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Chapter 1399: Chapter 1403-fancied by a woman

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“Go on.” Mo Cheng called out to him, only to see mo Yancheng looking over.

He was not surprised to see them conversing.

Actually, a long time ago, he had even known that Qimings disappearance was suspicious and was related to mo chenghuan.

Qiming walked towards the mo garden.

When he passed mo Yancheng, he stopped and saw him busy with his work.

Qiming ran forward.

“Ill help you.

Mo Yancheng raised his head and looked at him coldly without saying a word.

Qiming smacked his lips and paused in mid-air before he touched the back of his head.”I think Ill go find Shen chengjing.”

He stood up awkwardly and walked into the mo garden!

“Is Cheng on good terms with him” Mo Yan asked.


Mo Yan looked at Qiming thoughtfully and said in a deep voice,””I can tell from that incident that hes a pretty good kid.”

“Grandpa.” Mo Yancheng said in a deep voice.

“Alright, alright! Grandpa wont interfere in your business.

” Mo Yan listened and didnt dare to interrupt again.

When Qiming ran into the mo garden, Ruyan li was looking at her beautiful new hairstyle.

When she saw him come in, she was shocked and looked at him a few times.

“You, come over.” As Li Ruyan spoke, she pulled Qi Ming and looked around.

Qiming was being pulled by the woman.

He forcefully pulled his hand back and took a few steps back to keep a distance from her.

He did not know what this woman was trying to do.

“Do you have a girlfriend”

“No, I didnt,” Qiming frowned unhappily.

“Whats your annual salary” Ruyan li asked immediately.

She knew that the people who could enter mo garden had pretty good identities and they were all great people! She had a good relationship with mo Yancheng, so she was confident in his circle of friends.

She planned to sell mo Zitan to him.

“Almost a hundred million.” Qiming said in a low voice.

“Sit, sit, sit.” Ruyan li took his hand and pressed him down on the sofa, not caring that he was struggling.

She poured him tea and took some fruits.

Qiming sat there uneasily.

He had never been served by anyone and she was an old woman!

He held his breath for a long time before he raised his head and said to her,””What do you want to do”

“I have a daughter! She was beautiful, gentle, and virtuous! Shes an obedient lady, the people outside are lining up a few streets to chase her!”

“Dont have any ideas about me.

” Qiming stood up immediately and walked to the kitchen.

“Hey, you child.” Li Ruyan didnt want to be presumptuous, so she just watched him leave.

Shen chengjing happened to come out with some fruits, and when she saw this scene, her mouth twitched.

Having ideas about Qiming If they werent in the mo garden, he would have thrown Ruyan li out.

“Second aunt! Dont worry about it.

” Shen chengjing quickly stepped forward and pulled Li Ruyan away.

“Cheng! Whats with this mans attitude” Li Ruyan was a little angry and wanted to step forward! However, Shen chengjing was holding on to him.

She was really afraid that Qiming would hit Li Ruyan.

Qiming hated it when people touched him!

“Cold and aloof! Its the most popular style now, and women like it.

” Shen chengjing had no choice but to smooth things over.

Could Li Ruyan be interested in Qiming The key was that Qiming did not have such thoughts.

He would be shy and cute when he saw men, but fierce when he saw women.

“A-ze!” Shen chengjing was shocked when she saw him come in.

She looked at Qiming and thought,”what should we do if we start fighting in front of the old man”

“Cheng.” Mo Yancheng returned and called out to her.

“Uncle!” Shen chengjing walked up to him and helped him carry his things.

Some people were asking why everyone was bullying Qiming, but there was no such thing! He was also happy to do so.

He was the kind of person who would feel itchy if he didnt get beaten up.

If he didnt ask for it, he could hide and no one would be able to find him.

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