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Longevity Jade

Mrs. Li echoed respectfully.

The Li familys head knew that Jian Xinger liked peace and quiet, so he chased most of the people in the villa away and only left behind enough servants to serve Jian Xinger.

Doctor Lu and the medical team stayed behind to help Jian Xinger.

In the blink of an eye, seven days passed.

At this moment, Old Master Li had completely recovered. Not only had he recovered, but he also seemed to be healthier than before.

On this day, Jian Xinger planned to return to Sea City.

After dinner, Jian Xinger was about to bid farewell to the Li familys head.

However, before she could speak, the Li familys head mentioned that the Zhang family was holding a charity banquet in Sea City.

The Li familys patriarch said, “The charity banquet has been prepared and there will be an auction in three days.”

“Fortunately, nothing happened. Otherwise, if the Zhang family wanted to blame us, our family wouldnt be able to bear it.”

When Jian Xinger heard this, she asked curiously, “Which Zhang family”

The Li familys patriarch immediately said, “The Zhang family from the capital. The patriarch is Saint Zhang.”

When she heard that it was the Zhang family, Jian Xinger froze for a moment before she became amused.

She had not seen that old fellow for a few years, so she wondered how he was doing now.

The Li familys patriarch knew very well that although Saint Zhang was very famous and powerful, he still had to call Jian Xinger his master.

Jian Xinger was the real powerhouse.

Figures like Jian Xinger and Saint Zhang were out of the Li familys league.

It was a miracle and a great honor for the Li family to be able to invite Jian Xinger this time.

The Li familys patriarch said, “There are many treasures at this charity banquet. If you like anything, just tell me. Ill arrange it immediately!”

As he spoke, the Li familys patriarch took out the list of items and handed it to Jian Xinger respectfully.

The Li familys patriarch meant well and it was unsuitable for Jian Xinger to refuse, so she took a few casual glances.

Jian Xinger wasnt interested in these things.

However, when she saw the jade pendant, she was stunned.

Jian Xinger had heard her master mention this jade pendant before, but she didnt expect it to appear here.

This jade pendant was called the Longevity Jade.

The jade pendant would emit some kind of chemical that could slow down the aging of cells in the human body. Even modern medicine couldnt do that.

To put it simply, wearing this jade pendant for a long time could extend ones lifespan. It was a rare treasure.

This jade pendant was priceless.

When Jian Xinger saw the price, she was amused. The starting bid was 100,000.

From the price, it was obvious that no one knew the value of this jade pendant.

Jian Xinger planned to get her hands on the jade pendant.

Jian Xinger quickly saw a few more treasures.

The price of these treasures was very low, but their true value couldnt be measured with money.

Jian Xinger said directly, “Im interested in this auction, so Ill go take a look.”

The Li familys patriarch immediately said excitedly, “Alright, Ill arrange it immediately.”

Although it wasnt a big deal, he could use it to build a good relationship with Jian Xinger.

If he had a good relationship with someone like Jian Xinger, there would naturally be many benefits.

Then, Jian Xinger talked about returning to Sea City.

The Li familys head immediately asked someone to prepare a private jet, but Jian Xinger refused.

Jian Xinger liked to keep a low profile.

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At the bus stop, Jian Xinger bought a ticket and took a bus back to Sea City.

Jian Xinger was caught up in traffic on her way home.

It only took ten minutes to walk home. Jian Xinger didnt want to wait, so she got out of the car.

As she passed an alley, a man sprinted in her direction.

The man was handsome and well-dressed, but his expression was cold. He didnt seem like an ordinary person.

The man ran very quickly. He was clearly escaping.

Soon, a man in black chased after him. The man in black had a cold expression and exuded killing intent.

Jian Xinger ignored them and continued walking forward.

The man in black quickly caught up with the fleeing man and stabbed at him with the dagger in his hand.

The man was unwilling to give up.

When the dagger was about to stab him, a silver needle flew over and knocked the dagger out of the mans hand.

The man in black looked at Jian Xinger coldly and said through gritted teeth, “Youre tempting fate!”

Jian Xinger ignored the man in black and looked at the spider tattoo on his neck.

Jian Xinger had seen this tattoo before.


This was the symbol of an assassin organization in the country. All the members of this assassin organization had such tattoos.

When Jian Xinger was 11 years old, her entire family was killed.

After investigation, the relevant departments only had one clue, which was this spider tattoo.

For so many years, Jian Xinger had been looking for this organization and had even pulled many strings for this purpose.



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