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Ch42 - Shura field

When Fu Qinghan said Ji Ning was his loved one, the last hint of a smile on Yun Yuan’s face disappeared.

His expression condensed into ice, his pitch black pupils cold as he took a step forward, his eyes fixed on Ji Ning. 

A sudden, violent gust of wind tore through the forest, blowing the piles of petals on the ground up into the sky.

This impressive scene was overshadowed by a heavy aura that blanketed over every corner of the peach blossom forest.

Yun Yuan was angry.



Ji Ning felt a tightness in his chest from Yun Yuan’s aura, hardly able to breathe.

In front of him was only a fragment of Yun Yuan’s spiritual consciousness.

If he was actually here, Ji Ning’s consciousness would probably scatter on the spot, which would be enough to damage his real body.


Fu Qinghan didn’t understand what was going on, but stepped forward to block Ji Ning from the outburst.

“Shizun, what do you mean by this”


Why was Shizun suddenly angry Could it have something to do with the cursed formation he’d left inside the spiritual world

Or…was he angered by A-Ning

Fu Qinghan had just started to worry when Yun Yuan seemed to have a sudden change of heart.

The peach blossom forest regained its calm, although it had been slightly damaged, the ground covered in scattered twigs and blossoms.


“Qinghan,” Yun Yuan called out to his disciple, the corners of his lips curling up.

Although he was laughing, his expression was cold enough to freeze blood and bones, “Do you know who he is”

When he asked this question, Ji Ning felt the blood drain from his face.

Ever since he had entered Qiyue, a cold sweat had chilled his body and his heart felt like it would burst from his chest.

Even after so many years of completing tasks, this was the most terrifying situation he had ever encountered, even worse than when Huo Wuling had first appeared again.


He couldn’t understand how Yun Yuan and Fu Qinghan had become Shizun and student.

The fusion of the planes hadn’t occurred for very long, so how could their two worlds have been integrated for over a thousand years 


A terrible thought suddenly occurred to Ji Ning: those two novels had actually been written by the same author.

It couldn’t be that the author wrote a sequel where Yun Yuan and Fu Qinghan became Shizun and student This could only have happened because he changed the novel’s ending and prevented Fu Qinghan’s death…

Realising this possibility, he almost vomited blood.

On Yun Yuan’s side, the situation was beyond saving, but if he revealed his identity to Fu Qinghan and he also resented him, it would all be over.

He might as well kill Ying Qianqiu himself! 

But it was too late for him to stop Yun Yuan.

While Fu Qinghan was still confused, Yun Yuan glanced between the two of them and spat out a few words.

“He is the Dao partner of this Shizun.”

Fu Qinghan’s eyes widened in disbelief as he said in a hoarse voice, “How could he-”

“But he is neither a person from the three thousand spiritual worlds, nor a person from the world of this Shizun.” 

Yun Yuan’s words were cold and sharp, “He is from outside these realms and is able to enter through many worlds, moving through reincarnations unaffected by karmic fate.

You and I are people he has met during reincarnations.”

He broke down Ji Ning’s origins one by one.

Although he hadn’t guessed that these worlds were novels, he was completely right about everything else, making Ji Ning’s palms go cold.


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“During one such reincarnation, he was the Dao companion of this Shizun and has clearly never lost his past life’s memories.” Yun Yuan spoke harshly, “It wasn’t enough for you to provoke me so you decided to go after my disciple” He suddenly smiled, “Ji Ning, you really are impressive.”

Ji Ning felt cold all over and lowered his head to avoid his gaze.

“…Is what my Shizun said true”

Fu Qinghan clasped Ji Ning’s wrist, a look of hurt appearing on his face as he asked in a low voice, “A-Ning, did you really already remember everything And, you and Shizun…are you two really Dao companions” 

“I…” Ji Ning was almost lost for words when asked this, when he quickly recalled that he hadn’t established such a relationship with Yun Yuan and clarified, “Yun Yuan and I are not Dao companions, we never had a joining ceremony-”

“But you definitely promised me.” Yun Yuan said, “Back then, you said that as long as I entered the realm of spirit transformation first, you would become Dao partners with me.

