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Yuchi then stayed in the angel races territory for three days.

During that time, he did not go out much.

He just walked around the angel races territory and observed the geniuses from the smaller races living there.

Their accommodation here required a fee, which was due to a simple reason.

If a genius appeared in a weaker race, then that genius would have no predecessor to guide them after surpassing the elders of their race.

Hence, the best way to nurture the genius after that point was to send them to the territory of a powerful race.

The fee they paid was for that race to train their genius, as well as to protect their race.

This was the tried and true method that the myriad races had operated for countless years.

The angel race was now a powerful race.

There were many geniuses from the small races.

Some were human-like, while others were not.

They all had different appearances, but their attitudes and behavior were all identical.

As they were all foreigners living under someone elses roof, they remained humble, and somewhat subservient.

Equal social status with the angel race was not something they dared to dream about.

This too had its own drawbacks, as such an attitude, over a long period of time, would be ingrained into their character, which would make it hard for them to lead their race later on.

Yuchi observed a member of a smaller race who was not very tall, about half a meter in height.

He was trying his best to learn from a master of the angel race.

He seemed to be working very hard, and his skin was covered with beads of sweat.

However, he looked very nervous.

His entire being was in a state of heightened mental tension at all times, which was not a good state for cultivation.

As he continued to observe, his thoughts drifted to the human race.

‘It seems like its been a while since I went back to a human city to check on them.

‘I wonder if humans have truly started to pursue their own martial Dao.

‘If so, perhaps in a hundred or a thousand years humans will have a chance of stepping into this battlefield among the myriad races.

Although it seemed foolhardy, if one looked at things from the long-term perspective, this was a rational decision.

They had no choice.

If they did not participate in this war, then who knows when a powerful race would decide to conquer and enslave them.

No one would care about the plight of a race that was not even strong enough to join the battlefield.

‘I hope that the humans of this world can take a few more steps forward.

Even if I dont have any sense of belonging to the humans of this world, Im still a human, a human from another world.

After some time, Yuchi decided to leave the angel races territory.

There was no reason to stick around, and he wanted to get back to fishing.

This time, he would go to a new place, the Moon Goddess Sea.

The Moon Goddess Sea was quite far away from the angel races territory, and on the farthest edge of the angel races map.

It was the largest body of water on their map.

According to the angel races legends, there was a woman called the moon goddess there, who was the goddess of love.

Yuchi had heard all of this from Yu Shengyun.

Most races shared some sort of similar belief system.

For the angel race, the moon goddess was the goddess of love, the sun god was the god of the family, and the holy tree god was the god of children.

Today, Yu Shengyun and Yu Shengxuan had gone over to the holy tree of the angel race.

They had gone there to pray for a lively and healthy child.

From Yuchis point of view, the culture of the angel race was not too different from the human race.

Things like marriage, family, and gods all existed, and social structures and hierarchies did as well.

In a sense, cultures were what defined a civilization, and gave the people a sense of belonging.

Without it, it would be every person for himself, and the race would have a difficult time unifying its population, which would be fatal when faced with external enemies.

While Yuchi was casually thinking about these things, Yu Shengyun and Yu Shengxuan had already arrived in front of the holy tree.

Yu Shengyun knelt down in front of the small tree that was only a meter tall and prayed.

A prayer for happiness, and a prayer for blessings.

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