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Tonight, Pihuan Luo Joins the Hunt

Liu Yuan rejoiced at his survival and decided not to encounter any fortuitous encounters for the time being. When he found his way, he fought with the monkeys for a long time before finally coming out of the deep mountains.

However, although the Snake in a Cup instance dungeon was an accident, he was still very proud of being able to escape unscathed.

After all, he had crossed so many levels. Entering and exiting an intermediate instance dungeon was quite the feat.

Ordinary people could not do it... Even though he merely ran away.

However, to be able to escape so unswervingly was also an extremely difficult thing! (Proud)

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After a long day, Liu Yuan finally returned to the villa. He changed his clothes and continued his cultivation.

As he was cultivating, in the middle of the night, Liu Yuan suddenly heard Gu Siyins soft voice calling out from outside the window, “Brother Junxuan...”

The sound was faint in the silence of the night. Liu Yuan immediately opened his eyes in fear, almost thinking that it was a hatchet.

However, after sensing carefully, he realized that there was only a new plate of desserts in Gu Siyins hand. There was no knife or other weapons. He immediately felt relieved.

Then, Gu Siyin opened the window and was about to jump in.

Three seconds later.

“Sob... Brother Junxuan, its stuck ... ”

The young girl looked at Liu Yuan pitifully. Half of her body had entered the room, while the other half was stuck outside. She was still trying her best to protect the plate of desserts.

Step bro, Im stuck... No, now is not the time to think about that.

Liu Yuan quickly helped her in, feeling a headache. “Siyin, why dont you just use the main entrance this will cause a huge commotion.”

Gu Siyin blinked and mumbled, “But doesnt Brother Junxuan always climb through the window to enter my room”

Liu Yuan, the negative role model, was speechless.

“Thats not the same...” he said after a long while. “No, thats not important. Why are you here in the middle of the night”

Gu Siyin immediately raised the plate in her hands. “I learned it all day today and made it again. Here, for you.”

The young girls smile was like a flower, and she looked very happy.

Liu Yuan looked at the young girl, his gaze stopping at the smug smile on her face. He reached out, put the plate aside, and held her little hand as if he was possessed by a ghost or God.

She was still small, soft, and boneless. She was still a little cold because of the night.

The young girls fair and tender face was flushed, and her eyes were shy and expectant. She said in a low voice, “The desserts... I learned how to make red bean cakes from the cook. Theyre getting cold.”

Liu Yuan held Gu Siyins hand in his palm and used his spiritual power to warm her hand.

“Its fine. Ill eat it even if its cold.”

“But, but it wont taste good that way...” The girls voice became softer and softer, and in the end, it was as if only the sound of air was left. Her face was as red as a small tomato, making people want to take a bite.

Liu Yuan leaned over, their foreheads touching, and they could hear each others breathing. “As long as its made by Siyin, Ill find it delicious no matter whether its hot or cold.”

This was the closest Liu Yuan had ever been to his character since he transmigrated. When he saw the full progress bar, the possessiveness in his heart expanded infinitely.

Maybe his sense of danger was not that strong, and he had found a way to cultivate, so he was bold

At the end of the day, Liu Yuans social barrier was simply because he did not know what others were thinking. He firmly believed that others were hostile and was afraid that his efforts would not be rewarded. Thus, he chose to conquer characters in the game, which would reward him as long as he worked hard...

But now, the full progress bar was right in front of him, what was there to be afraid of

It was the same for Ning Xiangrong and Gu Siyin.

He did not need to be careful with his words when he spoke to these characters that he had conquered. It was extremely convenient.

“Brother Junxuan... Did my father look for you”

He did not know why, but they suddenly hugged each other.

Gu Siyin leaned against his chest and said in a muffled voice, a little worried.

Liu Yuan thought for a while and decided to hide the situation first so that Gu Siyin would not be scared or hesitant. He said in a low voice, “Yes... He was looking for me to talk about serious business, but he also mentioned you.”

“What did he say” Gu Siyin immediately became alert. “What did he say”

“Dont worry,” Liu Yuan patted Gu Siyins back and consoled her, “Your father already knows about us. He doesnt object, and is even very supportive.”

Gu Siyins back, which was arched like a nervous cat, immediately relaxed. She squinted her eyes and showed a happy expression. She hugged Liu Yuan softly and rubbed against him. then, Brother Junxuan, when are we getting married...”

Liu Yuan was stunned and laughed. This little girls obsession with marriage was really deep. “Wait for me to deal with the bad guys at Water Moon Dock.”

“Yes, yes, I know that Brother Junxuan is the best. Im sure... youll be able to marry me very soon... Oh, Im so sleepy.”

Gu Siyin rubbed her eyes.

Liu Yuan took a look at her attribute panel. Her status bar was indeedtired/sleepy/normal. He guessed that she might have stayed up all night, so she perked up and avoided the guards to sneak over.

He let out an imperceptible sigh and held Gu Siyin in his arms. He used a spell to calm her down and waited for her to fall asleep.

Just like that, a moment of silence passed.

Liu Yuan carried Gu Siyin and walked towards her room. He took a deep breath to calm himself down.

She had a soft and fragrant body in his arms, and it felt good. After Ning Xiangrongs hug, it was easier for him to restrain himself when it came to Gu Siyin.

Furthermore, when faced with the young ladys peaceful sleeping face, he still felt more at ease.

Now, it was easy for him to avoid the eyes and ears of the villa guards. He entered Gu Siyins room and placed the young girl on the bed. The young girl woke up in a daze and mumbled, “Brother Junxuan...”

Liu Yuan held her hand and smiled. “Go to sleep. Ill wait for you to fall asleep before leaving.”

Gu Siyin acknowledged him and hid under the blanket. She sneaked a glance at Liu Yuan and blushed again.

After a while, Liu Yuan suddenly said, “Siyin, do you want to cultivate”

Gu Siyin was stunned and looked at Liu Yuan, not knowing what to do.

Liu Yuans gaze was serious as he said, “When I said I would be your master, I wasnt completely trying to hide it... You have the affinity to cultivate. I hope that you can go further with me.”

He put his fingers between Gu Siyins and interlocked them. He said gently, “As long as you agree, I will teach you a fire attribute cultivation method. But you need to think clearly, once you step on this path, many things, many regrets, will follow.”


Water Moon Dock.

The mist was vast, and the sound of waves could be heard for a thousand miles.

The white waves beat against the shore, and many shuttle-shaped ships rose and fell slightly in the waves. At the end of the extended wooden road, a few lanterns swayed left and right.

Fine raindrops were falling. In a secluded place in a pavilion-like building on the shore.

Water Moon Docks third elder, a ninth level Core Formation cultivator named Hou Ying, was humbly and piously kneeling on the ground. He used a fanatical tone to report his mission and information. Looking at his posture, he seemed to want to prostrate himself in front of her.

There was a person standing in the direction he was kneeling to.

It was a woman.

She was wearing a black veil and had a graceful figure. It was rumored that she was extremely beautiful, but no one dared to look at her directly.

It was the Holy Maiden of Luo Tian, Pihuan Luo.

Under the veil, the face with black gauze wrapped around her eyes was pale and beautiful, but her cheeks revealed a trace of strange redness. On her slightly stuck out tongue, silver tongue nails flashed in the light.

She licked her lips and spoke silently with an infatuated and dangerous smile.



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