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Ning Yue accepted the ancient medicine.

This was simply a must-have for destroying corpses and evidence!

“Thank you, Master!” Ning Yue left happily.

That night, she handed the two children over to Madam He.

After the Ning family fell asleep, she quietly left the house.

In an empty space, she took out the SUV from her space.

In ancient times, there were no traffic police, and no one was investigating speeding.

She had calculated the distance.

This place was very close to the capital.

At 180 kilometers per hour, she could reach the capital in two to three hours.

She couldnt sit still anymore.

She wanted to visit the Generals residence.

She was taking a small path.

Although the road was uneven, the SUVs were more mobile.

Most importantly, no one would take the small path at night, so she didnt have to worry about being seen.

She drove to the capital very quickly.

The city gates were open, and there were people patrolling.

Ning Yue put the car into her space, dressed up a little, and swaggered into the city with Jiang Yings bronze medal.

“Why would someone from Prince Jins Estate come to the capital at this time” The guard at the city gate asked.

This was because a lord who had a fief usually could not return to the capital.

Even if he only sent someone back, the guards had to interrogate him as usual.

This was the capital, the imperial city.

One had to be very careful when working here.

“The Prince asked me to come to his mansion in the capital to clean up.

Hell be back in a few days to celebrate the Empress Dowagers birthday,” Ning Yue explained.

She remembered that Jiang Ying had told her about this.

As expected, the guard didnt suspect anything.

After asking a few questions, he let Ning Yue through when there were no further questions.

Ning Yue entered the city and tried to sneak into the generals residence under the cover of night.

However, the generals residence was heavily guarded.

After searching for a long time, she still couldnt find an opening.

After some thought, she took out a packet of medicinal powder.

A gust of wind blew, and the medicinal powder scattered in the wind.

Yawning sounds also rose and fell.

While the guards were not paying attention, she slipped into the generals residence.

She walked to the courtyard where she used to live.

Looking at this dilapidated courtyard, her heart was filled with emotion.

The Host had suffered here for the rest of her life.

After sizing her up for a while, a maidservant happened to pass by.

It seemed that she was returning to the servants room.

She hid behind the rockery and waited for the servant girl to pass by before knocking her out.

She would not let her hands be stained with the blood of everyone in the generals residence.

She would only tear off the veil that covered the generals residence.

What she wanted was for the reputation of the generals residence to be ruined!

After changing into the servant girls clothes, Ning Yue walked openly to An Yuans courtyard.

She looked around and saw that An Yuan had sent all the servants away to discuss some matters.

With no one around, it would be convenient for her to do anything!

Ning Yue was lying on the roof.

Just as she lifted the tiles, she heard An Yuan call Uncle Fu.

She suddenly recalled what Li Zhen, the mute maidservant, had said.

She immediately held her breath and listened carefully.

The original owner of this body had been subjected to many restrictions in the Generals Residence.

Most of her memories were of the pain the Generals Residence had caused her.

She had no impression of this butler, Uncle Fu, whom she had only met briefly.

She had even found Uncle Fu in the corner of her memory.

She just didnt expect Uncle Fu to be working for the old lady.

“Its been so many days.

Cant you find out who Second Master has offended” An Yuan asked angrily.

Second Master Ning Yue frowned.

Could that Second Master be the second son of An Yuan and the old general, Ning Yuan

“Madam, I was incompetent.

I couldnt find out.” Uncle Fu lowered his head.

Before An Yuan could curse, he continued, “Madam, Ive used the power of the Generals Residence, but I still cant find anything.

I suspect that this matter is related to… that.”

Uncle Fu didnt say what it was, but Ning Yue could clearly see him pointing at the sky.

An Yuans eyes widened.

“Royal family Are you guessing or certain”

“Madam, this servant is just guessing.

Although the Generals Residence has a high status and power, its not as high as the royal family.

In the entire world, only the royal family can make things difficult for the Generals Residence.”

An Yuans face turned pale.

He had caused trouble!

Someone was afraid that he could no longer remain neutral in this battle for the throne.

“Investigate! Investigate! I want to see which royal descendant is so reckless.

Even in death, he wants to drag my generals residence down with him!” An Yuan slammed the table.

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