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“Hello, mother.”


As her stepmother, Shuella, glanced at Leilia’s outfit, a smile mixed with a sneer crept across her eyes.


“It seems like you know your place.

You’re well dressed.”


She seemed to be quite pleased with her outfit.


“Isn’t that an outfit that suits you, who’s never even gotten married”


…It also meant to know her place and not to wear conspicuous clothes.


Leilia did not say anything, went to a corner seat, and sat down.

She was just going to listen to what her mother had to say and leave after eating the meal.


“Sister, it’s been a while!”


The next moment, a girl approached Leilia and spoke to her.

She had a bright voice that did not suit the solemn atmosphere.


Looking at the girl, she smiled involuntarily.


The girl who smiled sincerely towards her was her younger sister, Alesha.

Turning sixteen-year-old this year, she had fluttering honey-like colored hair and blue eyes just like Shuella.

In addition, she also had a smile that seemed to make anyone happy.

Leilia could possibly say that she was the only family member to her.


“Yes, it’s been a while.”


In her childhood, she often wondered if her father would have liked her if she had been born so beautiful, but now, she knew that it was useless. Even if she were beautiful, her father would not have given her love.

Even though it was difficult for Leilia to admit it when she was young, she is fine now.


“Alesha, I heard you’re getting married”


At her words, Alesha blushed.


“…I’ve met the Duke of Hosel.”


Although sixteen was a young age, it was not too late considering that the noble maidens were married at least at the age of twenty.

Leilia smiled bitterly as she recalled that she was twenty-two years old.

If they were going to treat her poorly, they should just find her a suitable marriage partner and get her married.

That way, she could get out of the house.


However, her father did not do that.


It was because if she got married, he would have to return the property that her mother had left for her, which he now owned, back to her.

The things that her mother left behind—they were originally Leilia’s, and she was supposed to inherit them when she came of age.


Thinking of her mother, something swelled in her chest.


“Leilia, it’s noisy.

How dare you talk to your sister”


“I’m sorry.”


“Mother, I was the first to say hello!”


Saying so, Alesha acted cute to appease Shuella’s heart with her quick wit.

Normally, she would fall for her cuteness, but today was different.

She did not look very happy.


‘Well, she’s been like this for a long time.’


It was because she had been annoyed since earlier.

Since she made a reservation for a necklace, Leilia stole it by intercepting the reservation and paid a higher price.

Because of that, Shuella has been taking her anger out here and there.


‘It’s a necklace that isn’t very expensive.’


Of course, it was expensive in this house.


Leilia began to eat her food a little faster.

It was because before her father came, she wanted to finish her meal.

Seeing that, Shuella glared at her.


“You’re really being rude.”


“Mother, what are you saying!”


“Don’t even think about meddling.”


…But today, it was worse.


‘This is annoying.’


‘What should I intercept next’


Leilia, who was pondering that, fell into her thoughts.

While Shuella may never know, Leilia was confident that she would not let her obtain any jewelry she wanted.

While thinking so, the door opened and a man appeared.


“You’re late!”


The man laughed at Alesha’s cry.

A handsome man with golden hair down to his shoulders and blue eyes, he was Leilia’s father, Cowell Eloisa.


“You woke up late, didn’t you”


“Can you tell”


“Well, you didn’t dry your hair.”


Cowell soothed Alesha by stroking her head tenderly before kissing his wife, Shuella, on the cheek.


“Did you sleep well”


“Of course.”


“Is Alesha enjoying your breakfast, too”


“Father, you’re late.”


“I’m sorry.”


“As a penalty, no drinking for a week!”


“Please, cut me some slack.”


They spoke affectionately to each other—except for Raylia, they were a very close family.


‘…I’m the only stranger.’


Even though she always hated feeling this way, she had no intention of ever begging them for affection.


“Leilia’s here, too.”


“Yes, father.”


“How rude she was, she was noisy the whole time we ate.”


The next moment, Cowell frowned at Shuella’s words before opening his mouth to his daughter, “Leilia, you’re still tasteless.

This is why you can’t get married.”


Meanwhile, Alesha started to eat while glancing at them.


“I’ll be careful next time.”


At Leilia’s words, he shook his head and sat next to Shuella.


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