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Chapter 1038: Chapter 1040-pretending to be lecherous

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As Jiang Yuanyuan spoke, she quickly took out her phone and called Zhou Yuncheng.

“You brought it back from C city” She suddenly remembered that Qiming had reminded her before that she did not take this matter seriously.

Could it be that so many things had happened because he had brought that person back

All the trouble, was it because of that persons disappearance

“Im leaving,” Jiang Yuanyuan called Zhou Yuncheng.

After confirming his location, she was ready to leave.

“Lets go together.

I want to see it too.

” Shen chengjing said as she drove off with Jiang Yuanyuan.

She had been to this apartment twice.

The first time was when she and Mo Yanchen went to the temple to offer incense and he brought her here.

That was also the first time she met Jiang Yuanyuan.

From inside, they could hear the sound of laughter from a distance, and the voices of men and women mixed together.

“Yes.” She pushed the door open and walked in.

He saw that there were many beautiful women inside.

The man had one on each side, and he did not hold back his hands.

“Its you” The man got up, pushed away the beauty beside him, and walked unsteadily to Jiang Yuanyuan.

He remembered that he had met her in C city.

After that night, he was brought here, and he didnt even know where he was.

“Looks like youre living quite a good life.” She looked at him, then at the scantily dressed women, laughing at his poor taste.

“Beauty, you havent played with me yet.” As he spoke, he was about to hug her.

Jiang Yuanyuan reached out her hand and slapped him.”Slap! Slap!” His face was red and swollen.

His body swayed and fell to the side.

He looked up at her.

“Well played! Its so comfortable.

He stood up, took her hand, and pressed it against his face.””Keep hitting me.

Its so comfortable.

When a beauty hits someone, its always so good to drink.”

“…” Shen chengjing looked at him.

Fat and lecherous.

Which part of him was like what Qiming had said, trouble

She felt goosebumps on her arms.

She saw Jiang Yuanyuan lift her up and pour a bottle of wine on her.

“Are you awake”

He shook his head and smiled at Jiang Yuanyuan.””Its so beautiful.

“Pa!” Jiang Yuanyuan lifted him up and slapped him again.””Stop pretending.”

Shen chengjing looked at Jiang Yuanyuans manly behavior.

She stood to the side and observed the man.

She saw that his eyes were firm, and he was not as lecherous as he appeared to be!

“Sit down and have a chat.” Shen chengjing stepped forward and pried Jiang Yuanyuans hand away.

She handed him a tissue and motioned for him to wipe his face.

At first, the man was still drunk, but when Shen chengjing asked him to sit down, he sized her up and remained silent.

“Do you want to go home” Shen chengjing asked, but he remained silent.

Jiang Yuanyuan lowered her head and told her who this person was.

Only then did Shen chengjing realize that this person was related to the Bureau chief.

They did look somewhat similar.

“Dont you think that youve been wronged here What, you dont plan to tell me” Shen chengjing asked him with a smile.

The man looked up at her and then at Jiang Yuanyuan.

He knew in his heart what had happened.

He had fallen for the honey trap and had been kidnapped! However, from the beginning to the end, he did not reveal a single word.

“Say what You have wine, meat, and beautiful women here.

” The man snorted coldly, looking quite ambitious.

“For example, the time when you pretended to be obsessed with beauty.” Shen chengjing thought of Qimings words and smiled.

She just wanted to trick him and see what his true nature was.

For such a person, the more casual he was, the deeper he hid his heart.

“How can you be locked up in such a small place” Hearing his silence, she continued.

Even Jiang Yuanyuan was a little surprised.

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