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Ch4 - Have I been misunderstood

After seeing a bat suddenly transform into a handsome young man, Ji Ning didn’t attempt to hide his emotions.

He took several steps back in alarm and asked, “Who are you”


Shaken, the man didn’t answer the question immediately, giving him a complicated look.

He gently closed his garnet pupils and after a while opened them again, whispering softly.

“You really don’t remember me”



He then caught sight of blood staining Ji Ning’s shirt and frowned.

His expression turned cold and he asked in a dangerous voice, “Who hurt you”

“Please leave my room immediately” 

Ji Ning raised the terminal on his wrist, “If you don’t leave, I’ll call-”


However his voice suddenly stopped and his expression changed, as the blood drained from his face and cool sweat beaded on his forehead.

He groaned, grabbing the fabric in front of his chest and fell forward with a pained look on his face.

“Ji Ning!”

The black cloak whirled through the air as the man appeared next to Ji Ning in an instant, reaching out and pulling him into his arms.


He opened his lips, revealing snow white fangs and pulled a glove off with his teeth, before biting his own wrist, allowing the blood to gush into Ji Ning’s mouth.

Pain as if he were being burned alive tore through Ji Ning’s body and soul.

It was not until the blood flowed into his mouth that the heart-piercing agony was relieved.

By this time, Ji Ning’s consciousness had turned hazy from the pain.

Leaning weakly in the man’s arms, only one thought appeared over and over again-


Why was there still a blood pact between them 

He knew where that pain had come from.

It was the effect of a blood pact.

In a previous world, he had been forced to sign a blood pact with the man in front of him.

If he was unable to regularly receive the man’s blood, he would feel pain to the point of losing his mind, desperate to drink the only blood that could save him.


Actually, the moment he had seen the bat, Ji Ning had known who was coming.

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The reason why he did this was because in that world, his relationship with Herinos was extremely twisted.

As a vampire hunter, the character Ji Ning played despised all vampires.

Later he was imprisoned and then killed by Herinos, hating him until the end.

It would be troublesome and pointless to continue to play such a character, so Ji Ning decided he wouldn’t.

Furthermore, there would be other benefits to ‘forgetting’ Herinos.

The vampire world had believed in ‘reincarnation’.

Herinos had watched him die in his arms, if Ji Ning didn’t recognise him here then he would believe he had been reincarnated.

He knew that Herinos harboured deep guilt towards him and would definitely not cause him any harm. 

But despite these calculations, Ji Ning hadn’t expected that the blood pact between them still existed and that it would be triggered again after they met, causing Ji Ning to immediately fall into intense pain and desire.

This type of contract was unique to high ranking vampires.

Previously, when Herinos fed his blood to Ji Ning and drank from his neck in turn, the blood contract naturally appeared on Ji Ning’s body.


From then on, Herinos had absolute control over Ji Ning.

Whenever the blood pact activated, Ji Ning would instinctively want to submit to Herinos, as if the person standing in front of him was a god.

This kind of relationship was very bad for Ji Ning.

He was extremely happy to leave the blood clan novel world and thought he had gotten rid of the blood pact at the same time.

But he had never expected he would meet Herinos again, or that the blood pact would still take effect in another world. 

How unlucky, how could Herinos also appear in this world…

As it had been such a long time since he had been given Herinos’s blood, the blood pact had accumulated into a much larger punishment.

Even though Herinos had immediately fed him blood, Ji Ning’s body couldn’t take the stress and he fainted soon after.

When Ji Ning opened his eyes again, he found himself lying on the bed, still inside his hotel room.


Ji Ning sat up slowly from the bed, the residual effect of the blood pact still making him a little dizzy.

There were traces of blood still inside his mouth but he no longer craved its taste.

The frenzy from the blood pact seemed to be over.

He looked down at his body and found that his blood stained clothes had been changed and the wound on his arm had healed a lot.

This must have been as a result of Herinos.

The sound of water caught his attention and his eyes unconsciously drifted to the bathroom.

With Herinos clearly not in the room, he should naturally be in the bathroom…but why was he taking a shower 

Ji Ning couldn’t guess the reason but his expression suddenly twisted as he found memories in his head that didn’t belong to him.

As a blood prince, Herinos had a power of suggestion, allowing him to modify human memories.

