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The prisoners had already been tortured beyond recognition.

It was a tragic sight that would give even adults nightmares.

The ground was covered in blood of various colors, and body parts were strewn about.

It was like the insides of a demons stomachs.

The stench of feces also filled the prison.


“This is even worse than I imagined it to be.”

Facing such a scene, even Yuchi could not help but frown.

These people had probably been wandering the world like Yuchi.

However, unlike Yuchi, they lacked strength.

The strongest here was only a ninth-grade Dao realm cultivator.

As such, they had ended up in this sorry state.

Fortunately, there were no human-like beings here.

Otherwise, this scene would have been even more unbearable.

Yuchi had nothing to say.

He healed these peoples bodies and opened the door of the prison.

That was all he could do.

However he suddenly discovered that these prisoners did not behave the way he expected.

Despite being healed, their eyes had completely lost their light, and perhaps their sanity as well.

After they were healed, they immediately picked up the various broken weapons on the ground.

Then, in front of Yuchi, they started cutting themselves, clearly trying to end their own lives.

Yuchi remained silent for a while.

“Forget it, theres nothing more I can do for them.”

Then, he instantly destroyed them.

When they died, he could sense their souls being released.

These pirates were really ruthless.

In order to prevent these prisoners from escaping, they directly shackled the souls of these prisoners, causing them to become mindless creatures.

“Ill have to pay more attention to such things in the future.

I should probably visit Sky City.”


Yuchi walked back above deck.

He was holding the corpse of a pirate, who he had gotten the location of Sky City from.

As for how he interrogated the pirate…

It was simple.

He crushed the other partys soul and then pieced it back together, and then repeated the process over and over again until they gave up.

After that, he repeated the process until the pirate died.

It was only fitting, after all, given what they had inflicted on those prisoners.

When the pirates saw Yuchi slowly turn to look at them, their legs started shaking.

They wanted to run, but did not get far; two steps to be exact.

Then, all kinds of terrifying howls were heard on the flying ship as they were slaughtered by Yuchi.

In just a few seconds, these hundred or so pirates had all been killed.

The 100-meter-long flying ship was also destroyed by Yuchi at the same time.

After all this was done, Yuchi appeared in front of Slovin.

Slovin could already feel death approaching.

When he turned around, he saw the other pirates who had come with him turn to ashes.

Stumbling to the ground, he roared.

“Y-you cant kill me!”

“Im from Sky City.

My spaceship has a tracker.

Since you destroyed the spaceship, the people from Sky City are now aware that Im in danger, and will be coming for you soon.”

“If you kill me now, then youll lose a valuable bargaining chip.”

“You will die without a doubt!”

“The wife beside you would also be killed after being humiliated!”

“So let me live!”

Slovins face was twisted, as he shouted hysterically.

Yuchi looked at the others appearance.

“Stand up like a man,” he said indifferently, “You should be ashamed to die in this manner.”

Slovin instantly fell silent.

He was so frightened by Yuchis current expression that tears were streaming down his face.

What kind of expression was that

Was he truly not worried about his fate

Yuchi, on the other hand, did not say anything.

He casually destroyed Slovins body and then imprisoned his divine soul in his sea of consciousness with the countless demons and ghosts.

Slovin felt the world around him spin and, when he came back to his senses, he saw a scene that he would never forget for the rest of his life!

What kind of world was this

What was this place

His fate was sealed the moment he arrived, as the demons and ghosts all charged at him.


In the sea of consciousness, screaming could be heard.

His hoarse cries were also heard by Medusa and Yinguan Luoying.

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