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Chapter 17: Paid

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Su Meng asked Butler Zhou while eating, “Butler Zhou, do you or your family members always encounter some bad things recently”

She said it tactfully, but Butler Zhou was shocked and blurted out, “How did you know, Young Madam!”

His wife had been knocked unconscious by the chandelier a few days ago. Although her life was no longer in danger, she was still hospitalized due to her serious injuries. Not only that, before she was hit by the chandelier, she had also encountered a series of unfortunate events such as falling into an open well at night, her shoes being pierced by nails on the ground, and so on. Fortunately, her life was not in danger.

Too many unfortunate things had happened. He did not dare to let his wife leave the house, but he did not expect that she would still have an accident at home.

Su Meng said, “Not only do I know, I can also help you deal with this problem.” She wanted to help Butler Zhou. On one hand, he was the only person in the entire Wei family who still respected her during her most miserable period. On the other hand, she wanted to test her skills.

“How can I trouble you with such a small matter Thank you for your concern, Young Madam.” Butler Zhou tactfully refused. No matter how helpless he was, he could not ask his Young Madam for help. Su Meng was the master, and he was just a worker. Even if he had any requests, he could not ask his master to help him.

Su Meng knew that Butler Zhou felt that she was making fun of him and did not believe her at all. She advised patiently, “Its fine. I happen to be studying feng shui recently. Just treat it as a test of my studies. Anyway, even if it doesnt work well, it cant have a worse effect on you, right Dont forget, although you are not affected by it, your familys situation is very serious.”

“Feng shui” Butler Zhou was stunned when he heard Su Mengs answer. He mumbled softly, “Isnt that superstition It doesnt conform to science.”

Su Meng: “...”

How was she going to answer Butler Zhou

After a moment of silence, Su Meng said faintly, “Bring me to your house to take a look. I can see that your body has a yin haze that doesnt belong to you. There must be something wrong with your house.”

After saying that, Su Meng fell silent again. She really looked like the fortune teller that Wei Ting called a swindler.

“Then Ill have to trouble Young Madam.” Butler Zhou gave her face and did not question her anymore. After all, it was Young Madams good intentions, so he could not keep rejecting her. Just as Su Meng had said, even if she did not help, it would not be a loss to him. Moreover, his home was in the high-rise residential area next to the Villa District. It was not too far away, and they would be back soon.

Before Su Meng left, she went back to her room to take a folder and handed it to the maid, asking her to pass it to Wei Ting. Then, she left with the butler.


In the room, Wei Ting was sitting in front of the French window, making a phone call.

On the other side of the phone, Fu Ze was yelling. Wei Ting held the phone further away, as if he was afraid that it would hurt his ears.

“Wei Ting, do you have any ideas This brother of mine has been screwed badly recently. If this goes on, not only will I not have to pay for it, I will even lose my life!” Fu Ze shouted.

“Then close the shop.” Wei Ting frowned.

“Thats easy for you to say. Its useless to close the shop! Ive found a few feng shui masters. They all said that theres something wrong with the shops feng shui, but theres no way to break it. I dont know where the feng shui master who opened the shop with me has fled to. Ive used the Fu familys power, but I still cant find him.”

On the other end of the phone, Fu Ze suddenly lowered his voice. “Tell me, do you think Ive been fooled But before I found that feng shui master, I had checked all of his details. Hes a very clean person. Wei Ting, do you think Im the one who...”

“Fu Ze.” Wei Ting interrupted him and said in a deep voice, “Before everything is confirmed, dont panic. Calm yourself down first.”

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a knock on the door.

“Wait a minute.” Wei Ting signaled Fu Ze to stop for a moment, then turned around and asked, “Whats the matter”

A servants voice came from the other side of the door. “Young Master, just before Young Madam went out, she asked me to give this folder to you.”

Su Meng What did this crazy girl want to do this time

“Come in.”

After getting permission, the maid gently pushed the door open and walked in. She respectfully handed the folder to Wei Ting with both hands.

“Wheres Young Madam” Wei Ting asked.

“Madam and Butler Zhou went out,” the maid said respectfully. There was a strange look on her face, and her expression looked very unnatural.

Wei Ting asked her, “Butler Zhou Where did they go”

“I was busy at the time and didnt hear clearly. It seemed that Young Madam wanted to help Butler Zhou look at feng shui.”

“Okay, you can leave.” After receiving the signal from Wei Ting, she quickly left.

After Wei Ting opened the folder and saw the things inside, his anger immediately surged. He, who had always been calm, couldnt help but clench his teeth to control his emotions. He shouted in a low voice, “Su Meng!”


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