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Ch58 - His God belonged to him

Seeing the Mo Ling royal family’s spacecraft had already given Ji Ning an ominous premonition.

Now that Ozer appeared, he felt even more panicked, a chill running through his whole body.

Soon after Ozer appeared, the spaceships around him began simultaneously broadcasting.

The videos told the tourists there was no need to panic, they were simply required to board any one of the spaceships in their own time so they could participate in an inspection.

Once the Mo Ling Empire verified their identities, they were free to continue playing in the Interstellar Paradise.

However, unconfirmed tourists would be barred from leaving the planet and detained.

The Empire’s military had blocked off all exits in the planet’s airspace. 

When he heard that the whole planet would be subjected to mandatory identity checks, Ji Ning was certain that Ozer was looking for him and had strong evidence to suggest he was on this planet.

It would be troublesome and unrealistic to conduct a large-scale search in a place like the Interstellar Paradise, even if the search was narrowed down to a single planet.

To come here with such certainty and for Ozer to visit specially, they must have received concrete evidence.

How did Ozer know he was here



Watching the crowd of tourists who had already begun to approach the spaceships in the distance, Ji Ning let out a slow breath, attempting to calm himself down.

His best guess was that Ozer had used someone with a spiritual ability capable of locating him.

There were as many spiritual abilities in Mo Ling as there were people, so it wouldn’t be impossible for one like that to exist. 

Even if he asked Lai to transfer him again, if he couldn’t figure out how Ozer had found him he would have to keep running away forever.

How troublesome.


What’s more, he still hadn’t figured out what the purpose of Lai’s game was.

Lai wasn’t the kind of person who would do meaningless things.

He had to have a reason why he wanted Ji Ning to play.

With this thought in his head, Ji Ning didn’t feel at ease endlessly asking Lai for help.

He was still struggling to find a solution when he recalled his original plan for the day.

He’d been intending to return to another world and find Yun Yuan.

Since Yun Yuan had followed the line of fate to find him in this world, then maybe Fu Qinghan could too.

Thinking about Fu Qinghan, who always took good care of him, Ji Ning sighed and felt a little embarrassed.

As he was only a little fox in the martial arts world, Fu Qinghan had always been the one looking after him.

Now it seemed that, once again, he had to beg Fu Qinghan to protect him.


The fact that he could cross worlds was no secret to Yun Yuan or Fu Qinghan, who could deduce heaven’s fate.

Just thinking of Yun Yuan, who was still waiting for him in that world, made him feel uneasy.

As he stroked Ark’s hair, many thoughts flashed through Ji Ning’s mind in an instant.

Interrupting his swirling thoughts, the white haired angel raised his head, his eyes wet with tears as he spoke to Ji Ning with a hoarse voice.

“…I’ve already remembered everything.”


“You mean…your old memories” 

At Ark’s nod, Ji Ning’s eyes widened in surprise.

He hadn’t expected Ark to regain his memories so quickly.

In fact, he’d hoped he wouldn’t remember at all, because the memories were so cruel for Ark.

In the original novel, Ark didn’t recover his memories until much later, so it was surprising that he had already remembered now.

When he entered the world of ‘Archangel’, Ji Ning had already reached a level where he had the authority to change the direction of a novel’s plot.

However, the nature of that world was special.

The point in the timeline where Ji Ning entered was before the original story officially started.

If he changed the world’s directory too much, Ark might remain in Noah and the entire novel would disappear.

Therefore, he could only follow the original plot and betray Ark, destroying half of Noah’s fleet in retribution for the destruction of Titan.

If they were following the original timeline of the book, not even one tenth of the story had occurred, yet Ark had already recalled all of his lost memories.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.

If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

As these things had already occurred, there was nothing Ji Ning could do about them.

He stared into Ark’s silver eyes, and after a long time said softly, “I’m sorry.” 

“P…offi atf qjlc lc ws tfjga.”

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Yc atja vjs, tf vlvc’a tjnf alwf ab rjs atfrf kbgvr, yea cbk, rajcvlcu lc ogbca bo tlr wfgwjlv ktb mjwf yjmx ab ilof, tf mbeiv rjs fnfgs bcf bo atfw.

“Before I met you, I thought that pain only existed when the body was damaged and wounds had been inflicted.” 

“Similarly, ‘heartache’ should only happen because of injury or disease.

I never knew it could be caused by emotions.

Back then, I didn’t feel anything.

You were the one who taught me how to feel.”

His joy and sorrow, hatred and pain, love and longing, they were all given to him because of Ji Ning.


This was a gift from God.

The angel’s eyes were as pure and clear as the silver moon.

He stared heavily at Ji Ning then sank to one knee, clutching at his fingertips, and pressed a devoted kiss to the back of his hand. 

If he was an angel, then Ji Ning was his god.

He shaped him into what he was today.

He gave him faith, wisdom and peace, calming his very soul.

He belonged to Ji Ning.

And Ji Ning… 

Ark slowly stood back up, and under Ji Ning’s slightly surprised eyes, held his face and softly kissed his lips.

His god also belonged to him.

