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Leaving Just Like That

As soon as Jian Xinger finished speaking, she stood up and walked out of the door.

When Li Kun came back to his senses, he immediately followed her.

The luxurious convoy immediately set off for Shanghai.

Shanghai wasnt far from Sea City. It was only a three-and-a-half-hour drive.

On the other side, Hou Junlai returned to the company and called the companys management for a meeting.

The meeting was held because of a certain project.

This current project is the largest in the companys history.

If the project was a success, the company would rise to the next level and earn at least hundreds of millions.

Moreover, it could greatly increase the companys fame and open up the national market.

If it failed, the company would also face huge pressure and could go bankrupt.

No matter what, Hou Junlai valued this opportunity very much.

In the conference room, everyone was arguing.

It wasnt until Hou Junlai entered that things quietened down.

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Hou Junlai didnt like to beat around the bush, so he said directly, “Everyone knows why were having a meeting today. At the moment, we need to find a powerful company to cooperate with in order to succeed. Now, tell us, which company should we choose”

The head of the planning department stood up and said, “President Hou, in the entire Sea City, the Liu family is the best choice.”

Everyone nodded. The Liu family was indeed the best choice.

Hou Junlai remained silent.

The head of the planning department continued, “President Hou, there are many large companies in Sea City, but only the Liu family is willing to cooperate with a company that has just been established. The other companies ignored us.”

“Besides, the eldest daughter of the Liu family is currently pursuing you. This is a good opportunity for the company.”

Many of the leaders present had the same thought.

Hou Junlai was a little helpless.

He knew about Liu Xiners schemes and that Liu Xiner wasnt a good person.

However, there was no other choice. For the sake of the company, Hou Junlai could only make this choice.

Hou Junlai said, “Keep a close eye on the project. As for the collaboration, Ill handle it. The meeting is adjourned!”

With that, Hou Junlai turned around and left.

Sitting in the office, Hou Junlai thought for a long time and eventually chose the Liu Corporation.

After leaving the company, Hou Junlai drove straight to the hospital.

Liu Xiner was worried that she wouldnt have the chance to approach Hou Junlai in the future.

In the end, Hou Junlai actually returned on his own. This made Liu Xiner overjoyed.

Hou Junlai said, “I brought you some food.”

Hou Junlai placed the lunch box on the cabinet at the side and smiled at Liu Xiner.

Hou Junlai forced himself to smile.

Hou Junlai hated Liu Xiner very much, but for the companys sake, he had no choice but to force himself to smile.

Liu Xiner said gently, “Thank you, Junlai!”

“If I can eat the food you send me every day in the future, Ill definitely recover quickly!”

Upon seeing Liu Xiners gaze, Hou Junlai wanted to turn around and leave.

Hou Junlai suppressed the disgust in his heart and forced himself to smile as he said, “When I have time, Ill bring you food every day.”

Liu Xiner was immediately delighted.

This was the first time Hou Junlai had treated her so well.

She couldnt help but smile.

Liu Xiner suddenly asked, “Junlai, I heard that your company is looking for a powerful company to cooperate with. Have you been worrying over this”

Hou Junlai immediately asked, “You can help me”

Liu Xiner nodded and said, “Of course.”

“The Liu Corporation is very powerful. This small matter is a piece of cake for us.”

Hou Junlai was secretly delighted, but he didnt show it.

Hou Junlai said, “Rest well. Ill come back tomorrow.”

Hou Junlai smiled and turned to leave.

As soon as he left the ward, Hou Junlais expression immediately turned cold.

In the ward.

Liu Xiner muttered to herself smugly, “In the end, Hou Junlai still submitted to me. Ill make him my man. Then, Hou Junlais company will also belong to the Liu family!”

After feeling smug for a while, Liu Xiner took out her phone and called her subordinates to instruct them to keep an eye on Jian Xinger.

Liu Xiner wouldnt forget this humiliation. Now, she had to find an opportunity to teach Jian Xinger a lesson.


Jian Xinger had already arrived in Shanghai. Shanghai was the provincial capital of the Demon Province, the political and economic center of the Demon Province, and the most developed city in the Demon Province.


After entering the city, Li Kun quickly returned to the Li familys home with Jian Xinger.

The Li familys patriarch had already received a call from Li Kun.

After finding out that Li Kun had already invited Jian Xinger over, he couldnt suppress the joy in his heart as he brought everyone to the entrance of the manor to wait for Jian Xingers arrival.



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