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Ch51 - Shared bath

Ozer said he would make him his Empress

Hearing such bold words, Gu Chen’s eyes widened in surprise, but Ozer didn’t seem to care enough to explain further.

He simply curled the corner of his lips and withdrew his spiritual energy.

Ji Ning’s vision went dark.

When he next opened his eyes, he’d left the holographic network and was back inside the sleep capsule. 

The lid of the capsule had become transparent so as soon as he opened his eyes he could see Ozer sitting inside his wheelchair, watching him.

Once he saw Ji Ning was awake, Ozer’s smile disappeared.

He unlocked the door of the sleep capsule and grabbed Ji Ning’s wrist, pulling him up.

Before Ji Ning could say a word, Ozer’s eyes fell on his terminal.

He extended his hand, palm facing upwards and said, “Xiao Ning, give me the terminal.”



Ji Ning didn’t dare say a word and obediently removed the terminal and handed it over.

Ozer searched through the message history of the terminal and found that there was indeed information regarding a film.

His expression softened slightly. 

Although he’d believed Ji Ning’s explanation, seeing the evidence with his own eyes calmed his heart slightly.


“Brother…” Seeing that his expression was no longer so cold, Ji Ning asked tentatively, “Is it true that you want to marry me”

Ozer’s words just now had really startled him, but he didn’t know if Ozer was just speaking casually to rile up Gu Chen or if he was actually sincere.

Ozer raised his head and glanced at him, a smile that wasn’t quite a smile on his lips, “Are you hoping that it’s true or false”


“I…” Ji Ning avoided the question and pretended to be anxious, “If we got married, wouldn’t those nobles object”

“Their opinions don’t matter,” Ozer’s tone was very light as he looked Ji Ning in the eye.

Still holding his wrist, he said, “I’m only asking you.

Xiao Ning, would you like to marry me”

As he spoke, the corners of his lips rose into a cold smile, “Or were the kisses and touches you gave me fake and you no longer love me Are you just acting in order to appease me”


Ji Ning’s heart skipped a beat.

For a moment he thought Ozer had completely seen through him.

But even if he was beaten to death, he would never admit this, so with a look of grievance he pulled on Ozer’s sleeve and said in a quiet voice. 

“No, brother, I want to marry you, but I’m scared it will cause you trouble…”

“You don’t have to worry,” The blond monarch held his hands and said calmly, “There is no one in this country who would oppose me.

Remember your promise to me Ji Ning, don’t run away.”

Ji Ning was so nervous he broke out in a cold sweat.

Restraining his emotions, he got out of the sleep capsule and draped his body across Ozer to whisper in his ear, “I’ll look forward to my wedding with brother.”


Since that’s the case, you probably don’t need this thing.” 

Ozer gently stroked Ji Ning’s back with one hand, while his spiritual force attacked the terminal in his other hand.

Thin, spider web cracks spread out across the surface of the terminal until it shattered into pieces and crumbled onto the ground.

Looking at the pile of dust, Ji Ning couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

He didn’t care about the damage to the terminal, it could be replaced, but Ozer’s actions clearly demonstrated how he wished to cut off his contact with the outside world, maybe even destroy his identity in the Federation.

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Ktf vjaf bo atf kfvvlcu kjr rfa obg j kffx’r alwf. 

When Ji Ning turned on the TV, every news program was reporting on the upcoming royal wedding.

The more he watched the introduction of the wedding arrangements, the more terrified Ji Ning felt.

It looked like things were moving in an irreversible direction.

The reports also broadcasted photos of him accompanying Ozer on various planets, with his face clearly appearing on screen.

At this point, Ji Ning felt like vomiting blood.

He couldn’t imagine the consequences if such scenes were seen by Ark or the others.


That night, he even had a nightmare.

In the dream he and Ozer were having a wedding, when Ark and Herinos suddenly burst into the scene and fought against the Mo Ling army.

For some reason, Yun Yuan and the others also appeared and all the protagonists fought each other until the entire palace was destroyed.

Wearing his wedding dress, he could only watch the violent scene in horror, when Gu Chen appeared and said to him with a cold expression. 

“It turns out you’re in relationships with so many men…well, I wish you a happy wedding.

From now on, it’s impossible for me to fall in love with you.”


Ji Ning woke up from his dream in panic, finding himself held tightly in Ozer’s arms.

Because of his thrashing, Ozer also woke up and asked him what happened.

Ji Ning wiped the cold sweat from his face, shook his head and said he’d just had a nightmare before lying back down. 

No, this terrible scenario would never come true, it was just a dream…

He silently comforted himself, but for some reason he still felt extremely uneasy, as if something terrible really would happen in the future.

Ji Ning eagerly hoped the spatial distortion would end as soon as possible so he could escape, but his wish backfired in the worst way.

Even though the spatial distortion finished, he couldn’t return to the Federation.

【According to my analysis, the space around the Mo Ling palace has been frozen and a large number of space locking devices have been installed inside the palace.】 

Future warned Ji Ning,【We should assume that Ozer has noticed your space distortions and has specially prepared this to entrap you.】

Ji Ning really felt panicked now, especially after his ominous dream,「Is there nothing else we can do」

Future was silent for a moment, then replied,【If you kill yourself now, I can have you revive somewhere else.】

Ji Ning fell silent at his suggestion.

