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Chapter 27: Master, Im Sorry

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Seeing that Su Meng had no impression of him, he hurriedly explained, “My name is Hong Si. If Im not mistaken, you should have seen me before. I work in Guo Xiangs shop. Hes my boss. That day, when I was busy in the shop, I seemed to have seen you standing at the door for a while. I wanted to wait until I was done before coming out to look for you. In the end, I found that you had already left.”

After the mans explanation, Su Meng finally remembered where she had seen him before. What did he say He was working in Masters shop That meant that Master had not sold the shop and had not really left her!

At the thought of her master, Su Mengs eyes immediately turned red. Without waiting for her to ask further, Hong Si continued, “Boss has encountered something and is currently in the hotel. Do you want to follow me to take a look”

Su Meng nodded repeatedly. She was afraid that she would not be able to see her master later. She hurriedly urged, “Sorry to trouble you. Take me to see him!”

Su Meng followed Hong Si. It turned out that her master was staying in the hotel next to the clubhouse.

Along the way, Su Mengs heart was pounding. Although she had not been separated from her master for too long in this life, it had been a long time in her previous life. She recalled that in her previous life, she had not listened to her master and had been separated from him. In the end, she never saw her master again until she died.

Finally, they reached her masters door. Hong Si tactfully didnt follow Su Meng in.

Standing at the door, Su Meng was nervous. Even her hands were slightly trembling.

Finally, she mustered up her courage and took a deep breath. Then, she knocked on the door. When the door opened, she saw that familiar face.

“Master...” Su Mengs tears immediately flowed out. She went up and gave her master a bear hug.

Guo Xiang was still angry and didnt want to talk to Su Meng. However, when he saw Su Meng crying and pouncing on him, he suddenly became less angry. However, he didnt show it on his face. He said coldly, “How can such a big girl pounce on someone Im not your master. Didnt you sever your relationship with me for the Wei family” Then, he pushed Su Meng away mercilessly.

Unexpectedly, Su Meng cried even harder. She sobbed and apologized, “Im sorry, Master. I was wrong. I really know that I was wrong. Dont abandon me!”

Her sister-in-law and husband, who she had once trusted the most, had betrayed her. Now, she only had her master as her family. If her master still did not want her, then she really would not know what to do.

Su Meng cried until she was out of breath. Seeing her like this, the last bit of anger in Guo Xiangs heart also disappeared.

“Okay, dont cry anymore. Didnt I come back How have you been recently” Guo Xiang stroked Su Mengs head, and his tone softened.

However, Su Meng did not answer and kept crying. There was no way for her to answer him. Seeing this, Guo Xiang was a little worried. He quickly comforted her. “Isnt Master already back Dont cry anymore. Master didnt abandon you. How have you been staying in the Wei family recently Did that kid from the Wei family bully you If he bullied you, then Master will go and reason with him with his old life. So what if hes rich No one can bully my disciple!”

Guo Xiang comforted Su Meng while patting her back gently to help her calm down.

“Then why didnt I get through to your cell phone The store even changed people. I thought you sold the store. Im sorry, Master. In the past, I wasnt sensible and always made you angry. I swear that I wont do it again. In the future, Ill be by your side every day to support you in your old age.”

Su Meng only recovered after a long while. When she saw that her master had grown so much white hair, Su Meng choked on her sobs.

When he heard Su Meng say this, Guo Xiang was stunned for a moment and immediately grasped the main point of Su Mengs words. He asked, “Accompany me Girl, tell Master the truth. Whats wrong with you Are you unable to stay in the Wei family anymore Ive already said it before. The feng shui of the Wei family is at odds with you. If you forcefully stay there, youll only be the unlucky one. Moreover, theyre a wealthy family. How can they look up to ordinary people like us”

Su Meng nodded. Guo Xiang continued, “I didnt sell the shop. Someone had to look after it when Im not around. I was the one who found Hong Si to help. Someone in my hometown wanted to move a grave, so I went to take care of it. There was no signal in the mountains, and there was a problem with my phone. Thinking about how you were so focused on Wei Ting that you wouldnt come looking for me in a short period of time, I kept turning off my phone.”

Su Meng asked Guo Xiang bitterly, “When did you come back”

“Yesterday, Hong Si said that you would come here today to help the club owner with the feng shui problem, so I stayed nearby. The problem wasnt simple. I was afraid that you couldnt handle it yourself, so I thought I would help you.”

Su Meng walked to the hotel window and looked outside. Sure enough, she could see the entrance of the club from there. A warm feeling spread in her heart. Su Meng was happy. Her master really loved her the most.


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