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297 Wanqi Yanhuo

In a high-rise building in a human city, a woman exuding a strong aura was quietly cultivating.

Her strength had already reached the SSS grade.

Furthermore, she was not a beast tamer, but a martial artist, and considered a super expert among the humans.

Her future path was considered limitless, and some people were already comparing her to the human races hidden super expert, which was of course Yuchi.

For the vast majority of humans, they had no idea why there had been a sudden switch from beast taming to martial arts.

Over the past ten to twenty years, the Department of Inspection suddenly started promoting martial arts, and many soul beasts mysteriously disappeared.

Following that, the internet seemed to be abuzz with people cultivating martial arts.

Everything seemed so sudden and inexplicable.

However, there were also well-connected people who had heard of rumors of an extremely terrifying existence in the past.

It was said that this existence had defeated those soul beasts with his own strength in the past, and then drove them away from the human races territory.

These slowly turned into rumors that made their way onto the internet, which of course caused a debate to erupt.

One side believed that this was simply an exaggeration.

Beast tamers back then had been extremely terrifying and domineering.

Furthermore, the soul beasts themselves were intelligent.

How could there have been a single person who could drive an entire race away

The other group of people believed it was the only explanation for the sudden and drastic shift that had happened..

Furthermore, over time, many people had realized the drawbacks of the beast taming system.

Sure, soul beasts were terrifying, but were beast tamers

Essentially, beast tamers were simply riding on the strength of their soul beasts.

WIthout their soul beasts, they were not much better than ordinary humans.

Therefore, martial arts was the more reliable route.

After all, ones strength would always belong to them.

Furthermore, it was a better way for the human race to grow stronger as a whole.

“Im already SSS grade, and likely the strongest in the human race.”

“If I can meet him now, I really want to fight him.”

“I just want to see what level my current strength is in comparison to his.”

As the aura around her body gradually stabilized, the woman slowly opened her eyes.

The womans brown eyes were filled with a strong will to fight.

Her name was Wanqi Yanhuo.

She had also seen the precious recording from the Department of Inspection, and she knew that the human race once had such a powerful expert.

The strength that this expert had displayed in the video had shocked her back then.

However, she believed that she was now as strong as he was back then.

Even if he had grown stronger since then, she hoped that she would be able to force him to reveal his full strength, even if it was just for a brief moment.

That would justify her bitter years of cultivation.

Then, just as Wanqi Yanhuo was about to continue cultivating, there was a sudden knock on the door.

One of her disciples came in after being acknowledged.

Her disciple bowed respectfully and said, “Master, theres news from the Department of Inspection.”

“He said that the mysterious person has returned.”

“They wouldnt tell me his name, but said that you would know once I told you.”

This disciple was also curious.

Was his master related to some mysterious person

He had never heard of such rumors.

In any case, since the news came from the Department of Inspection, it should be very important.

Wanqi Yanhuo instantly stood up.

Her eyes blazed with fighting spirit.

“After so many years, youve finally returned.

Now, let me see how strong you are! Are you stronger than me, or have I surpassed you”

The last time Yuchi had returned to the human city, Wanqi Yanhuo had also been notified, but at that time, she had been busy breaking through.

By the time she was done, Yuchi had already left the human city, which had greatly vexed her at the time.

He had finally returned.

How could she give up such a rare opportunity

Wanqi Yanhuo flicked her sleeves and left, leaving behind a sentence.

“Continue to cultivate diligently.

I have something to do and will be back soon!

“Take care, Master.” The disciple hurriedly nodded.

In the human city, Yu Shengyun and Ershania had already met up with Fengyi and Qin Lanyu, who had opened up their own dojo that was not open to the public.

After Yu Shengyun introduced Ershania, they started chit-chatting with each other quite naturally.

Just as they were about to go out for dinner, Yu Shengyun smiled and said to Fengyi, “We will be staying in the human city for a considerable period of time.

We will have to bother you when the time comes.”

Fengyi was still the same upbeat, bubbly and optimistic person she had been this whole while.

Hearing what Yu Shengyun said, she turned to Yuchi for confirmation.

Yuchi nodded, tacitly acknowledging that Yu Shengyun was telling the truth.

Qin Lanyu was stunned.

This was good news!

While this conversation was taking place, another conversation was happening in the Department of Inspection.

“Senior Wanqi,” the director of the Department of Inspection said, “Are you really going to seek him out”

“Yes,” Wanqi Yanhuo replied, “Please tell me his current location.”

“Thats not a problem.

However, you must exercise a little restraint on your part.

After all, this important persons ability is extraordinary.”

“Dont worry.

I know how to handle this better than you do.

In any case, its just a friendly fight.

Theres no reason for him to refuse when both sides will gain something from the fight.”

“Alright then.”

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