Normally, he would have used this option immediately in order to escape, but Huo Wuling hadn’t yet recovered.

If he lost this body, Huo Wuling would also die.

He couldn’t let that happen. 

He asked Huo Wuling how long it would take before he recovered his full strength, but the ghost said it would be impossible before the wedding.

“But there is another way.”

Huo Wuling reclined across the large bed.

Although he was smiling, his eyes were cold, “Let me kill a few people and absorb their souls.

It will speed up my recovery and then I can personally kill the Emperor.”

Ji Ning was speechless for a while, but finally shook his head.

Although he wasn’t particularly kind, he was still a human being and couldn’t accept casually killing people, let alone Ozer. 

“Indecisive.” Huo Wuling mocked.

“That’s my bottom line.” Ji Ning retorted.


“Fine.” Huo Wuling shrugged, “Actually, there is another way, but it might be a bit radical.”

“Then don’t talk about it.” Ji Ning said decisively. 

Huo Wuling raised his eyebrow, “You haven’t even listened to me yet.”

“You said it was radical…” Ji Ning glanced at him nervously, scared he would want to blow up the entire wedding.

Huo Wuling gave him a lazy smile, and continued speaking, “Actually, it’s very easy.

If everyone saw a large picture of me and you having sex during the live broadcast of the wedding, he couldn’t possibly marry you, right”

“Fuck off!” This was hundreds of times more terrifying than his nightmare. 

“I’m only suggesting this for your sake, why are you so angry”

The dark haired man sighed softly, as if he was the one who was wronged, “Well, there is one last way.”

His eyes fell on the table and turned a little darker.

“Although I don’t know what it is…maybe it could help you.” 

Following Huo Wuling’s line of sight, Ji Ning looked down at the table and was stunned to see his terminal.

The one Ozer had definitely destroyed before.

Regardless of whether this was his old terminal that had been restored, or a new terminal that had appeared out of thin air, it must have been Lai that made it appear.

Did Huo Wuling mean he should ask Lai for help But how did he know about Lai’s existence

Huo Wuling smiled, his figure gradually fading until he’d reintegrated into Ji Ning’s shadow.

Immediately after, a bright light came from the terminal and Ji Ning once again entered the game.

The scene around him had changed, his vision fogged by misty white air.

He was naked, and submerged inside a warm pool of water that reached his chest.

He must be inside a bath. 


A clear and youthful voice came from Ji Ning’s side.

He turned his head and saw the blond boy soaking inside the same bath, his hair damp and his handsome face slightly flushed from the heat.

He smiled at Ji Ning and asked, “Are you feeling okay I like it here, it was the right decision to listen to the local resident’s recommendation.”

【After obtaining the tears of a siren, you continued on your journey to find materials for Lai’s staff.】

【The item you were searching for this time was the lava crystal stone, so you travelled to a town built next to a volcano.

The town is rich in geothermal resources and famous for its many hot springs.

After obtaining the crystal stone, you and Lai stayed inside this hot spring hotel and entered a hot spring together.】 

Ji Ning wiped the moisture from his face.

He was considering whether he should just let the cat out of the bag and ask Lai for help, when he heard a calm voice from outside.

“Good evening, I am a priest sent from the Lunar Temple.

Half an hour ago, a dark mage escaped from the temple and is currently on the run.

In order to catch this dark mage as soon as possible and for your own safety, I hope you will cooperate with us and allow our inspection.”


【You hadn’t anticipated such a situation to occur, and the request of the Lunar priest has put you on alert.】

【You know that the Lunar temple and the Temple of Light have always been on good terms.

After Lai disappeared, the Temple of Light issued a notice to the whole continent to find him and spread magical portraits of him to the other temples.

Someone from the Lunar Temple must be able to recognise Lai’s appearance.】 

【Because you entered the hot spring, you left your staff and potions that can change your appearance upstairs.

It is too late to retrieve them.

Of course, you could kill the priest and escape immediately, but that would reveal your whereabouts to the temple.】

【You choose:】

【One: Regardless of the danger, you kill the temple priest and run away】

【Two: Find a way to pass the search without being discovered.】 

Ji Ning originally wanted to speak with Lai, but the options had already appeared so he had to make a decision first.

The last time, he had chosen to muddle through the search, but the situation had been very different.

Lai had refused to come to the hot spring, despite his slowly softening attitude, so Ji Ning had brought the potion and his staff down with him and easily passed the inspection.

Ji Ning considered his options, but still made the same choice as before.

After all, he was naked.

If he chose to fight, he would have to do it nude and he seriously didn’t want to do that.

【You have chosen the second option.】 

“Teacher, there is an inspection…”

The boy had also heard the noise outside.

Seeing that the priest was about to enter the bathroom, he paused for a moment, then nodded his head and said.

“I’m sorry teacher, forgive me for being rude.”

He waded slowly through the water, pulled Ji Ning into his arms, and kissed his lips. 

Huo Wuling and Lai must have sleepovers where they gossip about Ningning…



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