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Chapter 29: Sister-in-law and a Man in a Room

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The Wei familys Young Madam went to a hotel with a strange man! It was too explosive. The girl called Jia Jia didnt even think about it and immediately picked up her camera to take a picture. Then she exclaimed, “D*mn, Xiao Xue, your sister-in-law actually went to a hotel room with another man!”

Wei Xue quickly pretended to stop Jia Jia. “You mustnt post it on social media. Otherwise, if my brother finds out, he will divorce her. My sister-in-law isnt from a big family. She doesnt have anyone to rely on other than my brother!”

Hearing that Su Meng didnt have any background, Jia Jia was instantly delighted. If Wei Ting found out about this, he would definitely divorce her. Then, she would have a chance. She promised not to say anything, but she posted it on social media soon after.

She had a lot of fans to begin with, and she was also in the socialite circle. Instantly, this news exploded. All the socialites felt that their chance had come and forwarded their comments. There were also ordinary netizens who were unaware. They thought that Su Meng was having an affair in her marriage, and they all scolded her for not wanting to be with the CEO husband, but instead, with an ugly man. They even said that it was fortunate that the blogger had found out. It was really a great deed.

When Wei Xue saw this, the corner of her mouth revealed a trace of a smile. She pretended to be flustered and pulled Jia Jia away. If Su Meng saw her, it would be difficult to handle.

Su Meng, you kept pestering Brother Wei Ting. I was worried that I wouldnt have a chance to deal with you, but you brought it to me. You asked for it. You cant blame me.

The young madam of the Wei family cheated with an ugly man and even went out to get a room together. This news instantly exploded like a drop of water falling into a pot of hot oil.

Su Meng had just returned to the shop with her master when she received a fatal phone call from Wei Tings mother, Li Lian. “Su Meng, get your ass over here! Now, now, now!” After saying that, she directly hung up the phone. There was no time for Su Meng to react at all.

“What happened” Because Li Lians voice was too loud, even Guo Xiang, who was at the side, heard it. He frowned and asked Su Meng with great dissatisfaction. The person on the other end of the phone was too rude, actually scolding his disciple.

“Nothing. But Master, I need to go back to the Wei family. I dont know if I will come back tonight, but I will definitely come back tomorrow.” Su Meng also wondered why her mother-in-law was so angry. She hadnt seen that evil mother-in-law recently.

Guo Xiang was a little worried and asked Su Meng, “Do you need Master to accompany you”

Hong Si, who was at the side, also advised Su Meng, “From the way she talks, Im afraid something bad will happen. Why dont you let Boss accompany you”

Su Meng refused. “Theres really no need. Brother Hong, please help take care of my master. Ill be back very soon.”


At the Wei familys old residence.

Li Lian was originally playing mahjong, but Wei Xue suddenly ran in from outside in a panic halfway through the game. Then, she quietly called her away and showed her the post about Su Mengs cheating that had been crazily forwarded.

She was so angry that smoke was coming out of her seven orifices. Her face was livid, and she ignored the urging of her mahjong friends. She turned around and left to give Su Meng a call. Then, she asked Wei Xue to find someone to find a way to spend money to remove the trending search.

Su Mengs post was pushed to the top three searches. It must be known that rich ladies like her usually had the most free time. Other than playing mahjong, they would gossip with each other. Now, they were busy playing. Once they went back and saw this news, they would laugh at her to death. Originally, everyone had been comparing each other in the open and in the dark.

When Su Meng arrived, Li Lian was sitting on the sofa, waiting for her with a livid face, while Wei Xue stood obediently at the side.

“Su Meng, youre really bold. You dare to fool around with other men and even went to a hotel to get a room!” Seeing that Su Meng had arrived, Li Lian went up and slapped Su Meng. She really did not save any strength, and Su Mengs face instantly became red and swollen.

When Wei Xue saw that Su Meng was being beaten, she hurriedly pretended to stop Li Lian, but her hands did not use any strength at all. She only held on to her. However, her mouth was eager to persuade her. “Mom, if Sister-in-law did something wrong, just scold her. Dont hit her. If Brother sees you hitting Sister-in-law, he will be angry.”

“He will be angry” Li Lian didnt look like a noblewoman at the moment. She pointed at Su Meng and cursed, “Would your brother like such a b*tch If he knew, he would definitely hit her too!” Then, she raised her hand towards Su Mengs face, wanting to hit her again.

Unexpectedly, she didnt get what she wanted this time. Just as she raised her hand, it was grabbed by Su Meng. Su Meng covered her face with one hand and grabbed Li Lians arm with the other. She said in a deep voice, “Dont go too far. Dont think that I will let you do whatever you want just because you are an elder.”


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