Are you going back on your words now”

“But we were never together so we can’t be considered Dao partners…”

Ji Ning shuddered under Yun Yuan’s icy glare but he was determined to redeem himself in front of Fu Qinghan. 

There was no way that Yun Yuan would release the cursed formation on Ying Qianqiu, so Fu Qingahn was his only hope and…he was telling the truth, he left before they could become Dao companions! Ah, he felt so guilty…

“That’s fine,” said Yun Yuan, “If you don’t recognise that promise, then I’ll ask you again.

Would you like to become my Dao companion and stay by my side in the future”

The aura surrounding him grew stronger due to his anger.

It was so oppressive that once again, Ji Ning found it difficult to breathe.

It was at that moment that Fu Qinghan made his move, gracefully moving Ji Ning behind him in order to protect him from Yun Yuan’s aura.

He bowed his head and said. 

“Shizun, this disciple thinks that if A-Ning is unwilling then you shouldn’t force him.”

Yun Yuan turned his head to look at him, “What do you mean by that”

“He has entered the cycle of reincarnation and not yet finished with this life.

All kinds of previous lives should have nothing to do with him.” Fu Qinghan said, “It’s better to wait for him to pass on from this life and then…”

“You are very generous.” 

Yun Yuan looked at him for a while, then suddenly smiled.

Laughing, he raised his glass and drank from his wine glass but there was no warmth in his words.

“Did you know that the person who was trapped in my formation is also related to Ji Ning through a line of fate The two are engaged to be wed.

Even if it’s only for a single lifetime, are you really willing to see Ji Ning marry that person”


In fact, his engagement with Ying Qianqiu was also in the past…Ji Ning thought silently to himself, but he didn’t dare speak up in front of the two.

“…” Fu Qinghan lowered his head and didn’t speak, but his hands clenched slightly. 

Yun Yuan watched him for a while, then curled his lip and said, “Qinghan, I know you have something to say, you may speak.”

As he said this, he returned the wine glass to the table but his voice became a little deeper.

“You are the most exemplary disciple of this teacher and have always been aware of the correct etiquette.

You should know what to say and what not to say.”

“This disciple greatly respects Shizun.

It was Shizun who instructed this disciple to begin the path of immortal cultivation.

This disciple is extremely grateful and willing to give anything to repay Shizun.” 

Fu Qinghan lowered his head to Yun Yuan and bowed deeply, “But A-Ning is the only thing this disciple cannot give up.”

“Qinghan.” Yun Yuan’s eyes were cold as he called his name, “You say this and still regard me as your teacher”

“Shizun is naturally Shizun.” Fu Qinghan raised his head and looked at Yun Yuan seriously.

“But this disciple loves A-Ning.

As you are not his Dao companion, this means there is still a chance for this disciple.”

Yun Yuan laughed at him in anger, “Are you trying to compete with this teacher” 

“This disciple dares not.” Fu Qinghan said, “It’s just that this disciple thinks A-Ning should choose for himself.”

“If he chose someone else, what would you do” Yun Yuan’s brow was cold, “Are you willing to hand him over, even if it’s to a mortal”

Fu Qinghan didn’t answer, he just said, “This disciple will do his best.”

“You are truly an excellent disciple of this teacher.” Yun Yuan said disinterestedly, “But I’m different from you.

If he likes someone else I’ll kill that person and throw their soul to the underworld, letting them die forever so they can never enter reincarnation.” He gave Fu Qinghan a dangerous look, “Even if that person was you.” 

Fu Qinghan could hear the barely restrained anger in Yun Yuan’s words, so stopped talking about the matter and bowed to him, “Shizun, A-Ning wants to lift the cursed formation for his friend.

Would it be possible for this disciple to try to remove it for him”

“You want to please him in this way”

Yun Yuan glanced at him with a half amused smile, before the curve of his lip faded, “You don’t need to bother, I have removed the cursed formation.”

“Thank you Shizun.” Fu Qinghan said.

For him, it didn’t matter who took action, as long as it would help Ji Ning. 

“There is no need for you to give thanks on behalf of him.” Yun Yuan poured another glass of wine for himself, lowered his head and said apathetically, “If there is nothing else, you can leave.

