damn, can I get him to sign”

The diners here are basically all T University students.

Several girls recognized Wen Yuan as the little brother3 who played and sang the finale on the stage before, and excitedly came over witionh some hesitation.

“Senior Wen Yuan, you were so handsome just now! Your guitar and singing are very good!”

“Just like an idol!”

“My legs were soft hearing you sing!”

This was the first time Wen Yuan faced such exaggerated treatment.

He didn’t know how to react, and blushed.

“Thank you.”

“Senior, can you give us an autograph You are the most handsome!”

“Yeah, senior, you are so handsome.” Ji Hong squeezed his throat on purpose, and imitated a feminine pitch.

Shooting a glare over, Wen Yuan took the notebooks handed over by the girls, and signed his name one by one.

“Senior, who is next to you”

A girl noticed Qi Jinran beside him, and the lights in her eyes brightened.

Senior Wen is already handsome enough, but the man next to him was even more amazing.

He’s like a male model who came out of a fashion magazine!

Wen Yuan’s face was embarrassed.

He was hesitating how to introduce him when a smile flashed across Qi Jinran’s black eyes.

“I’m his fiancé.”

The man said in a low voice.

The coke in Ji Hong’s mouth sprayed directly onto the dormitory head’s4 face.




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