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Doctor Jians Matter Is The Li Familys Matter

The Li familys patriarch asked angrily, “What Hou family”

Li Kun quickly said, “The Hou family in Sea City!”

“Miracle Doctor Jian used to be the daughter-in-law of the Hou family, so for fear of angering Miracle Doctor Jian, I didnt dare to deal with this matter and came here to inform you!”

When the Li familys patriarch heard that it was actually related to Jian Xinger, he immediately became serious and asked, “What exactly is it Tell me!”

Li Kun immediately told him what had happened.

It turned out that the Liu Corporation, which belonged to Liu Xiners family, was controlled by the Li family, so the Liu family needed the Li familys permission. The Liu family didnt dare to make the decision on their own.

When the Li familys patriarch heard this, he immediately said, “Miracle Doctor Jians matter is the Li familys matter, so go over and deal with it yourself!”

Li Kun immediately agreed.

Jian Xinger said, “Wait a minute…”

Jian Xinger stopped Li Kun and continued, “Please go to Sea City and investigate everything.”

Li Kun didnt understand what Jian Xinger wanted to do and could only look at his father.

The Li familys patriarch scolded, “Why are you looking at me Just do as Doctor Jian says.”

When Li Kun heard this, he immediately turned around and left for Sea City.


Jian Xingers stomach growled.

She had come straight to the Li familys home from Sea City and had not eaten a single bite, so she was already hungry.

The Li familys head immediately instructed people to prepare food for Jian Xinger.

After dining, they prepared a room for Jian Xinger and specifically arranged for more than ten able servants to wait at Jian Xingers door for her orders.

Jian Xinger was also very tired, so she slept until the next morning.

As soon as Jian Xinger got up, the Li familys head ordered the kitchen to prepare food.

Jian Xinger wasnt used to being served by a group of people, so she sent everyone out, including the Li familys patriarch.

The Li family head had just arrived at the living room when Li Kun walked in.

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As soon as he entered, Li Kun asked, “Dad, wheres Miracle Doctor Jian”

The Li familys patriarch said, “Miracle Doctor Jian is eating. Dont disturb her. Well talk about it later.”

Li Kun nodded and slumped on the sofa with a tired expression.

The Li familys patriarch asked, “Have you investigated the matter”

Li Kun whispered, “Ive investigated it. Miss Liu Xiner took a fancy to Hou Junlai, so the Liu family agreed to cooperate with the Hou family this time. Moreover, I found something else.”

Seeing how cautious his son was, the Li familys patriarch asked curiously, “What is it”

Li Kun continued in a low voice, “Miracle Doctor Jian and Hou Junlai divorced two days ago.”

Hearing this, the Li familys patriarch fell into deep thought.

Li Kun said, “Dad, Ive already asked the Liu family to cooperate with the Hou family and Ive also asked the Liu family to invest in Hou Juns company.”

Li Kun looked at his father smugly as he continued, “Dad, Ive handled this matter properly, so you have to reward me this time!”

With that, Li Kun waited for his fathers praise with a smug expression, but the Li familys patriarch slapped Li Kun in the face.


From the loud sound, it was obvious that the Li familys patriarch had used all his strength in this slap.

Li Kun was instantly dumbfounded and said with an aggrieved expression, “Dad, I want a reward. Why did you hit me!”

The Li familys patriarch shouted angrily, “Reward you Ill reward you with a big slap!”

The Li familys patriarch was so angry that he kicked Li Kun again and scolded angrily, “You useless thing, dont you have a brain”

Li Kun looked at his father in confusion.

The Li familys patriarch continued, “Youve already investigated everything, so why would you still do such an idiotic thing”

“Hou Junlai is Doctor Jians man, but Liu Xiner wants to use this opportunity to become the Hou familys daughter-in-law. In other words, Liu Xiner is Doctor Jians love rival. By doing this, youre helping Liu Xiner. Wouldnt you offend Doctor Jian!”

Only then did Li Kun realize it. He said helplessly, “Huh What should I do Everything I do backfires!”

The Li familys head sighed and immediately said, “Immediately inform the Liu family that the cooperation investment will be postponed.”

Li Kun nodded.

When the Li familys head saw Li Kuns demeanor, he was even angrier and said, “Ive been highly esteemed all my life, but how come I have such a stupid son Youre going to anger me to death!”

Li Kun lowered his head and didnt dare to say a word.

The Li familys patriarch looked at Li Kun and asked, “By the way, I almost forgot to ask, how did you ask Miracle Doctor Jian to save the old man”

Li Kun didnt dare to hide anything, so he told him everything.

After the Li familys head heard this, he took a deep breath and said, “Youve finally handled something well. If you cant even handle this well, I really have to consider having another son.”



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