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Chapter 2911: Chapter 2918-loversbath

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“The body and the soul have become one.

This feeling will make the illness evaporate.” Mo Yancheng said in a deep voice.

Shen chengjing listened to him and gently hit his chest.

“Let me see.” She reached out to touch his forehead.

Indeed, it wasnt hot anymore.

It was only because of the passion just now that his handsome face was still a little red! Especially his eyes, uh! So passionate and affectionate! She did not dare to look at him directly.

Mo Yancheng was touched by her and carried her in his arms.

“Im going to take a shower.

” He said.

Shen Cheng buried her face in his arms.

He picked her up and carried her into the bathroom.

The water from the nozzle floated down! Her hair was wet, and her long, waist-length hair stuck to her body like seaweed wrapped around her back.

It was messy and sexy.

Mo Yanchengs large palm landed on her waist and ran along the shower gel on her body.

His fingertips landed on her hair as he helped her wash it.

“Use more strength, its itchy.” Shen chengjing raised her little hand and said.

Inadvertently, she glanced at the mirror and saw the mans majestic body.

She turned around gently and did not dare to look at the mirror again.

“Pfft.” The man moved forward and pressed her body against the mirror.

He lowered his head and kissed her lips, and their bodies were entangled again.

She took a shower in the bathroom and continued to pester him.

Unknowingly, an hour and a half had already passed.

Mo Yanchen carried her up and wrapped her in a bathrobe before placing her on the soft couch.

“Uncle, shouldnt you go and see mo Wen” Shen chengjing asked as she pulled on his arm.

Mo Yancheng was looking for her clothes.

“Why Mo Yanchen asked.

Shen chengjing sat up straight and said softly,””Hes blaming himself for what happened last night! I think he lost Qingcheng.

Although its a coincidence, its all in the past now.

Im afraid hell feel guilty.

Do you want to go and see him”

“Alright,” he said.

Mo Yancheng responded.

Even if she didnt say anything, he would still go look for mo Wen later and check on his wound.

Mo Wen returned to the mo garden last night.

“Ah Qi.

“He pushed the door open and walked in with a small cake in his hand.

When he returned to the room, it was clean and tidy, as if no one had been here before.

“Ah Qi.” Mo Wen called out in a deep voice and put the cake down.

He pushed open the bathroom door and looked for the wardrobe.

He had searched everywhere he could, but he could not see her.

“Knock, knock.” At this moment, someone knocked on the door.

Mo Wen turned around happily and went to open the door.

Mo Zitan was standing outside the door.

When she saw him, she asked,””How are your injuries”

“Its fine.

” Mo Wen said.

Mo Zitan looked at his arm and said,””An luoqi left at 7 o clock, and she was in a hurry! You didnt get into a fight when you told me where you came from, right”

“Shes gone” As mo Wen listened, he felt a little disappointed.

“She didnt look very good when she left! Did you guys have a fight” Mo Zitan asked.

Mo Wen shook his head,”No.”

“Mo Xiaosan, where are my things” At this moment, he vaguely heard ah zes cry.

She shrank back and waved at him.””Im leaving.

Mo Wen looked at her figure as she left.

He looked at the empty room and walked to the refrigerator.

He took a can of beer, opened it, and took a sip.

Then, he walked towards the balcony.

“Im sorry, the number you have dialed is not available.

” Mo Wen heard the repeated artificial voice and simply threw the phone to the side.

The phone fell to the ground and was caught by a large hand.

“Stop drinking.” Qiming said as he handed his phone back to him and pulled him up.

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