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Thinking about it, it made sense.

Be it the old general, Ning Zheng, or the current Ning Feng, they had both made a lot of contributions.

No one in the royal court should dare to take the initiative to go against the generals residence.

If it was the royal family, that might not be the case.

Now that the battle for the throne had begun, which of the descendants of the royal family did not want to sit in that position

They wanted to use this matter to suppress the Generals Residence.

If the Generals Residence was in a desperate situation, they would naturally seek their help.

“Sigh.” An Yuan sighed.

“No matter what, its Second Masters fault.

He gave that group of people a chance to deal with him.

If he does well, who can find fault with him This is also the reason why I didnt let him take up the position of old general.

Hes not suitable.”

“When will Ning Feng be back” An Yuan asked.

“Its almost the Empress Dowagers birthday.

He should be back soon to give his report, right”

“Yes, soon,” Uncle Fu said.

“As expected of that persons child! Even a good sister knows how to give birth.

Their children are truly enviable.” An Yuan sneered.

There was nothing she could do if her son could not compare to her.

She did not ask for anything.

All she wanted was for everything to be under control.

If her sons life was free of worries, that would be good.

Hearing An Yuans words, Ning Yues eyes widened.

Did she hear wrongly

According to this old woman, wasnt her second uncle her grandfathers son

This was ridiculous.

This woman was really bold!

No, she couldnt let this woman continue investigating.

If she did, she would definitely be implicated.

It didnt matter if she was alone, but she still had the Ning family behind her.

Ning Yue sneered and jumped off the roof.

She wanted to see what Second Uncle Ning Yuan was doing.

Perhaps she could get something out of him.

Ning Yuan was not a person with strong willpower.

It was very easy for him to use medicinal powder on him.

After making up her mind, she quietly went to Ning Yuans room.

She did not expect to hear the sound of an argument from afar.

It was Ning Yuan and Madam Lu!

Wasnt their relationship as husband and wife very good Why did they suddenly quarrel

“Let me tell you, Ning Yuan.

As long as Im in this family, you can forget about taking a concubine!”

Madam Lu roared, followed by the sound of the door slamming shut and Ning Yuans cursing.

Under the moonlight, Ning Yue saw Ning Yuans figure heading in a certain direction.

After some thought, Ning Yue followed him.

The direction Ning Yuan was heading in was not the entrance of the generals residence, but the room of Ning Fengs current wife, Qin Lin!

Ning Yue almost couldnt help but cheer.

She had gained too much tonight.

Although Ning Yuan was also a general, his vigilance was not as high as Ning Fengs.

Ning Yue followed behind him for a long time without being discovered.

He walked into Qin Lins room.

After a while, there was a rustling sound.

Ning Yue took the opportunity to climb onto the roof and pry open the tiles to take a look.

“My baby, I missed you so much.”

“You bastard!” Qin Lins coquettish voice rang out.

Ning Yue was surprised.

The two of them were hugging each other.

As expected of the old ladys son.

He was just like the old lady.

Both mother and son dared to have an affair!


If she didnt take the opportunity to do something, she would be letting the Host down!

Ning Yue leaned against the roof and waited for everyone in the room to take off their clothes.

Only then did she quietly take out a packet of medicinal powder and sprinkle it down the roof.

The two naked people immediately went limp.

Ning Yue clapped her hands and chuckled.

She closed the lid of the tile.

This medicinal powder would make them fall asleep for several hours, and they would sleep very soundly.

After doing this, she went to Ning Fengs study.

The door was locked, but fortunately, she had the all-purpose key.

There werent many decorations in the study.

There didnt seem to be anything special about it.

Ning Yue stepped forward and flipped through a few paintings.

She didnt believe that there were only so few things in the study.

There must be something hidden inside.

Ning Yue searched for a while and moved the oil lamp on the desk.

The bookshelf moved away.

“Whats this”

Behind the bookshelf was a large box.

On the box was a suicide note and a piece of yellowed paper.

Liu Yuns dowry was written on the paper.

The suicide note was for Ning Feng.

She endured the pain and finished reading the suicide note.

The gist of it was that Liu Yun loved Ning Feng very much.

After Liu Yun died, the dowry would be given to Ning Yue.

Ning Yue put down the will and opened the box.

It was filled with gold.

This gold had been left to her by her mother.

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