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It was the same first level world again.

The sky was still gray, and the ground was still black.

However… the ruins looked like they hadnt been there for very long.

There seemed to be some life force in this world, but Wang Baole, who was standing there, didnt sense it.

At that moment, he had a complicated expression on his face as he stood there silently for a long time.

He had already seen two scenes from the memories of the Empyreal King.

From the moment his corpse was buried in the coffin and floated in the universe until he entered the universe and transformed into a wooden path, a life was born.

This life also gained consciousness and a portion of its memories during cultivation.

However… he couldnt remember who he was, where he had come from, or the mission he had to complete.

Wang Baole couldnt understand the pain.

However, as he looked at the life formed by the remnant soul in the image, he felt complicated emotions.

Is this my true form… Wang Baole muttered to himself.

He pondered silently for a long time and sighed softly.

He raised his head, ignoring the world, and charged towards the statue.

He no longer wanted to take seven steps closer.

At that moment, the most important thing in his heart was the memory of the Empyrean Lord.

That was the truth of everything.

It was the knowledge that he had been searching for all this while, and it was the knowledge that he wanted the most.

However, the test of desire would not be delayed because of Wang Baoles increased speed.

Almost at the instant that Wang Baole rushed forward, scenes that seemed both illusory and real appeared before his eyes.

He saw a cruiser.

It was the cruiser that he had headed to ethereal dao college from the depths of his memories.

He saw familiar faces — his parents, Zhao Yameng, Zhou Xiaoya, his master… until he saw the federation, all living beings, and everything.

This was… another manifestation of the law of desire.

It wasnt displayed in perfection, but formed from his own memories, as if he was reincarnated.

Therefore, amidst the interweaving of illusion and reality, Wang Baoles journey was forcibly reduced to seven sections.

On the first stage, he saw his home in the federation.

Under his parentsreluctant gazes, Wang Baole walked silently..

On the second stage, he saw Zhao Yameng.

Dressed in her home clothes, she was smiling at Wang Baole and waving at him, as if she wanted to say something.

However, Wang Baole didnt stop in his silence.

He walked further and further away.

On the third stage, he saw his master.

His master was sitting cross-legged, blood spurting out of her mouth.

It was as if a curse had erupted from her body, and she needed treatment… Wang Baoles body trembled slightly, but he remained silent, he walked past his master, who was gradually losing his breath.

His eyes were already red.

When he reached the fourth part of the journey, he saw Little Missy.

Little Missy looked at him as well, just like that.

Wang Baole closed his eyes and walked past this part of the journey, entering the fifth part of the journey.

The fifth part of the journey seemed to be very long.

Wang Baole saw countless versions of himself.

They were in different worlds, and they had the same ending.

They were the hundred thousand divine thoughts of the Empyrean Lord..

It was as if he had experienced a hundred thousand lives.

Wang Baoles footsteps grew slower and slower, as if he didnt have any extra strength.

However, he still managed to reach the sixth section of the road.

This place… was very strange.

It was pitch-black, as if there were no stars in the starry sky.

In the starry sky, there was a towering giant tree.

The Aura it exuded was earth-shattering, as if it could shake the entire universe.

The tree was filled with fruits, and every single one of the fruits was exuding a shocking vibration.

If one looked closely.., it was as if they were stars.

However, the fruits seemed to have developed some sort of disease.

They were covered in black spots, and they looked like eyes.

They were extremely strange, and at the same time, traces of black qi were emanating from them.

At the same time, the shocking giant tree itself seemed to be withering..

As Wang Baole looked over, he saw a person standing on the giant tree.

The persons back was facing Wang Baole, and his face couldnt be seen.

He seemed to be saying something to the giant tree, but Wang Baole was too far away to hear him clearly.

However, he had a feeling that if he wanted to, he would be able to approach the person in the next instant.

He would be able to see the persons face and hear what he was saying.

However, Wang Baole held it in.

He could feel the familiarity of the persons back… he could feel the familiarity of the giant tree.

One is the emperor before he died, and the other is the emperors coffin… Wang Baole closed his eyes, gritted his teeth, and left the place.

When he reached the seventh section of the journey, his heart was still filled with emotions.

That was because he understood one thing.

During the sixth section of the journey, he could hold it in and not stop.

However, if it was a real emperor… he knew that he couldnt do that, but in order to pursue everything.., he would have chosen to stop in pursuit of everything.

“Desire to see…”Wang Baole mumbled.

He was just about to walk out of the seventh section when his expression changed.

He saw a woman, an unfamiliar woman.

The seventh section of the road was in the midst of rain.

It was dusk on the street.

In the distance, amid the dim lights, there was a woman standing there, holding an umbrella.

She looked unfamiliar, and Wang Baole was certain that he had never seen her before.

However, there was an indescribable sense of familiarity.

He walked over slowly in this sense of familiarity.

To leave the seventh part of the journey, he had to pass through the womans location.

As he got closer, a familiar scent, which even the rain could not hide, invaded Wang Baoles nose, causing him to be shocked.

Its her… the scent that came from his nose was exactly the same as it was now.

Wang Baole was silent as he walked silently.

When he reached the womans side and was about to take a step forward, the woman suddenly turned her head and smiled meaningfully at Wang Baole.

Her smile was beautiful, and her laughter was familiar.

However, this was not the source of Wang Baoles shock.

The real source was the womans eyes… They were completely black.

They were the color of desire..

Wang Baoles mind was in turmoil, but he did not stop.

He took a step forward and completed the seventh section of the journey, disappearing from the area.

When he reappeared… he was already in front of the statue.

The complicated and confused look on his face was suppressed by him, he stepped into the statue.

As he stepped into the statue, the memories of the emperor that he longed for… appeared once again.

The contents of the emperors memories this time made Wang Baoles heart and soul tremble as he read through them!

“Its… different from what I thought!”

“But it seems to be the same…”

“So thats how it is.

So thats the emperors Goal!”

“So… I cant be said to be the emperors clone…”Wang Baoles expression was complicated as he stood there for a long time.

In the end, he sighed softly.

“Emperor, I can understand what youre doing, but… is it worth pursuing the past at such a high price”

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