“Did you hear the announcement outside The Emperor is personally conducting the planet’s search!”

The next moment, one of the bedroom doors pushed open and Fu Ji, who still had his slime appearance came out.

He was about to look for Ark and Ji Ning, when he caught sight of Zhou Rin opposite him. 

“Good morning, Boss.”

Fu Ji stopped his movements and nodded towards Zhou Rin, but the Alpha didn’t even glance at him, his eyes locked on the end of the corridor.

Fu Ji followed his line of sight, his eyes widening suddenly at the sight of Ji Ning and Ark, standing by the window in an intimate embrace.

What the hell happened last night When had the two of them made such rapid progress in their relationship 

Fu Ji was bewildered, but still felt very happy for his friend.

However, when he noticed Zhou Rin’s gloomy expression, his heart startled trembling again.

He’d almost forgotten that the little fish was his boss’s sister-in-law! Although the elder brother had passed away, it was obvious that the boss hadn’t let it go and still thought of Ji Ning as his sister-in-law.

Watching something like this, of course he would feel humiliated on behalf of his brother.

Anxious, Fu Ji wanted to say something to ease the atmosphere, when the young Alpha stepped forward and grabbed Ark’s shoulder.

Pulling the two apart, he said in a chilling voice, “Don’t touch him.” 

After being manhandled by Zhou Rin, Ark, who was lost in the sweet kiss, sobered up instantly, his face slightly flushed.

He wasn’t angry, but felt a little shy that someone had interrupted their kiss.

His white eyelashes swept downwards, looking towards the ground as his fingers subconsciously caressed his moistened lips.

“What is this”


Zhou Rin looked at Ji Ning, his dark eyes cold and his gaze heavy, “You want to betray my older brother”

Ji Ning’s heart jumped at his sharp eyes, uncertain about how to explain the situation. 

In the ABO world, he’d always pretended to be in love with Zhou Rin’s brother, Zhou Cun.

Even after Zhou Cun died, he acted devastated, falling into illness before passing away.

To anyone else, it seemed that he loved Zhou Cun so much that he died because of his excessive grief.

It was precisely because Zhou Rin knew how much Ji Ning loved Zhou Cun that he’d never confessed to him.

He kept his secret crush to himself, even though everyone else was aware of how much he liked Ji Ning.

Thinking about this, Ji Ning felt like choking himself to death.

He couldn’t explain to Zhou Rin that he only pretended to like Zhou Cun.

He’d also deceived the angel beside him, and the Emperor outside.

He’d even tricked Zhou Rin himself…he was worried his corpse would be left to rot in the sun today.

“Boss, calm down, calm down…” 

Fu Ji soothed the Alpha.

A cold sweat broke out on the red haired man’s back, but for the sake of his friend’s happiness he still stepped forward, ready to assume the responsibility of smoothing things out.

“There’s no need to be angry, Ji Ning hasn’t betrayed your brother.

He only met Ark recently.

It’s been many years since he was with your older brother.”

Fu Ji lied without any shame.

Anyway, since neither of them had explained to him what relationship they’d had in the past, he would just start counting from when they met at the auction.

“It’s been so long, and these two have only just started their relationship, so it’s not a betrayal of your brother.

Ji Ning is still thinking about your brother in his heart.

Boss, you wouldn’t want your family to remain unhappy for the rest of his life, would you” 

Fu Ji said a lot in one breath, and in the end he thought his words were reasonable enough to calm Zhou Rin’s anger.

But unexpectedly, Zhou Rin’s expression only turned darker at his words, his lips thinning into a harsh arc.

“Of course I want him to be happy.” He said, “I’ve always hoped that he would forget about my brother and have even wished that the two of them never met.”

“Then you…”

Fu Ji felt that there was something wrong with what he was saying, but didn’t know how to explain it.

He was about to placate him with a few more words, when Zhou Rin suddenly gripped Ji Ning’s wrist. 

There was anger on his face, but his eyes looked like he was about to start crying any moment.

“For so many years, I’d often wondered that if I had met you first, could the person you liked have been me”

“But I knew I never stood a chance, the only one you loved was my brother.

I thought he would be the only person you would ever love, yet now you’re entangled with other men.”

“I don’t blame you for falling in love with someone else.

If you didn’t love my brother anymore, then the happiest person in the world would be me.

So, if it’s possible for you to love other people, why can’t the person you love be me” 

“Ji Ning, I don’t believe you haven’t noticed.

I’ve loved you for many years and I still love you to this day.”

He wrapped his arms tightly around Ji Ning’s waist, pulling him close as he pressed ravenous kisses to the lips he’d craved for so many years.


The author has something to say: It’s so cold today, I couldn’t help shrinking into my quilt and sitting on my bed while writing.

It’s really too cold – people should pay attention to stay warm! (The lucky readers in warm regions can ignore this!)

Sobbing, crying, screaming – I’m sorry Zhou Rin, I do feel bad for you but Ark deserves this sweet and gentle love so much.

My angel finally has the love from Ji Ning he longed for – and the way he worships Ji Ning is so romantic, wow~ 



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