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Inside the room, the old man was still sitting motionless in disbelief.

Finally, a minute after Yuchi left, he came back to his senses.

He gasped for air and looked at Yuan Yuan, who had returned to her original form, with a dumbfounded look.

Was this the Dao realm Was this the legendary Dao realm

In the beginning, when Yuchi had completely turned Yuan Fei into a cloud of bloody mist, he had not understood how terrifying the Dao realm was.

He only felt that martial artists could also do such things after reaching their peak.

At that time, he had been extremely shocked.

Why did Yuchi kill his granddaughter After all, they had no enmity with Yuchi, and his granddaughter loved him a lot.

However, Yuan Feis body had been reformed and made whole again the very next moment!

What a terrifying ability!

Killing someone was a very simple thing, but the ability to seemingly turn back time like that was not something that could be done by a traditional martial artist!

The old man had thought of the Dao realm as the fourth realm beyond the three realms of martial arts, but now it seemed like the Dao realm was not the fourth realm at all.

It was a whole new world! It could not be compared to the previous three realms at all!

Was this the Dao realm

The Dao realm was actually this terrifying!

It was as if this persons name had been directly erased from the book of life and death of the King of Hell.

It was unbelievable!

The old man was lost in his thoughts for some time.

Shortly after, he turned to look at the girl who had not come back to her senses.

He asked anxiously, “Yuanyuan, how did you feel just now”

Yuan Yuan was still lost and confused, very much in a daze.

After a long time, she looked in the direction that Yuchi had left in confusion.

“I just felt like I saw a light, which was different from the sun we usually see.

Then, it was a little noisy, and the world shook a little.

Then, it felt like someone had coldly erased me from the world.”

“At that moment, I didnt feel like I was a living being.

I was like a stain on a window, and a woman who passed by wiped away the stain.”

“It was that kind of feeling.”

“It felt like I was completely insignificant.”

The old man looked at Yuan Yuan in fear.

This was the first time he had heard of such a thing!

This was not only the annihilation of ones body, but ones spirit and entire being as well!

It was too terrifying!

In the end, Yuan Yuan muttered, “Senior… Youre so strong that its terrifying.”

There was a lot of dust floating in the room.

The old man looked at the dust… He felt that the way Yuchi looked at them in the same way they looked at the dust…

It was not contempt or condescension, but simply disregard.

It was as if they were not on the same plane of existence at all.

In the end, he said emotionally ,”Its just as Senior said.

He has shown us that this path is feasible.

We only need to follow this path and well eventually be able to achieve what he has.

“The reason why Senior has shown us this is to give us the chance to revive the might of the human races martial arts path! We cant let Senior down!”

“Although the human race has been weak and timid, theres still a future for us in this world if we work hard.”

Yuan Yue nodded her head, she was very excited.

Then, she rushed out of the room to begin training again.

This time, she would be even more hardworking than before.

Just as she was preparing to start training, the people around her finally could not stifle their curiosity about Yuchi any longer.

“Who is he”

“What was he looking for Grandmaster for”

“Is he a friend of Grandmasters”

“Compared to Grandmaster, how strong is he”

“Did Grandmaster defeat him easily”

“Was he here to acknowledge Grandmaster as his master”

All sorts of questions were thrown at Yuan Yuan one after another.

“Senior…” Yuan Yuan replied, “Is someone I cant catch up with in this lifetime, but hes like a lighthouse in the deep ocean!”

The people around her suddenly exclaimed.


Such a high evaluation A lighthouse

Then, how strong was this man!

Could it be that he had already reached the peak of the body refinement realm

Could it be the qi refinement realm! It definitely could not be the spirit refinement realm!

While the people were in heated discussion with each other, Yuan Yuan ignored them and turned to look at her grandfather, who was standing by the window.

The grandfather-granddaughter duo had truly experienced what true horror was like today! No wonder Senior had been able to overthrow the overlords of both the human race and the soul beast race!

“Hes too strong, way too strong!” The old man sighed with emotion.

Then, he looked at the phone number that Yuchi had given him.

Although Yuchi did not say where he was going next, the old man already had his guesses.

A powerful person like Yuchi would definitely not stick around in a human city.

However, in this human city, he had still caused ripples!

After the ripples had calmed down, the human race here could now walk forward openly!

After a phone call, the old man found out who the other party was.

They were a mother and daughter pair.

On the phone, the mother and daughter were also asking about Yuchis whereabouts, looking for an opportunity to express their gratitude to him in person.

Of course, there would be no such opportunity.

Yuchi had already left the city.

When he left, Qin Lanyu was extremely busy dealing with her work.

When he left, Fengyi was thinking about how to switch from beast taming to martial arts.

When he left, the Department of Inspection heaved a sigh of relief.

This big shot had finally disappeared from the city.

When he left…

All of the prisoners in the Netherworld Sea prison had prepared a cake to celebrate his departure.

The group of people sat around in the prison, but he did not appear.

He disappeared just like that.

They could no longer hear his voice.

It almost felt like everything had been a dream.

Did he really exist

The prisoners looked around the shore by the Netherworld Sea.

They were under the impression that Yuchi was fishing by the shore, as he usually did.

In the beginning, there were still some prisoners who were unaccustomed to his odd personality and habits, but after a long time, seeing him there had become a normal thing.

Now that the other party had suddenly disappeared from the shore, they actually felt a little nostalgic.

After a long time, a prisoner looked at the distant horizon over the Netherworld Sea and said, “Perhaps he really did exist!”

“He must be on the other side of the Netherworld Sea!”



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