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Chapter 2909: I want him dead

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Old grudges had not been settled, but new ones had been made.

It seemed that the days ahead would be very exciting.

Ouyang RUO walked into the hall, took her phone, and made a call.

“Get rid of the assistant.” Ouyang RUO gritted his teeth.

Tonights idea was his assistants! She did not expect that she would provoke mo Yancheng the moment she made her move.

They had agreed to show off their strength tonight, but the target was not someone close to mo Yancheng!

What went wrong or was there something wrong with this assistant

“Young master Ouyang! Hes following you …”

“I want him dead.” Ouyang RUO said through gritted teeth.


The other party answered and hung up the phone.

The luxurious Mercedes-Benz sped on the road.

Mo Yancheng sat in the back seat and remained silent.

“This game is about to begin.” Mo Yancheng said in a deep voice.

He opened his eyes and looked into the dark night.

Ah ze sat beside him and was silent for a while before asking,””Brother che, since this idea was his assistants! Then …”

“Its up to mo Qiu.

” Mo Yancheng said.

Tonight had been an accident.

The other party had mistook mo Wen for a member of the gang! In the end, it led to the arrival of danger.

A freak combination of factors led to the real start of the war between him and Ouyang RUO.

“Brother Yi, are you alright” Mo Wen asked.

Mo Yancheng shook his head.”Im fine.

Hows your injury”

As mo Wen drove, he lowered his head to look at his arm and said,””Its just a small injury.

I didnt hit any bones.

Its just a superficial wound.

Ill be fine after two days of rest.”


At this moment, he saw the little thing run out.

Mo Wen was so scared that he immediately braked.

Mo Yancheng and ah ze alighted from the car.

The little fellow ran forward and walked around mo Yanchengs feet.

“Come.” Mo Yancheng squatted down and picked up the little one.

The little one was very nervous and looked at mo Yancheng warily.

She did not know if he was going to kill her.

In the end, mo Yancheng carried her back and placed her aside.

He then took off his coat and threw it on the sofa.

“Woof woof woof!” The little thing followed mo Yanchen up the stairs.

He walked up and pushed open the babys door.

He saw Shen Chen sitting quietly by the bed, and the two children were already asleep.

“Cheng.” He walked up to her and put his arm around her shoulders.

Shen chengjings body leaned into his arms.

She reached out her little hand and pulled up his arm that was on her shoulder.

She placed it in front of her and looked down.”I was really scared tonight.

Ive never thought that they would almost go missing one day.

“Cheng, Im sorry.” Mo Feiyan bent down, reached out to hold her, and pressed her close to him.

The mans magnetic voice sounded from the side of her face,””I promise this wont happen again.”

Shen chengjing looked up and touched his face.””Its not your fault.

I suddenly feel that this world is too chaotic.

“Yes.” He responded and reached out to carry her.

“Go back to your room to sleep.” He said.

Shen chengjing wrapped her arms around his neck and shook her head.””Ill sleep here tonight.

Mo Yancheng lowered his head and looked at the two figures on the bed.””Thats good.

He put her aside.

Shen chengjing stood up and pushed him back to the room.

She took off his suit jacket, took off his shoes, and moved his legs to the bed.

“Be good and take your medicine.

Have a good sleep.” Shen chengjing said as she took his medicine, poured a glass of water, and handed it to him.

Mo Yanchen took the medicine and swallowed it before drinking a mouthful of water.

She covered him with the blanket and touched his forehead.””Ill personally come and check tomorrow morning! Youre not allowed to run out while Im not around.”

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