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With a little more time at hand, Mu Wan Qing ran to the small kitchen and searched.

“It’s time.” The imperial guard next to her said.

Mu Wan Qing closed the small box and finally let out a long breath.

While holding a bunch of things in his arms, Mu Ziang ran out of the east wing. 

“Sister, I got this.”

He was just a tool person, he would do what his sister says.

Anyway, he didn’t like to think much.

Mu Wan Qing snatched the men’s jackets from his hands and without saying a word, she put them on herself one by one right in front of the official.

She was the youngest and had not grown up yet.

So, Mu Ziang’s clothes were very loose on her body.

She even put on the men’s boots on her feet, and after a while, her body bulged like a fat bun.

Looking at the scene, the imperial guard was stunned and amazed.

When they returned to the hall, everyone looked over and was instantly stunned.

“Ziang, Qing’er, you both…” 

The second master Mu looked at his pair of son and daughter who had changed so much that he almost didn’t dare to recognize them. 

What’s the situation

At that time, Wu Dong Ming coldly said, “Only one piece of clothing is allowed per person.”

Not only was Mu Wan Qing not afraid, but she also took a few steps closer to the head guard, “Sir, I wore more because I am afraid of the cold.

And it’s not against the law to wear more clothes, right”

One, two, three, four, she had worn four coats on her body.

Well, Mu Ziang had also worn four coats and was tightly wrapped in sweat.

He just did what his sister ordered.

As for the reason, he didn’t know.

His sister’s tone was too strong, and he had no resistance at all.

The second brother’s boots were a bit big, so she stuffed two more handkerchiefs in them.

“Bring the box here.”

Hearing the command, Mu Wan Qing slightly hooked her lips, this was acquiescence.

She generously handed over the box, “Please.”

When Wu Dong Ming rummaged through the contents, the first thing he saw was three marriage contracts, “You didn’t forget to bring out the marriage contract at this time, do you want to ask them for help”

Although the second room of the Mu family was not taken seriously, they were still a part of the Mu family. 

Mu Wan Qing’s marriage contract was with the concubine son of a fifth-rank official, who was considered a good match.

Of course, it couldn’t be compared with the marriage contract with the first-class family that Mu Jin Yao had.

The Mu family had many complicated relationships.

And when something like this happened, they could only count on their relatives and friends.

The eldest master Mu and his wife subconsciously looked at their most proud daughter, Mu Jin Yao. 

Mu Jin Yao’s future husband’s family was a first-class family in the capital, it was also the family of the noble concubine. 

So as long as the noble concubine said a few good words to the emperor, the emperor would definitely change his mind.

Thinking of this, the couple instantly became excited and felt hopeful.

Mu Wan Qing wasn’t optimistic, she couldn’t change the overall situation, so she could only follow the trend.

Find out the most beneficial plan for herself, and fight for it.

And by the way, also test the attitude of the other party.

This was what her grandfather taught her.

“Since ancient times, there have been many people to put the icing on the cake, but a few people have given charcoal in the cold winter, but what if”

Wu Dong Ming didn’t comment.

In the box there were a handful of embroidery needles, a few silk threads, and a few pouches of unknown substances, frowning slightly, Wu Dong Ming asked, “What is this”

Mu Wan Qing immediately explained, “These are the spices used for cooking, this is salt, sugar, cinnamon, and pepper…”

The lack of seasoning spices in the small kitchen made her very dissatisfied.

But in retrospect, there weren’t many seasoning items in this dynasty!

The only cooking methods used here were steaming, boiling, stewing, and roasting.

The cooking hadn’t evolved here yet.

What was the use of this in exile

Wu Dong Ming continued to search and asked, “How did you think of bringing medicine”

“People will always get sick when they eat unrefined whole grains.

And it will help in the injury” 

Mu Wan Qing’s tone was calm, and she pointed to her forehead which had been treated with emergency medicine.

During the house search, Wu Dong Ming had seen countless people, people of all kinds, but she was the only girl who made him look directly.

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“But this is a raid.” Not moving out at will!

Did she know what a raid was Was she a girl with little knowledge or a person with big courage


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