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After finishing her meeting with Cassel, Leilia returned to Natale’s restaurant in a carriage.

As she flopped down to her chair as soon as she entered the room, her body trembled a little as if she had finally relaxed.


Natale, who was looking at her, smiled and sat in the seat opposite.


“Cassel is a kind and decent young man.

Why don’t you go out with him”


“He has someone he loves, you know… But, do you still not know who he likes”


Natale shook his head at Leilia’s question.



I tried to ask him secretly last time, but he never told me.

He only said it was someone he couldn’t get close to, like before.”


‘…I’m a little sad thinking about it.’


“Maybe, I could help if I knew who it was.”


At Leilia’s words, Natale raised one corner of his lips.


“You want him to marry another woman”


“That’s right.

He’s someone I care about.

It’s good when the person I sponsor does well.”


At that, he asked again curiously.


“Then, how are you going to help”


“I’ll make him rich with money and give him an expensive wedding venue.”


“That’s your idea”


“Well, all I have is money.”


Natale shook his head at her remark before opening his mouth again.


“Why only money You’re lovely in your own right.”


Leilia laughed at Natale’s words.

Her uncle was telling her what even her father had never said to her.

Even though she did not really have a father, at least she had an uncle who was like a father.

She repeated his words back.


“…I’m a lovely person”


“That’s right.”


“Everyone says that, except for my parents.”


“Well, there aren’t always good parents.”


Hearing his words made Leilia feel a little better.


“Anyway, Cassel will soon be famous.

His swordsmanship skills are the best, and he also graduated from the academy with the highest marks.

Just like you.”


“Even after graduating, I only stay at home.”


Natale swiftly waved his hand as she finished her words.


“Oh, my.

You’re the richest person in the Empire.”


“Whatever it is… Regardless, Cassel will be different from me.

I’ll support him to do well.

He’s an intelligent person.”


‘…And, he’ll be fine with the woman he loves.’


At the thought, she could feel the bitterness suddenly overcome her.


“It seems like it’s time for Lucis to arrive soon.”


It was time for her to get out of her thoughts and get to work.

As Natale left without a word, Leilia gathered the paper.

While she was immersed in her work, Lucis, the director of the merchants association, came in.

Leilia frowned as if she was not happy with his appearance.


“It’s not time for the appointment yet.”


“Why don’t you look over this and finish it quickly”


“It’s because it won’t finish quickly.”


Having nothing to say, Lucis placed the documents on the table.


“This is the document you’re going to be reviewing today.”


The next moment, Leilia rummaged through the papers and quickly skimmed through what Lucis had organized.


“Well done.”


“By the way, did you meet Cassel”


“It seems that Lucis knew it, too.”


“Young Lady Leilia’s identity has been discovered, so I needed to know.”


At his question, Leilia put the papers down and nodded her head as she answered.


“Yes, I’ve met him.”


“What did he ask for”


“He didn’t want anything.”


At her words, he frowned for a moment.


“Is that true”


“I’m sponsoring him, so he just wanted to show his good side to me.

He came because he wanted to report to me.”


After she finished, Lucis stared at Leilia for a moment.


“I’m glad to hear that.”


“Oh, and I’m also going to the academy graduation ceremony.

So, I’ll be participating in the events I planned before.”


Immediately, the corners of Lucis’ eyebrows rose.


“You mean, in person”


“It can’t be helped.

I have to do this so that my father doesn’t know who I am.

How far did you prepare”


“Here it is.”


He then showed the materials related to the prepared event.


Leilia turned over the papers.


The purpose of this planned event was to introduce and promote this year’s new products—women’s and men’s luxury items—while making it easy for the academy’s seniors to attend the academy graduation ceremony.

There were a lot of new products for women.

Accessories, dresses, and hair designers were also included.


“I like the size.”


Since they were already doing it, it would be better to prepare it grand and thoroughly.


“It was based on a promotional brochure that the Young Lady had previously had for female aristocrats.”


“I thought so.”


Leilia nodded her head as if she liked the idea.


“For your information, I’ll be in charge of the event that brings senior graduates to the academy.”


At that, Lucis’ eyes twinkled and he asked.


“Is this a meeting with the person who’ll become Young Lady Leilia’s future lover”


“No, it’s not.”


‘He already has a girl he loves…!’


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