Don’t bother me again.”

“Yes Shizun.”


The handsome youth in green turned to ask Ji Ning to leave with him, but was surprised to find Ji Ning had already disappeared without him sensing it.

“He left a long time ago.” Yun Yuan drank from his wine glass without looking at his disciple.

“It seems that your cultivation is still lacking.” 


Fu Qinhan pursed his lips, bowed to Yun Yuan, and finally left Qiyue, leaving Yun Yuan alone inside the desolate peach forest, silently gazing at the wine in his glass.

His cultivation base had reached the realm of great ascension but the piece of himself inside of Qiyue was just a fragment of his consciousness, which reduced his cultivation to the transcending tribulation realm.

If his power wasn’t restrained by Qiyue, he wouldn’t have minded taking action against that traitorous disciple, even sending him back into the reincarnation cycle.

He hadn’t waited for more than two thousand years to watch Ji Ning fall into another’s arms. 

This time, he would make sure Ji Ning belonged to him completely.

He alone would hold the boy’s lives and deaths in the palm of his hand.

Just as Yun Yuan had said, Ji Ning had already run away.

He really couldn’t bear the tension between Fu Qinghan and Yun Yuan, and escaped to another world as quickly as he could.

He had received too many shocks and needed time to rest.

Future sent him back to the world of ‘Rebirth of the Interstellar Actor’ and Ji Ning awoke to find himself lying in his bedroom.

He hurriedly recalled what the situation was before he left.

He remembered there had been a space distortion previously which had sent him to Ark’s side, the protagonist of the apocalypse novel ‘Archangel’.

They had been trying to travel to another country but their spaceship was searched by the Mo Ling Empire.

It was very likely that his whereabouts would be discovered and reported to the interstellar protagonist, Ozer. 

But at that critical moment, Huo Wuling had released Herinos from his imprisonment and the two joined forces to brainwash everyone inside the spaceship, narrowly avoiding the threat of being found by Ozer.

After that, the space distortion ended and he returned to his villa with Ark and his friend Fu Ji, as well as Huo Wuling and Herinos.

Somewhere in the middle of all that, he had entered a secondary time distortion and became an omega in heat again.

He had unfortunately encountered Zhou Rin, the protagonist of the ABO novel, but had managed to escape in time…

Ji Ning recalled the situation that had occurred and his expression turned a little ugly. 

It was because there were three protagonists in the villa at the same time that he had left for Ying Qianqiu’s world in the first place.

Now he had been forced to return here for refuge…

How was his villa Wouldn’t it have been destroyed again

Thinking of this, he couldn’t sit still any longer and hurried downstairs to the living room.

Inside the living room, the three protagonists were not there.

Only the red haired man, Fu Ji, remained, studying some of the advanced technology he’d found in this foreign country.

Hearing Ji Ning come downstairs, he stood up to greet him.

“Yo, you’re awake.” 

“Where are Ark and the others”

Ji Ning checked around and breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, his living room was still intact and hadn’t been demolished…Last time his villa had been bulldozed by Huo Wuling and Herinos, so he still had some lingering fears.


“Oh, they…”

The red haired man had a strange look on his face.

The next moment, there was a loud noise from outside as a light show similar to fireworks erupted alongside an extremely powerful force that shook the whole villa. 

He pointed out the window and said to Ji Ning with a dry smile, “They’re fighting outside.”

Ji Ning “…”

Just let him die already.

I feel the same as Ji Ning – the next five chapters are actually some of my favourite in the whole novel but they are over ten thousand characters long each (for reference that’s more than twice this chapter (T⌓T)) which might actually kill me.

They’re super fun though and one of my abandoned protagonists makes a comeback!! 

I love you Ningning, but you’re stepping in eleven boats and you deserve everything that happens to you~

Context for the title – Shura field (修羅場) means a powerful killing aura but can also mean a complicated relationship, which….this definitely is

I’m so torn, Yun Yuan’s possessiveness is very sexy but Fu Qinghan has this adorable puppy love, so it’s impossible for me to pick a favourite!! Ah, luckily that’s Ji Ning’s job…


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