It seemed like these extra memories had been added by Herinos during his coma.

Ji Ning was a traveller who didn’t belong to any of the worlds he visited.

His memory was protected by the system to prevent important information about the tasks from being lost.

At the same time, it prevented his memory from being tampered with, making Herinos’ power of suggestion useless against him.

Although Herinos attempted to read his memories in order to reasonably shape new memories on top of old ones, they were all fake memories created by the system. 

According to the memories added by Herinos, he was a close friend of Ji Ning and the two shared a good relationship.

Ji Ning was aware that Herinos was a vampire disguised as a human but didn’t care.

Although he had an arrogant and cold personality, Herinos was special to him and was the only person he would show his soft side to.

As a vampire over a thousand years old, how could he dare show his face…

Ji Ning stared at the bathroom blankly.

In the false memories, Herinos had appeared here because he had heard the news of Ji Ning’s injury and had insisted on living with Ji Ning. 

Ji Ning understood what Herinos was doing.

He must want to stay by his side in the future, so he fabricated a false identity for himself.

As he had pretended to have amnesia, Herinos had already concluded that he was a reincarnation of the past.

Their past was already gone, allowing Herinos a second chance that he naturally wouldn’t miss out on.


Fortunately, this guy still had a bottom line and didn’t desperately create a false memory that they were lovers.

Ji Ning considered the situation for a while and decided that overall, this was a good thing.

If Herinos was by his side, he would be safer, as it would be more difficult for Huo Wuling to attack him. 

Moreover, he was originally worried that Huo Wuling had gained the ability to travel between novels, but if Herinos was here too, the system operator was at fault.

As long as the error was fixed, Huo Wuling and Herinos would both return to their original worlds.

Therefore, assuming they can be sent back, the problem of the blood pact would naturally be solved.

If he and Herinos were in different worlds, he would no longer be affected by the pact.

However, until the problem was resolved, he would have to slow down his attack on Gu Chen.

If he hooked up with other men under the eyes of Herinos, he was afraid Herinos might kill him before Huo Wuling had a chance to.

The sound of water pattering in the bathroom stopped.

At the same time, there was a knock at the door.

Ji Ning glanced at the terminal on his wrist, he hadn’t been passed out long, Gu Chen must have arrived to help him apply medicine. 

“Coming here at this time…”

Ji Ning muttered something in his heart, but still gave permission to the optical brain inside the room to allow Gu Chen to enter.

He was glad that he and Gu Chen had just met.

If they had formed an ambiguous relationship, although he might escape fine, Gu Chen would have been in danger.


Gu Chen’s handsome face appeared outside the door.

He smiled at Ji Ning, walked into the room and picked up the healing spray off the table, “How are you, feeling better now”

Ji Ning got up from the bed and nodded slightly to Gu Chen.

After thinking about it he said, “You can go back to rest.

Someone else will help me with the medicine.”

Although he had wanted to quickly develop a good relationship with Gu Chen, touching was inevitable when applying medicine.

He was worried that if Herinos saw them, he might pay special attention to Gu Chen.

After all, he was an extremely possessive vampire.

At these words, Gu Chen’s movement of applying the spray paused slightly, “Senior, did you ask someone else to help” 

Ji Ning shook his head.

Before he could explain, the bathroom door opened.

Herinos walked out in a burgundy silk bathrobe that slightly exposed his chest.

The ends of his hair were still damp as he entered the room.

He had appeared in human form, his eyes were pure black and his skin no longer so pale.

The long hair that had draped over his shoulders was now sleek and short.

Although he had lost his ethereal aura, he was still extremely beautiful.

When he saw Gu Chen, he first raised his eyebrows, then walked to Ji Ning’s side and pulled him close using his uninjured arm.

He spoke with a smile that was not quite a smile, “Xiao Ning, who is he”


With Herinos wrapped around him, Gu Chen’s eyes moved over to Ji Ning, and at the same time Ji Ning suddenly realised a problem.

If he didn’t want to reveal that he didn’t actually have amnesia, then he had to act according to the memories that Herinos altered – that he was indifferent to others and only acted soft with his close friend.


…Then he shouldn’t be worried whether Herinos would misunderstand him, but that Gu Chen would.


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