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The Room Was Robbed

Jian Xinger bought many monitors, alarms, and heat sensors.

These things were very useful.

As long as an assassin entered the villa, Jian Xinger would be able to discover him immediately.

As long as they dared to come, Jian Xinger would definitely kill these killers.

By the time Jian Xinger finished installing all the equipment, the sky had already turned dark. Jian Xinger wanted to return to her room to rest for a while.

However, as soon as she opened the door, she saw Shangguan Ding lying on her bed while reading a book leisurely.

Jian Xinger said, “This is my bedroom.”

“Other than this bedroom, you can choose any other room!”

Shangguan Ding revealed a smile as he said playfully, “This bedroom is the most comfortable room in the entire house. This will be mine in the future, so you cant come in. Of course, if you want to share a bed with me, I dont mind…”

Jian Xingers expression darkened. How could this man be so shameless

Shangguan Ding didnt treat himself as an outsider at all. He even snatched Jian Xingers bedroom as soon as he entered!

Shangguan Ding treated this place as his own villa.

Jian Xinger had no choice but to endure it in order to find that organization.

After Jian Xinger took a deep breath, she turned to leave.

Shangguan Ding said, “Go out and close the door.”

Jian Xinger ignored him and went straight to the guest room on the first floor.

They didnt speak again for the entire night!

The next morning, Jian Xinger was woken up by a sound.

When she came out of the room, she saw a large group of servants cleaning all the places in the villa.

The originally deserted villa instantly became lively.

Shangguan Ding sat on the sofa lazily while drinking fruit juice and reading a book.

At the sight of this, Jian Xinger was furious.

Did Shangguan Ding really treat this place as his own

When Shangguan Ding saw Jian Xinger come out, he immediately said, “Youre a girl, so how can your life be so boring Theres not a single servant in such a big villa. Even the garden has turned into weeds. Not only did I find these servants, but I also found a gardener to manage the garden. Isnt life much better now Doesnt it feel more like home now”

Before Jian Xinger could speak, Shangguan Ding said smugly, “You dont have to thank me.”

Jian Xinger said nothing.

Shangguan Ding could do whatever he wanted, but Jian Xinger wasnt in the mood to follow along.

After she found out where the organizations base was, she would chase Shangguan Ding away.

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Seeing that Jian Xinger was silent, Shangguan Ding also quietened down.

For the next few days, Jian Xinger stayed in the villa and waited for the assassin to come.

However, to Jian Xingers disappointment, there was no sign of anyone in the past two days.

But Jian Xinger didnt give up.

Jian Xinger knew that the assassins from this organization would definitely come. She just had to wait.

On the third day, the charity banquet organized by the Zhang family began.

Jian Xinger wanted to go.

When Jian Xinger told Shangguan Ding that she was going to the charity banquet, Shangguan Ding agreed to go with her and even tidied up.

Everyone in the Demon Province knew that the Zhang family was holding a charity banquet.

Many families who wanted to take this opportunity to curry favor with the Zhang family came to Sea City.

Sea City suddenly became a hot spot in the Demon Province.

Shangguan Ding looked at Jian Xinger in surprise and said, “You actually dont have a car even though you live in such a villa Im starting to suspect that youre not the owner of this place.”

Jian Xinger said directly, “Im willing to take the bus!”

With that, she walked towards the bus stop outside the neighborhood.

Shangguan Ding could only follow Jian Xinger obediently.

Jian Xinger actually had a car previously. Hou Junlai had given it to her on her birthday last year.

After the divorce, Jian Xinger didnt want anything that was from Hou Junlai.

After getting on the bus, Jian Xinger saw that there was only one seat left.

Jian Xinger sat down without hesitation.

Shangguan Ding looked at Jian Xinger as he said unhappily, “Youre sitting all by yourself Youre my bodyguard now. Youre in charge of protecting me!”

Jian Xinger pretended not to hear him.

The bus went straight to the charity banquet. When they alighted, they arrived at Sea City Hotel.

Shangguan Ding was wearing a light blue suit. He was handsome and exuded the aura of a noble young master.

As soon as they got off the bus, Shangguan Ding attracted countless gazes.

Shangguan Ding was already used to it, so when facing everyones gazes, he was very calm.

Soon, Shangguan Ding became the center of attention.


Jian Xinger was ordinary, in contrast to Shangguan Ding.

As the two of them walked side by side, everyone looked at Jian Xinger jealously.

A chubby rich girl couldnt help but scold, “What era is this How can such a hunk date a plain Jane!”

The other rich girls echoed this sentiment.

They didnt know that Jian Xinger and Shangguan Ding had no relations at all. They were just strangers that had met by chance.



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