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Chapter 2910: What are you thinking about

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“Alright,” he said.

Mo Yanchen lay on the bed quietly as he listened.

He watched as she reached out to dim the lights.

This action was branded in his eyes, and he enjoyed this moment very much.

“Ah Chen, you must be tired, right” She asked in a low voice.

“Yes.” “Yes,” he replied, but he reached out and held her tightly in his arms, as if he was afraid that she would run away in the middle of the night.

After Shen chengjing was done, she walked to the head of the bed.

Seeing that he was still awake, she lowered her head and kissed him on the lips.”Good night,” she said.

“Good night,” she said.

As he watched her leave and close the door, mo Yanchens eyelids felt heavy and he fell asleep quickly.

The little thing had been lying on the side of the bed and snoring.

In the early morning, Mo Yan and Mo Cheng rushed to the mo garden.

Although the news of last nights incident had been blocked, the matter had been blown out of proportion and they had also received the news.

“Yiya.” Mo Yan pushed the door open and walked in.

He saw Shen chengjing lying on the side of the bed, and the two children were also sleeping quietly.

“Lets go out first.

” Seeing this, Mo Yan called out to mo Cheng.

Shen chengjing heard some movement.

She opened her eyes and got up halfway to see them.

She was shocked and quickly got out of bed.

“Dad, Grandpa!” Shen chengjing trotted forward in her slippers.

When Mo Yan saw her, he stretched out his hand and motioned for everyone to come out and not disturb the childrens sleep.

“Are they alright” Mo Yan asked.

Seeing this, Shen chengjing guessed that they probably knew what had happened last night.

“Theyre all good! Im not frightened.

” Shen chengjing said.

Mo Yan looked at her, bent down and asked in a low voice,””Are you sure it was that Gong fellow who sent it back”

“Yes.” Shen chengjing said.

Mo Yan was deep in thought.

He was especially against Elder Gong! However, the mo family indeed owed Elder Gong a favor this time.

“Go and prepare the gifts.

Well make a trip to the gong residence in a while.” Mo Yan called out to mo Cheng.

“Yes.” Mo Cheng acknowledged and turned to go downstairs to make a phone call and get someone to prepare some gifts to thank him.

Mo Yan said a few words to Shen chengjing before turning around and going downstairs.

Shen chengjing turned around and returned to the bedroom.

Seeing that mo Yancheng was still lying on the bed, she walked to the bedside and touched his forehead.

“Ah,” he said.

Shen chengjing was pulled by a strong force and fell into his arms.

Shen chengjing was being held tightly by the man.

He turned over and pressed her down on the bed.

He opened his eyes and looked at her.

“Hows your body Is it better” Shen chengjing asked in a low voice as she was pressed under him.

Mo Yanchen propped himself up and asked in a hoarse voice,””Cheng, are you here for an inspection”

“Of course! I want to see if you were obedient last night.

” Shen chengjing said.

Mo Yancheng listened to her and said in a troubled tone,””It seems that I really have to perform well! Only then can Madam be satisfied and at ease.

“Thats true.

You have to take your medicine.

” Shen chengjing said.

“Ah,” he said.

As soon as she finished speaking, the man lowered his head and kissed her.

The woman struggled casually, but the man held her tightly and did not let go.

“Uncle, dont be like this.” Shen chengjing moaned softly.

“Madam, are you satisfied” Mo Yanchengs lips licked her ear as he asked softly.

He kept kissing her, and Shen chengjings body went numb.

She didnt even have the chance to speak, and her mind went blank.

“Hmph, Im not telling you.” Shen chengjing hugged his arm and looked up at the ceiling.

Mo Yanchen looked at her and reached out to straighten her hair.

He asked in a deep voice,””What are you thinking about”

“Im thinking about what theyll look like when they grow up.

” Shen chengjing said.

It was obvious that she doted on the child to the extreme, but there was an indescribable feeling.

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