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The original owner of this body had never visited Ning Feng in the Generals Residence.

She had only written a letter to ask her to listen to her mother and grandmother.

Therefore, the original host did not have many feelings for Ning Feng.

What exactly did Ning Feng mean by saying this

Did he already know what that old woman had done

He probably hadnt.

She had only pulled off Qin Lins cover.

What Ning Feng had seen should only be Qin Lins problem.

As for that old woman, there was still time.

She was not in a hurry.

The generals return had only added some hype to the village.

It did not affect the village much.

However, it was different for Ning Yues family.

“Yueyue, let me ask you.

Does your father treat you well” After sending everyone off, Old Master Ning asked Ning Yue this question.

Ning Yue sighed.

“How should I put it I havent interacted much with him.

He doesnt know anything.

He doesnt even know the truth about my mothers death.

This is the first time Ive seen him since I returned to the generals residence.

Previously, at the generals residence, he always wrote letters back asking me to be more obedient.”

When Old Master Ning heard that, he sighed heavily.

“I dont know what to say about you either.

If your father treats you well, you can acknowledge him as your father.

If you go back and be with him, your life will be better.

If he treats you like those two women, then theres no need to acknowledge him,” Old Master Ning said.

In Old Master Nings heart, they had already become a burden to Ning Yues life.

“Grandpa, what are you saying The Ning family is my home.

I will never leave you.” Ning Yue pretended to be angry.

“Grandpa doesnt want to chase you away.

Grandpa means that you can return to the Generals Residence to live.

If you bring the two children there, you can have a better life in the future.”

“Grandpa, stop talking! Are you trying to chase me away If so, then continue.

If not, then lets not discuss this anymore.”

No matter what, she would not return to the generals residence, much less leave the Ning family.

If it werent for the Ning family, she would have died long ago.

How would she have the chance to know who her biological father was

“Grandpa just wants you to think more about yourself.

Since you have your own opinions, Grandpa wont say anything else.” With that, Grandpa Ning turned around and returned to his room.


After this commotion, Ning Yues mood worsened.

She informed Madam He and went out for a walk.

“You have to be careful.

Ive left some food in the kitchen for you.

Eat it when you get back,” Madam He instructed.

“Dont worry, Mother.

Im going to the east for a walk.

No one will pass by there.

Its safe there.” With that, Ning Yue left.

Not long after Ning Yue left for a walk, the sky darkened.

She simply found a lawn and laid down, looking up at the sky.

“The sky in ancient times was indeed beautiful,” Ning Yue muttered to herself.

“Does it look good” a voice asked.

Ning Yue was shocked.

She hurriedly stood up and realized that Jiang Ying was standing not far away.

“You scared me to death.

When did you arrive” Ning Yue patted her chest.

“I came when you did,” Jiang Ying said.

He had heard about General Nings arrival.

Worried that something had happened to Ning Yue, he rushed to the Ning residence.

When he arrived, Ning Feng had already left, and Ning Yue was preparing to leave the house.

From her leisurely manner, she seemed to be planning to take a breather.

He was worried that it would be dangerous for her to come out at night, so he followed her.

“You followed me!” Ning Yue narrowed her eyes and looked at Jiang Ying unhappily.

“Im just worried about you,” Jiang Ying said.

“Alright, you have a good reason.

Do you want to sit down” Ning Yue pointed at the empty space beside her.

Jiang Ying didnt say anything else.

He walked over to Ning Yue and lay down like her.

“Why did you suddenly think of looking at the stars” Jiang Ying asked Ning Yue.

“I suddenly wanted to see the constellations.” Ning Yue casually made up a lie.

“Constellation” Jiang Ying frowned.

“Whats that”

“Look, this represents the Emperor Star Group.

The Emperor Star in the middle is extremely bright, indicating that the emperor is in good health.”

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