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The scene came to a slow halt.

It eventually turned into countless fragments and disappeared before Wang Baoles eyes.

As the scene disappeared, what entered Wang Baoles eyes was a familiar scene.

It was still the first level of the world.

It was still the ruins, wreckage, and the statue that supported the heavens and earth in the distance.

It was not much different from the two times he had seen it.

Other than the traces of time..

The first level of the world that appeared before him several times made Wang Baole feel as if it wasnt real.

It was as if… he had never stepped into any statue before.

Everything seemed to be a cycle.

However… what he had seen before was so real that Wang Baole stood between the heavens and Earth in silence for a very, very long time.

The memories of the Empyrean Lord..

Since the desire to listen has appeared, it must be followed by other desires… and its obvious that every time I walk past, some memories will appear

Wang Baole raised his head.

There was a dark glow in the depths of his eyes.

He raised his foot and walked forward.

As he took a step forward, a faint fragrance seemed to emanate from nothingness, entering Wang Baoles nose.

Smell Wang Baole narrowed his eyes.

Even though he had grasped the law of smell and had become a part of the source, Wang Baole did not let his guard down.

After all, he had also grasped the law of smell during the test of smell and desire, however, there were still moments when he was faced with danger.

Therefore, Wang Baole took a second step while remaining cautious.

In an instant, the faint fragrance became stronger.

There seemed to be other smells mixed within.

When it hit his face, the intoxicating feeling would involuntarily float up to his entire body.

Wang Baoles expression remained the same, but the law of smell in his body had already begun to revolve rapidly.

He took the third step, the fourth step, the fifth step… as his feet landed, the smell increased, especially during the fifth step, it was as if the fragrance and beauty had reached an extreme.

In the blink of an eye, it turned into a fishy smell and evil.

There was even a sickening sweetness within it.

However, the sweetness was like a trigger.

Just a whiff of it made one feel nauseous, as if they were about to vomit all their organs out.

Even the law of smell found it difficult to completely suppress this feeling.

Wang Baoles expression turned dark.

As he took the sixth step, his throat churned.

In that instant, every inch of his flesh and blood seemed to have an independent consciousness.

They were tempted by the smell and wanted to separate.

Fortunately, Wang Baole was determined and had an extraordinary cultivation level.

Under the forceful suppression, he barely managed to achieve balance.

It was also at that moment that he smelled a very unique scent from the countless scents.

It seemed to be a kind of body fragrance, as if an invisible person had appeared in front of him.

When he approached him, the fragrance from his body spread to his side.

If that was all, it was nothing.

Wang Baole could take the seventh step.

However, just as he was about to take the seventh step, she suddenly heard laughter.

“A voice”Wang Baoles pupils constricted.

This was somewhat inconsistent with his previous judgment.

It was not purely a desire to smell, but a desire to hear.

That laughter was clearly the same person as the womans murmurs that Wang Baole had heard in his desire to hear!

Then, this body fragrance is also from her Wang Baole narrowed his eyes and forced his seventh step forward.

The moment his foot landed, the laughter became clearer, and the body fragrance became stronger.

It spread around his body and turned into a sinking force, it was as if it wanted to pull him into the abyss.

Wang Baole could even sense that his body was sinking.

As it continued to sink, his vitality seemed to dim.

Most importantly, Wang Baole felt that the laughter and body fragrance were vaguely familiar to him.

However, he could not remember where the familiarity came from.

However, that was not important.

A cold glint flashed across Wang Baoles eyes as he remained silent.

He raised his right hand and gently scratched the space between his brows.

His fingernails tore through his skin, creating a sharp pain.

The sharp pain was amplified by the law of touch.

It was like an invisible tide that dispersed the law of smell and desire on Wang Baoles body.

As his body became lighter, Wang Baole lifted his feet and stepped into the statue in front of him.

In the next moment, the law of desire disappeared.

The memories that he had seen before resurfaced in front of Wang Baoles eyes.

His mind stirred, and without blinking, he immediately looked over.

The first image was of the large universe from countless years ago.

At that time, as the beginning of the universe itself, there were no stars, nor were there any life.

It was just an empty space.

It wasnt until the birth of the first origin, the wood dao origin… because of the vitality of the wood, a series of changes occurred in the large universe.

Gradually, stars appeared, matter appeared, and the embryonic forms of other origins appeared.

Finally, when the first star formed in the universe, the universe… gave birth to its first life!

The first life was a remnant soul.

More accurately speaking, it might not have been born in the universe, but had originally existed in the black coffin.

As the coffin turned into the wood dao origin, it was separated and turned into a remnant soul.

He had no memories and no consciousness.

He wandered around the universe instinctively.

The first scene ended there.

Wang Baoles mind was shaken.

He looked at the remnant soul.

He had already thought of its identity… it was the emperor, the first life to appear in this universe.

Wang Baole looked at the second scene with mixed emotions.

It was still the remnant soul.

He had experienced countless years.

As the number of stars in the universe increased, and the essence and laws appeared one after another, one day.., he seemed to have regained consciousness.

He was in a daze for a long time, and he no longer wandered aimlessly.

Instead, he chose to cultivate.

In the initial stages of cultivation, there were no cultivation techniques.

He only relied on his instincts to breathe and comprehend.

Gradually, he didnt know what level he had reached.

A second life appeared in the universe.

Perhaps, if the black wooden coffin had not arrived, this parrot… would have been the first life to appear in the universe.

There was no struggle between them.

They lived together peacefully for countless years, until they became extremely familiar with each other.

The cultivation of the remnant soul seemed to have reached a bottleneck, reaching its peak.

At that moment, the remnant soul seemed to have regained a portion of its memories due to its cultivation base reaching its peak.

The scene ended with the discarnate soul kneeling in the starry sky, clutching its head, and wailing in pain..

“Who am I Where did I come from… This isnt my hometown.

Why is my heart telling me that someone is waiting for me, that something more important than my life is waiting for me to complete…

“I cant remember.

I cant remember..

“Why… why cant I remember…”

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