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In any case, this was hers.

Since Ning Feng had hidden the gold so well, he must have planned to leave it for her.

Otherwise, he would have taken it out for Qin Lin and the others to use long ago.

At the thought of this, Ning Yue decisively placed the gold and dowry into her space.

Before she left, Ning Yue restored everything to its original state.

At first, she had thought that she would steal the things in the study and burn them to the ground, but after seeing this suicide note, she changed her mind.

This will had been opened by someone and read many times.

The words on it were already blurry.

The gold had been preserved so well.

Ning Feng must love Liu Yun very much, right

After leaving the study, Ning Yue went to the storeroom.

Everything in this generals residence had been created by the original owners father.

Why should it be left to these people who had no sense of propriety Moreover, no one knew whose child Qin Lin had given birth to!

Instead of letting them off easy, she might as well let herself off easy.

After thinking it through, Ning Yue put everything in the storeroom into her space and burned it down.

Before leaving, she glanced at Qin Lins courtyard and lit some more fires around it.

After the fire burned for a while, she shouted, “Fire! Fire! Quickly put out the fire!”

Soon, everyone from the generals residence gathered at the storeroom.

“Quick, go and take a look at Madam.

Theyre in the room!” Ning Yue took advantage of the chaos and shouted.

A group of people rushed in because of her words.

No one noticed Ning Yue, who had taken advantage of the chaos to leave.

Madam Lu quickly followed.

“Dont let anything happen.

How are we going to explain this to Big Brother when he returns”

They knocked on the door, but the door did not open.

No one answered.

Madam Lu ordered the guards to rush in.

In the end, Ning Yue, who was not far away, heard an angry roar.

Whatever happened next was none of her business.

She left the Generals Residence and looked at the time.

It was only past one in the morning.

There was still time.

She put away the SUV and slowly walked to the suburbs.

She had received too much information today.

She had to digest it properly.

She suddenly wanted to know why she had been reborn and had come here.

After all she had done, would there be any butterfly effects

One question after another appeared in Ning Yues mind.

She sighed heavily.

After walking for some time, she suddenly heard the sound of a bell.

She looked up and saw that she had arrived at the Xiangguo Temple.

“Forget it.

Id better go back in case anything happens,” Ning Yue said.

However, just as she turned around, she was stopped.

“Benefactress, please wait.”

Ning Yue turned around and saw that a monk was calling her.

This monk looked benevolent.

Ning Yue smiled and greeted, “Hello, Master.”

“My Dharma name is Jie Chen.

Benefactress, do you have any doubts”

Ning Yue thought for a while and said ambiguously, “Master, I dont know why I came to this world.

I dont know what I can and cant do.”

Jie Chen smiled.

“Benefactor, since youve come to this world, youre a person of this world.

You do things according to your heart, as long as you dont let down your conscience.”

Ning Yue was enlightened.

Yes, she had been thinking too much.

Right now, she was thinking about taking good care of the two children and the Ning family.

She wanted to take revenge on the generals residence and earn a small sum of money.

“Thank you for enlightening me, Master.” Ning Yue bowed to Jie Chen.

“Youre welcome, Benefactor.

I dont have much time left.

I have a piece of good advice to give you.

Dont forget your original intentions.”

“Thank you for enlightening me, Master.

I understand.

Ill go back now.” Ning Yue bowed to Jie Chen again.

After she left, Jie Chen stood there and looked up at the sky.

A few days ago, the Emperors Star, which represented the emperor, had dimmed significantly.

Now, it suddenly shone brightly with a faint purple glow.

“It seems that the lucky star has arrived.” With that, Jie Chen smiled.

Ning Yue arrived at an empty place and took out her off-road vehicle, returning to the Ning family village.

At around four in the morning, she finally made it back.

It was almost dawn.

Ning Yue decided not to rest.

She went to the kitchen to make breakfast for the Ning family.

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