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Chapter 6: Was About To Die From Anger

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Fu Ze shouted a few more numbers in succession. Every time, Su Meng could accurately shake them out. In the end, the corners of his mouth twitched. Was this still human

Su Meng asked, “Do you still want to continue”

Fu Ze was convinced. He surrendered. “Ive lost.”

“If youre willing to bet, you must admit your loss. Then the bet...” Su Meng looked at him with a smile.

Fu Ze was heartbroken, but he could not go back on his word in front of so many people. He immediately gritted his teeth and said, “There are some procedures to convert the shares. Ill give it to you after Im done.”

Su Meng nodded in satisfaction. Then, she said to everyone present, “Is there anyone who wants to learn my skills The price is fair and just. Everyone only needs to pay 30,000 in tuition fees. I guarantee that youll be able to learn it!”

Initially, everyone was a little moved when they saw her skills. Now that they heard that she was going to teach them, they immediately rushed to sign up. They were all children of wealthy families. A mere 30,000 yuan was nothing to them.

Looking at Su Meng, who was particularly eye-catching in the crowd, Wei Xue was so jealous that she felt she was going crazy. She gritted her teeth fiercely and cursed Su Meng in her heart. Why was she so outstanding today! But it didnt matter. She still had other ways to deal with Su Meng.

All the rich kids around were looking at Su Meng. Even Wei Ting and Fu Ze were looking at her.

After Su Meng finished talking to a man, Wei Xue quickly walked forward. She held Su Mengs arm affectionately and said in a considerate manner, “Sister-in-law, today is Brother Fu Zes opening ceremony. Hes the main character. Youve finished playing around, right Then Ill take you to Brother Fu Zes clubhouse to have a look around, okay”

Today, Su Meng was a little different from her usual self. She was brimming with confidence. She was originally good-looking. When she stopped being submissive, her body would emit a strange aura, and Wei Xue would feel threatened.

Whether she was overthinking it or not, she wanted to directly cut off this threat.

When Su Meng heard Wei Xues words, how could she not know what she was thinking Wasnt she just afraid that Su Meng would continue to be in the limelight

However, she had already added the last persons contact details. Next, she just needed to accept their red packets one by one. In any case, there was nothing much to do. Rather than making Fu Ze upset, it would be better to go with Wei Xue to visit the clubhouse.

“Alright, Xiao Xue, lets go.” Su Mengs lips curled into a smile as she agreed. Her appearance was just like that of a little fox that had successfully eaten a chicken. She didnt even look at Wei Ting and directly left with Wei Xue.

Wei Ting, who had been paying attention to her, became more and more thoughtful. In one night, Su Mengs attitude toward him seemed to have undergone an earth-shattering change. In the past, she would always stick by his side and curry favor with him like a little follower. Even the things she did were somewhat unconventional.

What was Su Meng doing this time Could it be that she was playing hard to get However, he could clearly see the hatred in her eyes.

Wei Ting only retracted his gaze when Su Mengs figure disappeared.

“Sister-in-law, how could you do that just now! You have to know that my brother hates such uncouth things the most. Youve been playing with other men for so long. Do you still want to pursue my brother This isnt something a girl should do. Its too indecent.” Wei Xue advised Su Meng on the surface. In reality, she was scolding her.

Hearing Wei Xues words, Su Mengs eyes immediately turned red. She said anxiously, “Then what should we do, Xiao Xue I was out of control just now. Ive never been so lucky like today. I just wanted to take advantage of my good luck to get some money for myself. I didnt think of this.”

“Do you really need money” Wei Xue looked at her with disdain. However, she didnt want to lose her temper, so she could only endure it.

Su Meng nodded and continued to pretend to be pitiful. “Your brother doesnt love me. I dont need to worry about anything like food and clothes. But I dont have any money in my hands.”

Wei Xue was relieved. Su Meng was really a blind cat that had hit a dead mouse today. It was normal for Wei Ting not to like such a stupid woman. At that moment, even her tone softened. “Its fine. Remember not to do this again next time.”

This club was indeed a place where rich people came. It was decorated magnificently. It was not just the front desk. At every corner stood an attendant lady whose temperament and appearance was not inferior to that of a celebrity. When they saw Wei Xue and Su Meng, they greeted them with smiles on their faces.

Wei Xue scoffed at this. She had always looked down on these poor people who had to serve others in order to earn a living. Su Meng understood that it was not easy for them. She returned a smile to everyone who greeted her.

Wei Xue wanted to go out for a walk with Su Meng because she did not want her to continue attracting attention. She did not really want to take her for a walk. However, she did not expect Su Meng not to understand what she meant. No matter how she hinted that she wanted to go back, she was pulled back by Su Meng with a smile and had to continue to accompany her on the tour.

She was angry but didnt want to flare up. After all, she was the one who wanted to bring Su Meng out. She just secretly gritted her teeth, thinking that if there was a chance, she had to personally tear this stupid woman apart.


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