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When the call went through, Liu Xiner explained the situation.

When the Liu familys head heard this, he cursed angrily, “Idiot, you spent so much money on a worthless jade pendant!”

“Do you think this will please the Zhang family What an idiot!”


Although the Liu familys head scolded Liu Xiner angrily,

after cursing, he still asked someone to transfer the money.

After Liu Xiner received the money, she returned to her previous seat, as if nothing had happened.

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Just now, everyone looked at Jian Xinger as if she was an idiot.

Now, they were looking at Liu Xiner with such a gaze.

Those who could participate were all smart people. They all knew that even if they wanted to curry favor with the Zhang family, there was a limit.

Currying favor with the Zhang family wasnt just about spending money.

The auction was still in full swing.

The starting price of many of the following items was very low, and the items were very ordinary, so no one wanted to bid a high price.

Jian Xinger knew that there were treasures here, so she bid for five to six of them.

These items looked very ordinary, but they were relatively valuable.

Jian Xinger had only used a total of three million yuan to bid for all of them.

These things could be sold for at least a few hundred million yuan.

After the banquet ended, everyone left.

Jian Xinger also wanted to leave.

As soon as they reached the entrance of the auction house, Liu Xiner stopped Jian Xinger.

Liu Xiner looked at Jian Xinger angrily as she said through gritted teeth, “Jian Xinger, are you f*cking tired of living How dare you scheme against me!”

Liu Xiner had spent so much money to buy a piece of shabby jade. She was enraged and deliberately waited here to cause trouble for Jian Xinger.

At the same time, she could regain her dignity in front of Hou Junlai.

Jian Xinger sneered and said, “How ridiculous! Since you know that its worthless, why did you bid on it so obsessively You wanted to scheme against me, but ended up setting yourself up. Now, you want to blame me The daughter of the Liu family is really shameless!”

As soon as Jian Xinger finished speaking, the surrounding people burst into laughter.

Liu Xiners expression darkened.

This matter was a great humiliation to Liu Xiner.

At this moment, Zhang Jun walked out of the venue and looked at everyone. Finally, he saw Liu Xiner.

Liu Xiner thought that Zhang Jun had specifically come to look for her and was very excited.

Liu Xiner immediately went forward and said respectfully, “Young Master Zhang, Ive always admired you. If you dont mind, Ill order a table of food and wine to welcome you.”

Zhang Jun looked at Liu Xiner sharply as he said coldly, “Theres no need for a welcome party!”

“Miss Jian took a fancy to that jade pendant. Ive decided to give it to Miss Jian. Do you have any objections”

Liu Xiner was stunned!

The onlookers were also stunned!

Without waiting for Liu Xiner to speak, Zhang Jun handed the jade pendant to Jian Xinger.

Jian Xinger accepted it.

When Liu Xiner came back to her senses, she was furious.

However, Liu Xiner had no choice. If she didnt agree, she would be going against the Zhang family.

Liu Xiner didnt dare to object.

Liu Xiner had really suffered a double loss this time.

After she had paid 20 million yuan, the jade pendant had been taken away!

Liu Xiner was furious, but she couldnt understand why the Zhang family wanted to help Jian Xinger and why Zhang Jun was so polite to her!

Zhang Jun was the young master of the Zhang family and the future head of the family!

But Jian Xinger was a nobody!

Not understanding why this was happening, the onlookers were also a little stunned.

Hou Junlai, who wasnt far away, frowned and couldnt help but think, was this still the Jian Xinger he knew

Whether it was the Li family or the Zhang family, they were all so respectful to Jian Xinger.

If he had not seen it with his own eyes, Hou Junlai wouldnt have believed what he was seeing.

Jian Xinger said, “Thank you! Ill leave now!”

With that, Jian Xinger was about to leave with Shangguan Ding.

Zhang Jun immediately called the driver over and asked him to drive Jian Xinger away.

Jian Xinger didnt stand on ceremony and got into the car to leave.

Only the shocked crowd was left.

After Zhang Jun left, Liu Xiners expression darkened as she sneered. “Jian Xinger is a b*tch who seduces men for a living. There must be a misunderstanding!”


Liu Xiner didnt believe that all of this was true, so she thought of an excuse to explain all of this.

Everyone agreed. How capable could a woman who had been thrown out by the Hou family be

Hou Junlai was very disappointed.

After saying goodbye to Liu Xiner, he left with Hou Xiaoyu.

After Jian Xinger returned to the villa, she placed the things she had bought on the table in the living room.

These things were useless now, but they would be very useful in the future!



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