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Chapter 13: Missed Her Master

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Although he was unwilling, he still obediently blew on the thing in Su Mengs hand and left.

Just as Wei Ting left, the old man who had been secretly observing them asked Su Meng, “Little girl, who is he to you I thought you two were a couple, but I have to remind you that no matter what kind of relationship you have, as a feng shui master, you cant use these things to harm others and do things that harm your morals.”

Su Meng carefully wrapped the thing with yellow paper and put it into her bag. She explained, “Dont worry, I know.” But she thought to herself,If some people came to find trouble with me, then this kind of thing cant be blamed on me.

The old man smiled and came to Su Mengs side and asked with a hint of flattery, “Little girl, which sect did you learn from Since you are so powerful, will you go to the Feng Shui Master Competition in two weeks”

“Feng Shui Master Competition” Su Meng was not interested in telling him about her master, but she paid attention to the other question. “What is this Feng Shui Master Competition” She asked in puzzlement.

“You dont know” The old man asked with a face full of surprise, “Based on the way you drew the talisman just now, although you are a girl, your attainments are definitely not low. You should also understand the business of feng shui masters. If a female feng shui master wants to make a name for herself in the world of feng shui, it is no different from finding water to drink in the Gobi desert. Participating in the Feng Shui Master Competition to make a name for yourself is the best choice.”

After hearing this, Su Mengs interest was immediately piqued. She asked, “Where will it be held Does it have any requirements”

The old man shook his head and said, “Anyone who knows feng shui can participate, as long as they are under the age of forty. However, most of the participants are disciples of highly respected feng shui masters. Feng shui masters who dont have any background and dont have any actual practice will be at a disadvantage. The winner will not only receive the attention of various builders or wealthy individuals, but will also receive a prize of 10 million yuan.”

Just as Su Meng was contemplating, the old man added on these words.

Hearing that there was so much prize money, Su Mengs eyes immediately lit up and she said, “Ill go!” The old man was right. She was currently on her own. Even if she wanted to return to her old profession, she had to make a name for herself first. Otherwise, she might not even be able to see those big bosses. Without business, how could she make money

No matter how difficult it was, how would she know if she didnt try

The old man looked at Su Mengs determined eyes and revealed a meaningful smile.

Before Su Meng left, the old man from the antique shop gave her a lot of things. He gave her all the tools that feng shui masters needed, and they were all in black plastic bags.

Of course, these things were not for nothing. The old man had a request, and that was that when Su Meng participated in the competition, all the things that she could recommend to others would be bought from him.

Su Meng carried the things and passed by the shop that her master had once opened. Although the appearance of the shop had not changed, it was no longer the same. She stopped in front of the shop and looked at the unfamiliar shop owner who was greeting the customers. Her thoughts could not help but drift away.

She had spent most of her time here in the past. Her master and his wife had treated her like their own daughter. Not only that, her master had even groomed her as an heir, teaching her feng shui knowledge and teaching her the principles of being human.

But how did she repay her master Later on, when her masters wife passed away, her master was already heartbroken. For the sake of the Wei family, she disregarded her masters obstruction and was even willing to break ties with her master to go to the Wei family.

Her master said that the feng shui of the Wei family conflicted with her. If she went there, she would definitely meet with misfortune. If she insisted on doing so, then he would sever his master-disciple relationship with her. At that time, she was worried that the Wei family would discover her identity as a feng shui master. Afraid that she would be despised, she actually agreed. At the same time, she firmly believed that she could change the feng shui of the Wei family.

Her master was heartbroken by her and never looked for her again. She also didnt dare to contact her master. From then on, her master sold the shop and left. From then on, there was no more news. She also didnt know where her master went.

Her master was right to stop her. It was all her fault for thinking only about Wei Ting and being deceived. In the end, she lost her life and hurt the people who truly loved her.

At this moment, she really wanted to slap herself a few times. In her previous life, she was really an ingrate!

Su Meng silently swore in her heart,Master, I will definitely find you and apologize to you. In the future, let me do my best to support you. After taking one last look at the familiar shop, Su Meng lifted her things and left.


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