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“Father, stay at home and help us take care of the house.

You still have to study.

If you go to the capital, there wont be a teacher to teach you,” Ning Yue said with a smile.

They were not going to the capital for a vacation.

Instead, they were going to the palace to treat a patient.

Although Ning Guang had already sobered up a lot, his behavior had yet to be corrected.

There were many high-ranking officials and nobles in the capital.

If he went and offended someone, losing money was a small matter.

Losing his life would be a huge problem.

In this era, imperial power was paramount.

Those who were in power had a say.

She was too insignificant now.

She did not have the ability to protect Ning Guang.

Therefore, she could not bring Ning Guang along.

“Son, you have to stay at home and wait for your wife, Yueyue, and two grandchildren to come back,” Grandma Ning advised.

When Ning Guang heard his mothers words, he nodded unhappily.

“Alright, when I enter the capital this time, Ill definitely bring a gift for everyone.

Everyone, you have to wait for me to return!” Ning Yue said with a smile.

“Alright, go and pack your things.” Grandma Ning pulled Ning Yue into the room.

“Yueyue, take this.

Dont mistreat yourself along the way.” With that, Grandma Ning took out a cloth bag.

Ning Yue took the cloth bag.

It seemed to be filled with many things.

It was heavy.

She opened it and saw that it was filled with silver!

“Grandma, I cant accept this.

Keep it for yourself.

I still have money!” Ning Yue stuffed the money bag back into Grandma Nings hands.

“Yueyue, Grandma wont feel good if you dont accept it!”

Grandma Ning pushed the money bag back to Ning Yue.

“Take it!”

“Grandma, listen to me.

I plan to sell this when I enter the capital.

If I have more money, Ill buy a courtyard in the capital.

If not, Ill spend it all in the capital.”

With that, Ning Yue walked towards the dressing table.

Out of Grandma Nings sight, she took out two stalks of ginseng that were more than a hundred years old.

Seeing the ginseng, Grandma Nings eyes widened.

“Where did you get this”

“Grandma, we saw this when we were taking a detour through the mountains.

There are two in total.

Didnt Young Master Jiang give us some ginseng as a gift last time”

“I dont plan to take out the two I have.

I was planning to take them to the county city to see how much money they can be exchanged for.

Ginseng is a hot commodity outside.

I might be able to make a lot of money there.”

“Grandma, you dont blame me for taking the ginseng, do you” Ning Yue said.

She couldnt think of any other way to reject Grandma.

The silver in the money bag was Grandmas savings, and it wasnt easy for her to take it.

Seeing this, Grandma Ning smiled.

She didnt blame Ning Yue.

“Why would Grandma blame you Grandma didnt know that you had this.

Since youve already decided, Grandma will take back the money.”

Ning Yue nodded.

“Alright, Grandma, dont tell anyone about these two ginsengs for now.

I dont know how much this ginseng is worth, or if its enough to buy a house in the capital.”

“If its enough, Ill tell everyone when I get back.

If its not enough, Ill take the money back and share it with everyone.

Grandma, what do you think”

Grandma Ning was very gratified.

Ning Yue was too sensible.

“Yueyue, according to Grandma, no matter how much this thing is sold for, you have to keep it for yourself.

You can do whatever you want with the money.

You dont have to keep thinking about your family.

The adults have hands and feet.

We can earn money ourselves.”

Ning Yue didnt answer.

She had planned to make a living brewing wine for her family after returning from the capital.

There were many raw materials for brewing wine in the space.

It would be a waste if she didnt use them.

“Yueyue, are you done packing Young Master Jiang is waiting for you.”

There was a knock on the door.

Ning Yue hurriedly tidied up.

Actually, she didnt have anything to take.

Her things were all in her space.

She could just take a few pieces of her usual clothes.

“Grandma, were leaving,” Ning Yue said to Grandma Ning.

“Take care of yourself.”

“Alright, come back soon.

Be careful when youre out,” Madam Ning instructed.

Madam He stood outside the door with a troubled expression.

She asked Ning Yue, “Yueyue, wheres your grandmother Do you want to bring her along”

“I will ask Grandmother.

Mother, ask Jiang Ying to wait for me for a while.” With that, Ning Yue ran to An Yuans room.

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