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“Havent you always wanted to enter the capital to take revenge Now, theres a chance to enter the capital.

Do you want it” Gu Yu asked.

“Why do I need the opportunity to enter the capital” She could enter the capital openly.

What opportunity did she need

“A legitimate reason and an honorable identity.

Dont you need that” Gu Yu asked.

Ning Yue immediately understood what Gu Yu meant.

Entering the capital was very simple.

She could just take a carriage to the capital and pay the entrance fee.

However, she still didnt have the ability to stay in the capital.

Gu Yu had given her the ability and reason to stay.

It would take a long time to treat the illnesses of the people in the palace.

Now that she had a reason to stay, would she still have to worry about not finding a chance to take revenge

Moreover, she was now the disciple of the divine doctor.

No matter how bold the old lady was, she would not dare to attack her easily.

Seeing Gu Yus thoughtful expression, Ning Yue was very touched.

A child with a master had a treasure.

“Master, thank you,” Ning Yue said as she was touched.

Before Jiang Ying arrived, Ning Yue went to the front hall to tell Old Master Ning that she was going to the capital.

Old Master Ning thought that Ning Yue had entered the capital to visit the generals residence.

He didnt look too good, but for the sake of Ning Yues future, he held back.

“You have to listen to your father properly this time.


As soon as Old Master Ning spoke, Ning Yue knew that he had mistaken.

“Grandpa, youve misunderstood.

Im going to the capital this time because my master is going to the palace to treat the patients.

Master is taking me there to broaden my horizons.”

Hearing Ning Yues words, Old Master Ning was so frightened that he could barely sit still.

“What did you say You actually want to treat a patient in the palace!” Old Master Ning patted his chest in shock.

“Oh my god, let me take a breather.

Do you know what kind of place the palace is Who are you going to treat Is it really a good idea to go in like this”

Old Master Nings questions came one after another.

There was nothing special about them.

He was just worried about Ning Yue.

“Grandpa, dont worry.

Its nothing.

My master is treating illnesses.

Im just following him to broaden my horizons.

Ill listen to my master.”

“Old Master, its a good thing that our Yueyue can go and broaden her horizons.

Why are you stopping her Moreover, with Doctor Gu around, what are you worried about”

Seeing her husbands worried expression, Madam Ning couldnt help but say.

“I know, but Im just worried.

The royal palace isnt an ordinary family.

If anyone gets into trouble there, theyll lose their heads.”

“Grandpa, dont worry.

Other than my master, Young Master Jiang will be there too.

With the two of them around, theres nothing to worry about.”

Ning Yues words softened Old Master Nings expression.

Although he still didnt know Jiang Yings identity, he felt that Jiang Yings identity wasnt ordinary.

It shouldnt be a big deal for him to enter the capital with Ning Yue.

“Alright, since your plan is complete, I wont ask anymore.

But are you going tonight Must you be in such a hurry Why dont you rest for a night before leaving”

Hearing Old Master Nings words, Madam Ning couldnt help but laugh.

“Old man, our Ning Yue has already grown up.

What do you mean by this Its time for you to let go.

Besides, saving a life is like putting out a fire.

Shes already sick.

If they can, they should go early.

Young Master Jiang also has a carriage.

Are you still worried that Yueyue wont have a place to rest on the road We can prepare food for them.”

As soon as Madam Ning said this, everyone around them laughed.

The old man doted on Ning Yue and her two great-grandchildren the most.

If Ning Yue went on a long trip, the old man would naturally be worried.

“By the way, Yueyue, do you want to take care of the two children or leave them at home” Grandma Ning asked.

“Ill bring them with me.

The two children have never left my side since they were born.

I have to bring them with me this time.

Mother, do you want to come with me”

Madam He was still looking worried.

When she heard Ning Yues words, she nodded happily.

“Yes! Of course we have to go together.

Ill go pack my things now.”

Seeing how happy his wife was, her silly father couldnt help but say, “Yueyue, why did you only bring your mother and not your father”

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