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In the end, Yuchi had still defeated Prometheus.

From Yuchis perspective, Prometheus could be considered the most powerful member of the myriad races he had fought up to this point.

His fighting spirit was admirable, much higher than Long Fengyuns, but it still could not be compared to the ancient monsters.

Perhaps it was because they had already died once in the ancient era, so no longer had any scruples when it came to fighting and trying to emerge victorious at any cost.

Prometheus had given his all during battle, but it seemed that he was still carrying the heavy burden of wanting to revive the pufferfish race.

As for whether that made him stronger or weaker, that was up to ones own perspective.

Without that burden, would he have fought harder and with more reckless abandon, or would he have changed his fighting style altogether

Yuchi pondered this matter briefly, but there was no way to arrive at an accurate conclusion when it came to these kinds of things.

The other races remained deathly silent.

This had to be a joke!

This human was terrifying!

Even though Prometheus had used such powerful attacks, he had remained completely unharmed!

Prometheus, who was strong enough to beat up everyone present, was manhandled like a child by this human!

They were not on the same level at all!

The audience now understood that Yuchi had not become sect master through any shady schemes, but through absolute power.

A new sect master had emerged…

And this new sect master was many times more powerful than the last one!

Of course, there were also some people who were very curious about where Long Fengyun was.

They speculated that Long Fengyun had been defeated by Yuchi and forced to leave the Black Heaven sect.

Only a brief moment had passed, but Yuchi was already tired of dealing with the Black Heaven sects matters.

He then easily crushed the entire arena with one foot, causing it to collapse with a loud bang and shatter into fine powder.


The audience all turned their eyes toward the arena, shocked by Yuchis actions.

Then, amidst the deathly silence, Yuchi calmly issued a simple announcement, “I shattered the arena, therefore I have lost to Prometheus in this battle.

The next sect master of the Black Heaven sect will be Prometheus.”

“Is there anyone who objects to this”

He looked around.

It was just a few short sentences, but Yuchis words seemed to brook no argument.

He was as authoritative as a divine emperor from ancient times.

Oh my God!

Who would still dare to object at this time

No one!

Yuchi had already annihilated most of the audience members who had made a fuss at the beginning of the battle anyway.

In addition, no one in the Black Heaven sect aside from Long Fengyun was a match for Prometheus!

Now that Prometheus had Yuchis support, who would dare to go against him at this time

However, there was something they were confused about…

Why did Yuchi not want the position of sect master for himself

This was a position that all ten million members of the Black Heaven sect dreamed of!

Not to mention the amount of resources one would obtain, the fame, power and influence the sect master possessed was something everyone envied.

It was definitely not something to take lightly, yet Yuchi willingly gave it up and passed it to Prometheus.

Did he really not care for the position at all

In the minds of the myriad races present, this was simply unthinkable.

The audience members looked at each other once again.

They were shocked and dumbfounded.

The unthinkable had happened…

Then, the only possibility was that Yuchi did so out of his admiration for Prometheus.

Yes, that had to be it.

That was the only possibility.

Thinking this, the audience members grew to respect Yuchi even more.

After all, it was much easier to obtain power than to give it up.

Yet Yuchi had actually been able to hand over the position of sect naster to someone else.

This was shocking!

Soon after.

“I agree.”

“I also agree.”

“I agree.”

One after another, the myriad races raised their arms.

In addition, no one knew who took the lead, but this group of myriad race members completely submitted to Yuchi.

They knelt down on one knee and lowered their heads, not daring to look at Yuchis face.

It made for an imposing scene.

Ershania was momentarily bewildered, but she quickly knelt down with the others.

They were truly completely convinced by Yuchis strength.

To think that a member of the human race would be so powerful…

It was too scary.

Despite witnessing the actions of these myriad race members, Yuchi did not display any reaction, nor did his expression change.

There was no need for him to remain here any longer, so he walked over to Prosia and placed the sect masters token in her hands.

“Have a good chat with your brother.

Becoming the sect master of the Black Heaven sect is just the beginning.”

“If he wants to revive the pufferfish race and help it to rise up again, he wont be able to do it alone.”

“The strength of a race is not decided by one or two people.”

“The race as a whole has to grow strong.

This is the only way to ensure sustainability for the future.”

Yuchi spoke to her in a rather friendly manner.

After he finished, he found a shell from god knows where and placed it in Prosias hands.

Prosia was scared witless and stood rooted to the spot, wanting to say something but not daring to.

Yuchi chuckled and turned to leave.


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